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Mrs. Turner started on the road to being an author by attending writing conferences and joining writing groups like "The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators(SCBWI)". After a soul search and rejections unnumbered, she published her first book with an independant publisher in Canada called Trafford Publishing. Her first novel "The Lost Secret of Fairies" was released in November, 2007. Her second novel, "The Lost Secret of the Green Man" is due out Fall 2009. She continues to send out picture book manuscripts and stories, waiting endless months for answers/rejections. When not writing, she is teaching 3rd graders how to read and write while using her writing experiences to inspire her students. She enjoys traveling to research ideas for her novels, and also participates in a Renaissance Acting Guild. She plays the Gaelic Harp, wire wraps crystal pendants, and enjoys quiet time at home with her cat and husband. The cat, of course, is the center of attention.

NOVEMBER 23, 2011 2:17AM

Passing of A Sci-Fi Legend: Anne McCaffrey

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Anne McCaffrey passed away today. I keep searching for ways to express the feelings. I can start with the shock. This is an ending of an era. She created one of the best Sci-Fi/Fantasy worlds. The world of Pern is classic Sci-Fi with dragon riders, harpers, wyrs, and other terms that bring back fond memories. I loved her Crystal Singer and Acorna series. When I listed authors that I enjoy, she is on the list. Always.

I feel so fortunate I got to meet her once. She attended a book signing in the mall where I worked in Sunnyvale, CA. My family waited in line for two hours. I was scheduled to work, but my mom and sister knew how much I loved her books. So they stood in line for me.

Later, I took my lunch off to stand in line with them for another 20 minutes and got to meet her. She signed her current book, The Rowan(1991), and one other book. I brought the first book of the Dragon Rider Series in comic book form. OK, so it was the early 90s. That's what I had at the time.

I remember her being very nice, a bit like anyone's grandmother. In fact, she talked a lot of like "Grandma Kettle". She seemed very down home and country like, and was very easy to talk to.

I read The Crystal Singer while I was going to school in Paris. I paid the $60 tax to get it into the country. All English books have this huge fee. I was desperate for good Sci-Fi. It was 1992, and the internet was not established. I had to get books the old fashioned way, shipped from home by relatives. It was worth it. I followed the rest of the series, and still comment about being "lost in crystal" if I get too absorbed by something.

 I read she lived in Ireland and wrote her stories. That would be so fabulous. To live in a castle and write Sci-Fi/Fantasy. So, I strived to be a great creator of worlds. It's the one thing my favorite writers of fantasy would do; create the world you could get lost in.

So, as I wrote my first book, The Lost Secret of Fairies, I tried to create a world my readers could be engrossed by. I worked on my second book, The Lost Secret of the Green Man, while visiting Ireland. In the back of my mind, I would imagine Ms. McCaffrey working away creating her books. I was going to do that too.

 I'm working on my third book in my own fantasy world now. It involves crystals too. I hope that this is a fitting tribute. To write as many books as possible, leave a legacy, and become a legend. Isn't this what we all strive to do as a writer? Thank you Anne McCaffrey for your books and inspiration. I want to be like you when I grow up. I'm 43. Still a long way to go. *wink*

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She was a lovely, imaginative writer. Thank you for memorializing her.
She will be sorely missed. I really liked the Crystal Singer series, and Peytabee was a really cool world. Nimisha's ship. The dragons are keening.