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August 21
Mrs. Turner started on the road to being an author by attending writing conferences and joining writing groups like "The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators(SCBWI)". After a soul search and rejections unnumbered, she published her first book with an independant publisher in Canada called Trafford Publishing. Her first novel "The Lost Secret of Fairies" was released in November, 2007. Her second novel, "The Lost Secret of the Green Man" is due out Fall 2009. She continues to send out picture book manuscripts and stories, waiting endless months for answers/rejections. When not writing, she is teaching 3rd graders how to read and write while using her writing experiences to inspire her students. She enjoys traveling to research ideas for her novels, and also participates in a Renaissance Acting Guild. She plays the Gaelic Harp, wire wraps crystal pendants, and enjoys quiet time at home with her cat and husband. The cat, of course, is the center of attention.

JULY 19, 2010 5:52PM

Summer Reading: Important for Kids of All Ages

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Not often do I go on the day job soap box, but as a teacher I know how important it is to keep your children reading during the summer. So many school budgets have been cut that summer school is becoming a luxury. As it is, only the really low and needy kids will make it into summer school these days. But all children need to practice their reading during the summer. They lose important skills they learned during the school year if they don't.

So here is a list of some things to consider from a 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade experienced teacher to help you navigate where to start in your child's reading needs:

1) Let them read for enjoyment.
 A lot of parents try to force books on kids which tends to turn them off. Of course, sometimes it's hard for a child to find what they like. This is actually part of the reading process, and trying lots of different kinds of reading is a skill they practice in school. Take them to the library and let them explore. Try not to limit.

These days there are a lot of different kinds of books to try. New classics have come out since you were a kid. The "Wimpy" kid series, lots of fantasy, graphic novels are some of the new popular areas that were absent 20 years ago. Let your kid "Go for It" and explore. You might discover some new fabulous novels as well.

2) Reading anything is good.
 A lot of kids don't find they enjoy books. But they might enjoy gaming magazines, code books, Highlights for Kids, or other reading enjoyment. Even the internet has vast amounts of reading to explore. Reading has changed it's venue, and even Ereaders to phones have reading opportunities. Trying lots of different things is key. The summer can be a wonderful time to explore all these vast storage areas of new reading.

3) Practice makes perfect.
 Kids are not perfect readers, and need practice. It's called Independent Reading, and it's the third prong of reading development. Kids need to read on their own for enjoyment. The summer is a time to really practice and make this third area of reading development key. The more reading children do, the better they will get.

4) Setting up a reading time is helpful.
 Kids need routines. Just a basic time for Independent Reading time is a wonderful structure to get kids to practice. It can be chosen by the child or structured into their regular day. 20 minutes seems to be a good starting amount, but can be increased 5 min. each year. I wouldn't go over 30 minutes during the summer unless your child wants to. Reading Time shouldn't be torture, but for enjoyment. And if your child starts to want to read longer than the set time, brilliant. They should start to choose more  reading time on their own so it doesn't become a punishment.

 In the end, your child should start to be able to enjoy reading whether it's on the internet, with a book, on the Ereader or even a magazine. Reading should be for fun, and the more practice your child has at that, the more they will want to read.

Tiffany Turner is working on her third book "The Lost Secret of Dragonfire". Her first and second books, "The Lost Secret of Fairies" and "The Lost Secret of the Green Man" are available on in paperback or Kindle Editions. She teaches during the school year in a California Elementary school, and has 13 years teaching experience.

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Rated for reading awareness. (I wish I could read a bit of your Lost Secret of Fairies.) I will see if I can. Thanks, Tiffany.