Because...why not?
AUGUST 24, 2009 10:46PM

She's Got Soul

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Sing what you know.

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soul music, bettye lavette

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Un grande corazon - eternal. dj
"These days there's so much goin' on
I don't think that nobody really wants to know"

I'm trapped here - thank you, Tijo.

If you like this you should check out her performance at the Kennedy Center Honors singing a song by the Who.

she'll grab you by your grande cajones.
Thank you so much :) this is my first experience and yes...grabbed indeed :D
Outrageous...just stunning. xox
Damn - that's an incredible performance. Just amazing. Almost made my heart stop for a moment, just hearing hers. Wow. Thanks, Tijo.
In the Kennedy Center performance, watching all those notable musicians/vocalists enjoying her performance . . . they felt it too. Absolutely phenomenal. I hope to be hearing her voice in my dreams.
The Kennedy Center performance was the first time I ever heard Betty LaVette, imagine that. I thought Pete was going to cry.
Definitely need to add her to my collection.
Some people play the blues, she sounds like she lived them. Excellent!!
I just saw Tijo on One_Irritated_Mother's Blog.
No_Irritated_Tijo. I've missed You. Ya Banned?
You were kicked out of school for giggling. Piss.
I listened over and over while smoking Pall Mall.
This music is Divine Soul. I'll replay in Porto Pot.
sad. sigh. sad.

Thanks You Tijo.
I wanted to say hi.
A serious replay.
Wishing you well.