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August 21
Mrs. Turner started on the road to being an author by attending writing conferences and joining writing groups like "The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators(SCBWI)". After a soul search and rejections unnumbered, she published her first book with an independant publisher in Canada called Trafford Publishing. Her first novel "The Lost Secret of Fairies" was released in November, 2007. Her second novel, "The Lost Secret of the Green Man" is due out Fall 2009. She continues to send out picture book manuscripts and stories, waiting endless months for answers/rejections. When not writing, she is teaching 3rd graders how to read and write while using her writing experiences to inspire her students. She enjoys traveling to research ideas for her novels, and also participates in a Renaissance Acting Guild. She plays the Gaelic Harp, wire wraps crystal pendants, and enjoys quiet time at home with her cat and husband. The cat, of course, is the center of attention.

AUGUST 1, 2011 8:20PM

The Debt Crisis: An American in Australia Perspective

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It’s Tuesday here in Sydney. The Australian media is reporting on the Debt Proposal passing through the House of Representatives waiting for the Senate vote. I’m crossing my fingers that everything carries through, as is the rest of the world. Why? Being an American in Sydney for the last 5 weeks, it really gives me the view of how US politics affects the rest of the world.

The dollar crept downward as all the Washington political cards were played over the last few weeks. My American dollar spending is worth less and less as I try to pay for simple things like food, hotel bills, and souvenirs for family. Even though I came with my husband while he is here on business, it allows me to enjoy my summer off with writing my next book and blogging. But I notice that the connection is there. What happens at home affects Americans abroad by financial ups and downs of the dollar.

The Australian, a local newspaper in Sydney, mentioned the Debt Crisis showed American Politics at it’s best. The checks and balances of American government proved to be at work. The Tea Party acted as a check to the president's spending.

I do swell with a bit of American pride at praise for the American government system of checks and balances, though slow, keeps our economy from over borrowing like the Greeks or other European countries. Still, it makes me wonder. This has all been world news coverage while I’ve been in Sydney. I have CNN running in the background, covering the American Debt Crisis along with the Australian Prime Minister talking about the controversial Australian Carbon Tax or the Health Care Revision Plan. Noting, of course, the prime minister here is a woman.

 I realize how small the world is becoming. 21st Century politics is so different than the 20th century. Though I think some people are still thinking we live in the last century. This is one thing that is so different. The world is more connected than it has ever been, and will continue to be in this century. Hopefully politicians will keep that in mind with their decisions. It's a positive direction to move towards and keep in mind wherever you might be in the world. 

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