Because...why not?
AUGUST 21, 2009 9:15PM

Hey America! Get Some Culture BONUS! Now With Blevins Update

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 Dr. Blevins is doing the OC (over counter) crank and dreaming up new avatars. I say to hell with Benedryl and hook up my homie while I'm on SOCO and Clorycidin. Whoohoo Motherfuckers Whose your doctor now?
And here's a picture for Owl too because it takes this program forever to open so I might as well...

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Hah, yes . . . first. But then, what can one say to THAT? That's perhaps the most creative, um, air band rendition of an instrumental I've ever seen. I may never catch up with how your brain works, but I'm awfully glad to enjoy some of the results!
you assume my brain works?
The guy in blue totally cracks me up. I think it's the eyes.
Funniest thing I've seen today. Thanks for the goodnight laugh!!
btw pablo manriquez and i seem to be on the same page tonight check him out
steve-i t is the eyes he's barely funny at all without them
scan-nighty night
My assumption is based on verifiable data . . . unless you're plagiarizing everything you write, including comments . . . wait a minute - no, Bryce couldn't be working for you, I don't think he'd have the attention span.
actually owl I am plagiarizing but I use different words so know one knows.
That's exactly how I got through elementary and middle schools. Actually, most of high school too.
We have so much in common for instance-
That's how I got through elementary and middle schools exactly. most of high school too Actually.
My point exactly. Encylopedias were my best friends for all reports.
All right now check out some first rate plagerdigitation on Blevy.
Thanks for this delight, Tijo! It’s nice to see a Japanese game show that doesn’t require its participants to commit masochistic acts of death-defying humiliation :-)

Gram- I know, death defying humiliation is so late nineties It's all about the multiple births now and dancing. Wait until some genius puts the two together. Woohoo we'll have some real culture then.
Nice plagerdigitation! You do good on SOCO and Clorycidin!
If Andy Warhol and Georgia O'keefe had a baby...yup Dr Steve.
Multiple dancing births?
And first prize for most SOCO-drenched, Clorycidin-inspired, plagerdigitally fucked-up post goes to .............. Tijo! (cheers)
To quote the great Sally Fields, "You like me! You really do like me!"
Actually I like Sally Fields better... better boobage, ya know.

Like the pics, BTW! ;)
Oh my god! That is EXACTLY what Steve Blevins looks like after I close my eyes, push on my eyeballs really hard with spoons, then look at flourescent lighting. How did you capture that?
soco and cold pills just like everyone else
Loved the video!
Now That Kicks Ass!!!!
Hey, Tijo, great photo work!! How long did you have to sit in that blind to catch the Owl just at that moment of orgasm? GOOOD Stuff!!
Love what you've done with Stevie and Owl. The video was so-so. Make that so, so funny!
Looks like Owl's on a few meds too.
Yeah, I went a little heavy with the absinthe that night . . .