Because...why not?
APRIL 23, 2009 10:13PM

The Coming Storm of Gay Marrieds Umberela Fund

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Love it!

I'm here in Iowa where "the gays" will be allowed to get married this coming Monday.

Oy vey and holy canoli! You CANNOT imagine the excitement here! So many levels of happiness, joy, fear, and dread...

Keep us in your thoughts. please.
They danced their way into Iowa! That means the storm is one state away.
Connecticut legislated gay marriage in October 2008. Here rain is rain... nothing more. --rated--
No Mr. Mustard you must be afraid of the rain. Bad things will happen if you don't fear. You make a horrible mindless follower.
well, not scared at all if any of you are as adorable as that russian in the russians are coming. bring it on!!! i'm a lapsed fag hag and need me a gorgeous gay. love lvoe lvoe
I know this is old, but... have you seen it? I hum the song every day while the anti-gays protest.

this was hilarious, esp. the gays raining down. Dance away.
"'Cuz I have a fear of storms," "Stop it storm!"

They will dance at us. And it will be choreographed. And it will be good.

This is my favorite of the parodies! Thanks, Tijo - laughing always makes me less afraid!
Tijo, this seems a response to something? was it a response to a CA ad or what?
I've probably seen a dozen spoofs of the DOM "scary gay marriage" ad, but that's the funnest one yet. Yes, I wrote funnest.
That's a gem.

I have never had one gay person come to my door and try to convert me to gaydom.

I have had countless religious people come to my door and try to convert me.

I'd prefer some gays stop by...I still do not want them crashing through my roof. I've never been a fan of the pop-in.
Ariana - the ad it's spoofing is here: http://www.nationformarriage.org/site/c.omL2KeN0LzH/b.5075663/k.A89C/Religious_Liberty.htm
what about the rest of us? are we unworthy? i live for your sparkling comments. love love lvoe
Hey hasn't anyone told Gay people that marriage does NOT work? So if there is Gay Marriage then there is Gay Divorce. So who profits from this? Yeah, the Bar Associations. Wake up Gay folks, Marriage is going to bum you out big time just ask your neighbors. Plus the shock value to straight society is no longer there. You cant shock parents of gay kids with some kind of marriage law. Fact is Gays who get married will be giving up their freedom. And for what? Some straight anti Christian hate group Leader that wants to tell you whom to attack? No you are losing your freedoms not gaining anything. You would be surprised to learn how many straights dont really care about your issues, they dont fear you, and they tolerate you as much as you think they should, but getting married makes you look stupid, unsophiscated, and just plain ready for Divorce Court and greedy Lawyers looking to get out of Asbestos ligitation. Who knows but I am willing to bet, Fox Channel will probably be the first to have Gay Divorce Court and their ratings will go through the roof. Hell, even straight people will watch it just for the pure entertainment value. "The Cross Dresser dumped by His Transexual Lover next on Gay Divorce Court only on the Fox Network".................You people are stupid, but you will wise up after six months of "Married Life", we guarantee it.
Teddi-- my love let's start a matchmaking service to match up fags and hags together. 'Suburban homosexual looking for hag who likes to sit home on Saturday night, eat ice cream and talk about how all the good ones are taken.

Wakingupslowly-- Here is the vid you suggested.
I thought it was funny but if no one else does they can blame the gays.

Ariana--I here it may rain in Texas even!

Owl--NO! you too must be afraid. Your own marriage will ruin your marriage. Didn't you watch the video?

RIF-- you're the funnest! at least you're more funnerest than me and I have done a lot of funnering.

JAY--KNOCK KNOCK "good day kind sir I was wondering if I could convince you to fellate this for a while? If you do a good job we'll not only upgrade your wardrobe and furniture but we'll teach you the lyrics to any ten show tunes for free!"

comicguy-- good thing I caught your aptly named avatar or I would have thought you were going on a crazed rant right here int eh middle of my blog. I'm afraid you missed out on a really big secret! Gay marriage is a plot that we are perpetrating in order to get gay divorce. In these hard economic times we are hoping for some good alimony from the A-list homos. Marriage who cares about that? We are more than happy to engage in the same cynical disbelief in the value of commitment as you we just want some green baby. I already own the rights to GDC Gay Divorce Court!!! and for legal purposes must ask you to cease and desist from using the phrase in any medium. I am not at liberty to tell you who the judge is yet but Richard Simmons is the bailiff.
Is the storm coming to Oklahoma? Please say it's not. I'm scared. Very, very scared. And amused.
I laughed all morning at this!