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December 03
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NOVEMBER 17, 2009 12:51PM

Recipe for disaster – or why I hate Costco...

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I go to big box stores, like Costco,  for one reason – to save money.  What happens? I always spend too much! Me in a big box store is a recipe for disaster to my sanity and my budget.  Here are some of the reasons I hate big box stores:


1. There is just too dang much in one place.  Maybe it’s my tinge of ocd, maybe it’s the romantic idea I still foster of a European lifestyle…just picking up the fresh cheese and veggies each day at the open air market.  I fancy myself very Hepburnish (Audrey in this case…although Katherine rocks too) carrying my bag up to my flat with my baguette and fresh leeks peeking above the paper edge – scarf and glasses rounding out the image. In reality I am cruising into the garage of my ranch with a Whole Foods take out chicken and premade broccoli salad in my SUV with my uncoiffed hair being sucked out the windows that I have to leave open for the dogs. I probably forgot my glasses.


2. Reason number 2 is pretty much the same as number 1.  There’s just too dang much stuff…who needs all of that.  I have a weird crush on Switters.  He’s a Tom Robbins’ character in Fierce Invalids Back from Hot Climates.  He’s not good husband, boyfriend, or even friend material, but Switters rocks.  One of his best lines is – “The more I see advertised, the less I want to buy.”  Ads assume we are all idiots. And I guess we are because we buy more and more crap.  And, at big box stores the crap is just laid out like treasured bounty pulled out from the vault or up from the deep.  Take one, it’s there within your grasp…who gives a crap if you need it or not! Shiny things!


3. Sadly, reason number 3 is yet again, the same as 1 and 2.  There’s just too dang much stuff…it freaks me out to think how many calories are in that giant box of “you’d never buy this if it wasn’t so cheap”….And the thought of blowing my nose all the times it would take to use that gazillion box pack is scary.  Even more scary is listening to Husband blow his nose all the times it would take to use all that up.  Moose (meese?) coming running when husband blows his nose.  We don’t live anywhere near moose country…it is loud!


And...Finally, a different reason I hate big box stores.  I get way too caught up in people watching! I usually run into someone I know…that’s cool.  The amazement I have is for the folks I see nowhere else.  Last time I ventured to one, I saw a small, elderly Asian woman dressed head to toe in a hot pink satin old west saloon outfit.  Satin hat, feathery fringe and all.  I kid you not.  She looked happy so I smiled and nodded…she beamed.  She must have put me under some kind of spell.  I left that day after going in for tuna and salmon with cal king sheets, 2 rugs, and a giant pack of chicken wings that would have fed a buffet.  Switters, I have forsaken thee!


I hate big box stores!

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...so anyone up for an outing to the farmers' market???
I love shopping at a farmer's market....but what is a "big box store?"
Do you mean a huge store such as Hen House or Price Chopper?
In my neck of the woods they are CostCo, Sam's Club, etc.!! I realized I used probably an "industry" term! That's what developers call them because their footprints are big giant boxes!!! Maybe I'll edit the title! Thanks Patricia!!
The title has been revised from "Big Box Stores" to "Costco" -- thanks Patricia...I was talking trade, not real life!! Yikes! Thanks Patricia!!! My sister's frequent trips more than makes up for my lack of love for Costco, so it evens out!! That Karma thing again!
Tiger, that makes sense to me now...."big box stores." I should have known that since I shop at Sam's Club twice a month. I happen to like this store since I had a big family and still do. Big quantity is best for big families and a lot cheaper. The problem I have with Sam's is that there are too many choices....plus, I often go over my budget.
My sis has a big family. I am clearly in the minority and this is probably quite offensive to some. It's just too dang big!
I absolutely LOVE Tom Robbins! I've read everything he's published, and fell in love with Switters from the first mention of him. "Fierce Invalids" may be his best work so far, well, except for "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues." Wish his older books were still in print--I'd love to read them again, now that I'm old. I read them many years ago. Wonder if I'd still like them?

And "big box stores" is a term I hear on news shows often. I used to wonder what it meant, til I figured it out from the context. I wasn't aware of the "footprint" idea, though, so I learned something from you!

This rant is spot-on, Tiger--I always used to spend way more than I needed to, too, because, well, because it was all right there! I mean, you could buy a huge box of Cheerios, a multi-piece flat of steaks--and a refrigerator to put them in. And a bed to lie on when you've eaten too many of those bad boys! What a deal!

Now that I live alone, I don't go because I know I'd spend way too much.

Loved this. Rated. D
Yarn, I'm so happy that you love Switters too! My favorite of his is Jitterbug Perfume. I have to read it every couple of years! Thank you!
Big box stores have kind of taken over a bit from the power strip malls. or sometimes simply anchor them...depending on the size of the box.
It is scary that big box has come to mean a mall in one store concept to so many retailers.
Our retail chain has some stores bigger than others. but hitting 500 to 8000 sq feet is our max. 200,000 sq feet? That's a city !!!
Yep, not so much with the "savings" there, because, well.... you weren't GOING to buy a 36-pack of t-shirts, or a 9-gallon drum of soy sauce, or a pony at the farmers' market -- but -- they have them at Sam's Club... and... they're so cheap per ounce. You get to the checkout and with all your bargain treasures, the total is like, $1,000 -- but if you went to the market and got that baguette and those leeks, you'd be out of there for less than $10. Darnit. I hate 'em too.
JD - That IS a city!

Raving - what is it that attracts us to a drum of soy sauce???

Thanks for stopping by! Happy and Peaceful Shopping to You!