above it all
OCTOBER 5, 2010 4:32PM


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Tell us who you are!

How can we be sure?

UPDATE! For those of you who dont understand the CASTLE ANTHRAX reference.

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Well? Is she or isnt she?
Am I the only one who thinks the witch thing is pretty much the only good thing I've heard about Christine O'Donnell? Suddenly, she seemed almost like a normal person, describing weird stuff she did in her youth. As one should.
My time in a religious sect informs me that the really religious like this stuff. they wear their sins as a badge of what they've been saved from, and the more horrific, the better!
Hey, I dabbled with the Ouija board in college and I think all witches should be highly offended by all of this. What I find disturbing about O'Donnell isn't her college past, but her present day beliefs. I'm with Norwonk.
I say we tie her to a dunking stool and let God decide!!! Or at least pin a scarlet letter V on her -- no, no, no, not for Virgin, for Village Idiot

That sound you hear is every witch in the world going, "Well thank the spirits for THAT!"

That other sound you hear is every liar, cheat and idiot in the world going, " Oh, crap! She's STILL one of us!"
You may not be Tim but she thinks she is as in Frank Zappa “she thinks she’s a witch ain’t that a bitch”
But is she a good witch? or is she a bad witch!
She's a bad witch!!!!

Stupid restraining orders!! PFFFFT!!
I am soooo bummed! I just turned on the tv and Keith Olbermann used the same video to introduce a piece about her ad! Arrgghh.
I am off to the Castle Anthrax to soothe my spirits.
I think she should get her hearing checked. People aren't calling her Witch or cursing son-of -a- witch when they see her name on the ballot.
I don't think even devil worshipers would want her ruining their reputation. You know they may be evil, but they are sane! R
I am not a bitch! Oops, I meant I am not a witch.
Tim, so agree about past sins being badges of salvation...