Because...why not?
JULY 4, 2009 8:37PM


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I know this is neither timely nor relevant but it keeps going through my head so I just have to ask...


Why is it when I see this...


I think of this?


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Exactly!!! I couldn't put my finger on it (and wouldn't) but that's it!!!
But isn't the first guy a lot eviller?
Okay I'm not going for the obvious finger jokes owly-poo but his daughter is lesbinoid too so maybe... no not even unto the tenth generation will the evil leave them.

Nana- yes but the reference to a blood sucking arachnid swollen on the lives of others does bring La Chien to mind.
It's true! (and I appreciate your discretion with the finger jokes) Perhaps the world will end before the 10th generation, thus relieving the universe of their evil. Not that I'm wishing for the world to end, just saying . . .
Because both are equally charming.
You know...I'll bet someone gave Cheney the bottom photograph at any one of a number of White House office parties.....I can just picture that staffer laughing his intestines out as he cleaned out his desk.......
PM ing - would you please tell me what is it that you all re discussing here?
steve is right. it's the charming thing. :) and, yes, the first one is several quantum leaps eviler than the second one, but it's just fun savoring the similarity. thank you, ti ti!!! i love you.
hmmmm. I wish I could make a clever remark, but I have no idea who the actor is or what movie that's from.... =-0
It's a Wonderful Life...Danni.
It's a wonderful life now that this scumbag has gone. (or has he, damn, you see more of him now than when he was in office)
Trey-They even sound alike but that may just be because I put Potters voice in my head whenever I see Cheney.
Scanner- I know I wish he'd go back to his undisclosed location.
Jay- Thanks for the explanation.
Danni- It is usually shown at Christmas time and stars Jimmy Stewart. If you say you don't know who he is you're getting slapped for making me feel old. Worth watching btw.
TheAdoreYa- He is probably the bastard behind the Department of ED harASSment.
Rolling- glad you're back. Hope the PM explained it all.
Gary- I'm sure if he lost his intestines he had plenty of help.
Meatload- I just want to warn you that your screen name would attract a lot of attention on Gay.com- or maybe you knew that.
Owl- or maybe they could just die out. I hear every time Cheney has a heart attack an angel gets his wings...or an erection. Something.
So, I've never seen it's a wonderful life, what is that guy, generic evil corporate boss?
Potter was the town banker that wanted to close the savings and loan that made a better life for the people of the town. Potter wanted to own/control the town but George Bailey(Jimmy Stewart) took over the savings and loan after his father died and opposed Potter but lamenting the dreams he gave up to do it and reeling from some Potter involved crisis George wishes he had never been born. His guardian angel in training grants his wish and shows him what life would be like without him. The people of what had been Bedford Falls now Potterville suffer and live in Potter owned housing in a development called Potters Field. (Potters Field is where Judas killed himself and hung there until he split asunder).IN the end George see the value of his life and is saved his guardian angel wins his wings and his family and the town are reunited around the Bailey family table singing Christmas Carols.
Worth watching this Christmas.
YES! Reminds me of Smithers and Burns, too:
The difference is that Potter actually made financially sound decisions, even though they may have been cold and cruel. Cheney, on the other hand, said that deficits don't matter.