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JUNE 24, 2009 9:48PM

10 Ways to Fight Homophobia-Pride Week Post #3 w/Bonus Poem

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1) Educate Yourself: Google yourself silly but don't just enter gay or homosexuality in your search engine also try famous gays or gay authors, gay history or Stonewall Riots. Of course be cautious of surprise visuals. You might over-educate yourself.

2) Go outside your comfort zone: Talk to someone gay and ask about everything you always wanted to know.

3) Have or attend a gay film festival
; With Netflix you can watch any movie you want so make your own film festival, if you're brave you can invite friends. If you live somewhere that has a glbt (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual)film festival attend. Many straight people go if you're nervous take a date.

4) Read a great gay novel or two: Once again the internet provides privacy for your book order so if you are afraid to get a gay book live... I highly recommend The World Of Normal Boys by K. M. Soehnlein. It is one of those coming of age novels that gays are so good at. It is full of universal experiences that make it a good read for anyone. Even the straight girls at work loved it.

5) Meditate on it:
Think of someone you love and are protective of as being gay. Imagine what they would hear and how it would effect them. Simple everyday conversations can take on  an entirely different feel. "When are you going to settle down and give us a grandkid?" There is a campaign for motrcycle safety that says, "Start noticing motorcycles" try the gay equivalant and listen through gay ears for a day. Notice what love looks like in the media you encounter. How many gay people do you encounter real or in the media a day.

6) Attend a PFLAG Meeting: It says it right in the name: Parents and FRIENDS of lesbians and gays. Now you don't have to own a lesbian to join the fun your presence in the community will be welcomed and you will have many opportunities to learn and have fun.

7) If you are really wanting to go all out host/participate in a gay fundraiser. There are many deserving gay groups that could use your help search them out ion the internet under "gay organizations and your town or a nearby town with a gay population.

8) Attend/visit a gay friendly church,synagog, place of worship: If you are going to church anyway why not go to one that doesn't hate the homos? There are several national denominations that are gay, agy friendly or gay welcoming. Different congregations have different views so it may take a little research to find one but if you don't believe that God disapproves of the gays then you vote by which pew you plant your ass in. Only you can decide what is right for you but if you tithe to a church that lobbies against gay rights you are contributing to more than the orphans fund.
9) Blog: You can write about gay issues without being gay. Write about what you do know or what you would like to know. If you write fiction include a gay character from time to time. It needent change the nature of the story. We really aren't that different. ("Bob wanted to strangle Leo when he saw the mess in the kitchen. Even after seventeen years he found himself cleaning up Leo's messes. He wondered sometimes...") If you write non fiction do a little research. If you right personal reflection investigate, empathize, write.

10) Attend a local pride celebration near you: There are often periphery events as well as the actual parades and parties. Make friends. Have fun. We may have a long way to go but Gays are having the funnest revolution ever. Join the party. Join the Revolution.

The best way to fight homophobia is by becoming friends with a diverse group of people. When you take the time to make us part of your "WE" and we become real everyday people instead of concepts and theories you have revolutionized that part of the world called your mind. There is no change without personal change.
Here's the Thursdirty Bonus Poem.
Cow boys and farm boys and city boys
folks from all over Illinoyz
gather this day
to proclaim to the world
"We're proud to be gay!"
They wear there shortest shorts and their tightest t's
in hopes that someone will be singularly pleased.
The world may not love us
or maybe they may
but it no longer matters
on this special day.
Equalities message
to friend and to foe
to those in the dark and to those in the know.
Even to haters and baters and such
is with any luck
we will all go get fucked.

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done and done and done and done, etc. this is great. where are the fucking gays on here and why aren't they showing up to cheer this on?????? this pisses me off bigtime. the gays here in oregon don't like me anymore than the straights do. it breaks my heart. of course now i rarely leave the house except to go to the warm water pool with the other decrepit people. :) tell Bryce and some Real gays to come visit with me at the pool. love love love and huge gratitude for you shouting out this Pride Week.
Great post and photo.
Tijo, This is marvelous. Thank you.
Theo- Well this gay is glad you're here. Bryce is cleaning up after practicing birthday cakes.

Deepcleav- Yes Drags hows! but if you just want to smile, go to a gay country and western bar. It is almost impossible not to smile when you're watching gay cowboys do the two step.

Steve- I am signing you on for the intensive class after scaring that poor gay Walmart employee. Of course if he had been more explicit and slipped a bottle of lube in your bag there would have been a lot less confusion.

Verbal- The gay revolution- so much fun you'll never know you're changing the world.
Once again an excellent post - practical steps that (almost) any interested party can take!!! Tijo - you are a wonderful statesmen - a gentleman and a scholar - and I bet you can dance too. Love you, brother!
Owl- what a nice sentiment to go to bed on. Here's to hoping that someday we "cut a rug" together. Someday I'll write a post about the gay extended family and how much it means to us to have "sisters" and "brothers" outside of our biological ones. When I do, you'll be a prime example.
Excellent post with great suggestions! When I wrote my first novel I had a gay character. I didn't start out writing him as gay, but by the end of the novel I realized he was gay. Which means, I guess, that my character came out to me.
Thank you for this, Tijo.
.... great post, Tijo. I've already done a number of those and I was glad of the other ideas.
rated, you did the right thing, this was succinct, easy read, with not so difficult do-s if one is willing to tread the path even for two hours
Tijo, smart post with a happy poem! A great combo.