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Tiger Sonora
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December 03
Blogging incognito by necessity… I’m quietly desparate, but not a housewife. 50 is rapidly closing in. God please let it be the new 30. No this is not my real name. I live in a trendy burb. God knows why. I have no kids to drive to soccer. My influences? Julie and Julia from Julie & Julia. Well, primarily Julia, the mid-life career changer. I am trying to live a life of gratitude, but life ain’t fair and sometimes it sucks. I write positive professionally related stuff under my real name…this is my chance to say it like I want and keep my job and friends!


NOVEMBER 16, 2009 1:51PM

Karma…it freaks me out a little!!!

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Going though old pictures over the weekend, the concept of karma popped into my head.  I wonder what exactly karma has done to me…Here's what I came up with:

  1. Karma is probably why I can’t have kids.  This occurred to me when I saw the picture of 3 year old Tiger dragging a doll by the hair.  The film of me at this age is even more terrifying…all my dolls had punk hair sticking straight up due to my dragging them around by the hair, and they very generally stripped naked and stuffed together in the stroller that I pushed around with glee.  Did the universe actually think I would do this to my real children?
  1. As a pre-teen during in the dawning of the jogging epidemic that hit in the early 70’s I was HORRIFIED by women with cellulite.  I just thought it was the grossest stuff ever!  And, my Mom’s friends running around in shorts with that cottage cheese stuff just under their skin made me literally look away.  Mom had skinny smooth legs.  Guess I don’t take after my Mom.  Guess who battles cellulite now?  Thanks universe.
  1. At 18 I met a wonderful guy – a handsome, sweet, caring human being, who loved me to pieces.  It was young love at its best.  However, he was a rock & roll guitarist and I was a budding career woman…I didn’t really want to “take care” of a man who didn’t really “earn” a living like I was used to a man doing…It fell apart when I met the accounting major…Now I take care of a man…a doctor no less, who became too ill to work…universe? Are you laughing at my fears?

 What I do to build up my karma: 

  1. Of course I do the driving thing.  I try to build up my karma by letting the lane changer in; or, slowing down for the car to pull out. I do this so when I forget to pull over to the outside lane for my exit, there will be a place for me in the line of traffic.  It’s just good driving karma. It helps get you a parking place too.
  1. Also, while going through the photos and organizing the snap shots and old school pics, I co-mingled my husband’s and my baby pictures! I have always thought that if I co-mingled all up our old stuff that we brought into the union, it would make it harder for us to split up.  Besides love, the real reason we would never split up is because we couldn’t give the dogs a broken home.  However, I co-mingle stuff just for karma’s sake.
  1. And, if you have ever watched Practical Magic (Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock movie), I do the little things they recommend.  This may be blending witchcraft and karma, but I figure it can’t hurt.  I always throw spilt salt over my left shoulder, plant rosemary by the garden gate, and lavender for luck.
 Luck, peace, best wishes or whatever to you!!   

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This is a hilarious post. ( I hope it was supposed to be funny.) You sound like a wonderfully wise and humble woman. Who knows for sure why things work out the way they do?! I'm hoping we'll find out in heaven....if there is a heaven.
Karma is an interesting concept. I know my life is nothing like i thought it would be. Trying to evoke good karma can't hurt. Humorous and touching. R
Karma... it's a bitch! I love to call on it when I think someone has dissed me, but I fear when it might come back to haunt me! AAAAH!
OK, now I'm a little freaked out about reading this and leaving without rating or commenting...

I did both!!! (Are you listening, Universe???)

(ok...ssshhhhh...i would have anyway...i liked this post :)
Patricia k...thanks! I always have to tell my husband when I'm being funny...so glad you figured it out!

Rita...thank you! Life is full of twists and turns...seems like we are always looking for the reasons!

MAWB - you said it! I heard karma isn't supposed to be instant, but don't we wish it was when someone does us wrong!!

Outside...there really may be something to rating karma!?!? Yikes! What a concept!!!
Rutilus and Cat, I can't imagine two people that would have more good karma stacked up that you two...you both seem very deserving of good things...you both spread good... T
Karma often comes calling with no rebates. It's good to up the K-points just in case. ~R~
Great piece Tiger---writing about something important and doing it well.

That's good karma too.
Chuck & Chi Guy...so happy you stopped by! Thanks!
Tiger : I am pretty sure karma is cululative too,..which means many many good things are due you soon.

Get ready to collect. : )
We will see JD! I'm sure you get some karma points for your optimism! Thank you!
Optimism is hope, Tiger..and what is life without hope?
Be mighty careful. Karma.
No careen in the Life's ditch.
Ya recall the old days in a P.U.?
Pee you! Not You stink. Recall?

You picked up a cheap six pack!
Ya rolled a reefer with Ya hand!
Ya drove @ 101 mph backward!
You took Ya eyes off the wheel!
Ya drove into the tall cornfield!
No drive like that anymore huh?
Ya can't roll-kiss, sip, and drive!
What goes around, comes around... I'm still waiting for a lot of things to come around my way... :)

Good post.
Art...that's some heady stuff there...

Stella...our Mom's have sucha profound effect on ways they can't imagine! Don't they?

Brie...thanks for coming by! Wishing you good stuff coming your way!