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JULY 9, 2009 10:48PM

The Owl & The Wyrd Sisters: A Poem for OwlSaysWho

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 I wanted to write a poem for Owl this week but it just wasn't happening until I read her post and then I wrote this. I hope you will go to her post first and then come back but go to her post either way it is  worth a read.


Dat girl was on fire.
sho nuff burned her up if it was let go.
all the runin in the worl aint gonna put a fire out.
No siree it aint.

Warnt no holy ghost fire that one.
My no! That was an all consuming fire that one.
Burn away the dross a fire like that.
Someone let that kind of fire burn em...
...they be dead or purified...
either way they aint no use to this world.

You better get your ass down to the river little girl!
That aint no ordinary fire
That fire only goes away with the baptizing
and not just any ol baptizing neither
No you need a full immersion girl.
Take yourself all the way under
afore you come back up.

Whooee look at her now
soppin wet glory ta god
Looks different now
with what the fire burned away.
There you go girly
Lookin better.
now ye know
ye GOTTA keep the fire inside
but ya gotta keep the fire INSIDE
Hell yes girl you can't run around
lit up like the inside of this pipe.
That fire is all up in you for a reason
like a steam engine
yeah girl like steeeeeeaam engine
Let it boil but don't stoke the fire too hot or you'll...
...You'll burn your engine out girl
Yeah girl you get to running too fast
and you'll crash.
Your ass end will wind up around your ears.
The fire is your gift girl.
But don't let it run you.

What did she tell you?
while you was under what did she say?
Don't stand there with yer fly trap hanging open
You don't go under without hearing the lady
What did she say?
She's a wise one that one.
Yes she is. Seen it all.
Everylastdrop. She has.
She runs to the ocean you know
And into the sky
Runs down from the mountain too.
If there is something to be knowed
she knows it that one
What did she say?

She told me...
What!? Come on girl spill it.
  She said..."Not Yet."

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Tijo, you did it. Yes. This! Thank you!
Nice!!! It's awesome to see the collateral 'damage' creativity inspires in us. You did an excellent job - I sincerely enjoyed this. Thank you.

you crazeeeee! lurve it!
Oh, Tijo, my brother. I am . . . speechless. This is . . . incredible. You heard her too - the wise woman.

I have read this thrice, and will come back to visit it a few more times. You have blessed me yet again. Thank you. I am honored to call you my brother.
I had to read this again. You heard her voice, too.
Tijo, you be testifying in prose. Seriously cool. rAted!
This is hilarious, especially after reading Owl's post. You and Owl have a very different approach to this subject. Damn, I feel like going to the river myself.
is there anything you can't do, ti ti???? this is just annoying. this is fabulous, love. just wonderful. i read owl's piece and it is inspiring. i see why it set you off. i'm so grateful to both of you. there is fighting going on, ugly fighting on here that, thank god, does not involve me but i'm feeling unsafe here. and other carp, as always. i was in panic mode but this got me out of it!!! i love you, ti ti, so much. and your lovely muse. love love love and major gratitude
once again, i'm with steve and i'm heading to the river myself.
Right on, Tijo~ Right on.
How come I never hear about anything?

This is so great...I love the loose personal style of this...like something I hear in a poetry slam...xox
Tijo you just rock!