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JUNE 23, 2009 7:12PM

Pride & Prejudice Pride Week Post #2

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Here is a quick vid I made for Pride Week and in response to the premise that pride parades are harmful to human rights initiatives for gays because they depict us as overly sexual and immature.

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gay bashing, gay pride, gay, glbt

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Hi Tigo.
Well, as this You-Tube downloads,
I admit:`it's often an insane world,

bumper sticker options:`Pizza Pie?
yes or no.

Today, I hyphenated? and no know?

I feel like Pate de 'foie gras' for supper.
It's a smooth rich paste of goose livers.
thanks Tijo.
tease. not Tigo.
but good 'ole Tijo.
Arthur-A little Pate sounds delightful but those blueberries you keep mentioning sound even better. Ugo Tigo all you want.
The worst part of the video shows kids wearing T-shirts that say "www.godhatesfags.com." I was inspired to visit the site, and was delighted to see that it is linked to other great sites like God Hates The World, America Is Doomed, Priests Rape Boys,
Antichrist Obama, and Jews Killed Jesus. Well, at least they're comprehensive in their hatred.
ti ti, this is moving and brilliant and sad and inspiring. wow. okay, now i want the "we're here and we're queer and fabulous" over the top one with the crazy fun music, etc. okay???? with lots of drag queens. love love lvoe and big gratitude nd say hi to Bryce. hope he's celebrating this week.
Steve- I'm thinking about starting a Bigots-R-Us Tshirt company just so I can make money off of the enemy. First off a screaming Hitler T with the caption "Misunderstood" Pink for the little girls and SS Black for the boys. Next on the agenda "My First Picture Book of Christ Killers" oh and the video games...
Theo- The next one is Ten ways to Fight Homophobia. The rest of pride week will be more fun and pridey and a little less serious. I promise. And for you music!
Loving you a million times over for Rufus and Matthew Shepherd.

Fred Phelps has come to Iowa a few times and we know how to respond now. Remember how the angels wings protected Matthew Shepherd's family at his funeral?

A week after the Iowa Supreme Court's unanimous decision, there was a big protest at the capitol here. I was there working as a lobbyist on health care issues so I was there all the time. Many anti-gay marriage families were there. I observed some little boys (ages 3-5) chasing each other around the rotunda playing guns and yelling "Bang! Bang! You're gay!"

Your post is meaningful. And oh, how I loved seeing all the gay boyz and queers and frivolity at Pride a week back. Bring 'em on. The Pride Parade is my favorite holiday of the year, with the new crop of lesbians and the happy homos! I love it.

And your post reminded me of the friends I have lost.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

xo to you tonight.
This was remarkable. Thank you. (BTW, Phelps makes his way over to our neck of the woods with some frequency.) Now I can't wait for the joyous one - hoping it has drag queens - and kings, please! (not just rated but reddited, etc.)
the site is blocked in school bec of the nudity here, n I have Indian slow connection so could not watch Vid. Rated on faith this time, hve a good day, Bryce and Tijo :)
Dude - this so brought tears to my eyes. It is beautiful. And you are right: "Pride does not die with us" - but it would die without us. Thank you so much. Strangely, I really needed this - and it is really well done. (((Tijo)))
.... the power of silliness is much under-estimated. Thanks and rated.
Tre- The Braziillian kid and his mother really got to me.

Waking- It reminds me of the father in Brokeback Mountain who took his two young sons out to show them the lynched fag. I'm hoping some of the common sense that took place in Iowa will drift east into Illinois but I'm not holding my breath.

Shivaun- how nice to see you here. One hopes that if there is any justice in this world that when fred felch dies that there will be a parade of a thousand drag queens to march across his gave. I've never been into drag but for that occasion I would walk a mile in high heals.

Rolling- You have nudity in your school? I want pics!

Owl- Glad you liked it. It was my experiment with using an editing program. I'm trying to figure out how to capture video off line. I know I saw somewhere how to do it but can't remember where.

PriFI- I've been told that I put more truth in my humor and more humor in my truth than most people. I say, "Yes it's a big mouth there always seems to be room for my foot in there too.
Brilliant but yet horrifying. Shame that people have to do such things to one another.. great post.