Light Synchronizes Infinity

AUGUST 20, 2012 12:00PM

In the Windowsill, a Translucent Polka Dot Cipher

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in the Himalayas, a mandelbrot sequence

is drifting like the hair of Gautama Buddha,

a vision of something escaping the skull

drifting into the snowy egress

where nothing is happening, nothing is happening,

the mantra is dissolved

like Mother Theresa's tears painted on the flesh 

of an Orphan,

when the sky breaks out like a mirrored umbrella

that sends the sun 

shining into the universe, 

a puzzled chimera dancing on the edge of the razor

as the world

slows down,

the slow motion of infinity,

an acrobatic delirium of post molecular Beings.

The Kind that sleep in the salt shaker, 

their faces ghastly reminders that the Universe

is not 

What the Universe thinks it is,

but remains,

like Ophelia,

draped in water lilies,

surrounded by ten million incarnations of Manet,

there in the windowsill glass 

that is puzzled over with polka dots and eldritch ciphers

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