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October 24
I'm an electrical engineer and mathematician by training. My career has spanned diverse areas of expertise from being part of a team which designed the world's most powerful computers to corporate consulting around business transformation and information-based solutions to being a corporate sales and marketing executive in the information technology and business consulting space. I’ve led teams responsible for innovative and transformative solutions and been part of teams that helped set strategy for many of America's greatest companies. Two of my interests are econometrics, democratic finance and quantitative - qualitative analysis. Over the years I have developed risk-based models and trading systems meant to identify significant investment opportunities and periods of extreme risk. My blog is an outlet for another of my passions, writing. I generally consider myself a contrarian. Therefore, many of my rantings are meant to encourage people to question what they believe to be true. Terms of Use & Disclaimer: First off, I don't take anything on here too seriously and you shouldn't either. These are simply sardonic rantings of Bill, my alter ego, often meant to agitate for peaceful & nonviolent reform. This web site reflects the views of its authors. It is unaffiliated with any NASD broker/dealer. Statements on this site do not represent the views or policies of anyone other than its authors. The information on this site is provided for discussion purposes, comedic relief and entertainment only and are not investing recommendations. The authors may have positions in securities mentioned herein. Under no circumstances does this information represent a recommendation to buy or sell securities. While information discussed on this site was gathered from what are believed to be reliable sources, in no way is informational accuracy guaranteed. All information on this site may contain errors and omissions. Trading and investing involves high levels of risk. Always consult a licensed financial advisor or broker before making any and all investment decisions. Authors of this site and any sites which are fed by said site, including Open Salon and others, will assume no responsibility for the actions of the reader and user. Readers and users agree, as condition to accessing this site, to release and hold harmless this site's authors from all liability in connection with this site or any views posted on this site. All readers and users of this site agree that use of this site requires acceptance to the current Terms Of Use & Disclaimer and that current terms include any and all use and material from site inception. If you do not understand these statements in their entirety or do not agree to be bound by this current agreement, you must immediately discontinue use of this site. This Terms Of Use & Disclaimer may change at any time and it is the reader's and user's responsibility to review, understand and abide by any updates.

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Before I get started, let me say that I have absolutely no problem with any nonviolent religion.   Okay, that’s an oxymoron.   The religions of money and statism or state liberalism are the basis for the vast majority of violence we see in the world today.   So, let me… Read full post »

The common meme that exists today is that banks and corporations have captured our government.   I certainly agree with that.  But technically, banks and corporations are inventions of the state.  So who is capturing whom and for what intent?   The reality is more proper… Read full post »

This is a relatively long post.  But if this topic interests you, I would encourage you to read through the end where much of this is pulled together into what is happening today.   I never could have written this post five or ten years ago.  Well, I could have but no… Read full post »

Title link here. 

One of the long times on here is that there will never be a recovery.  Ever.  That is, unless we have massive economic reforms that turn this system upside down and place the power into the hands of people and not politicians, the state or corporations.  … Read full post »

There certainly are many secrets surrounding 9/11.   I’m not a big conspiracy theorist on this topic or any other.  But truth is certainly kept hidden for various intents of control - the state itself is an institution of the ego aka a control construct.  There has been a 30-odd… Read full post »


I pilfered the above picture and it was lifted by someone else and so on and so on.   There is no original attribution so I’ll simply chalk up the attribution to the great people of Greece.   But I wanted to start this post with this graphic to show the… Read full post »

In order to get you to kill someone for me, I have to instill in your mind a fear-based, control construct.  That is exactly what a belief systems is.  It’s all it is.   In many ways belief systems appear to have a trance-like effect of creating ignorance.   That i… Read full post »

Update:  The far left Syriza Party has agreed to a coalition with the far right Greek Independent Party.  This exposes the massive fraud of political parties.  That is, humanity is divided by pathological evil’s  fear-“created” differences to control them forRead full post »

I watched this documentary on PBS last night.  It is now available online.  It is very profound and is a must watch.  It’s nearly impossible to contrive the reality of who Vladimir Putin is as reported by Frontline.   It would take a conspiracy of unimaginable proportio… Read full post »

JANUARY 5, 2015 10:21AM

A Calvin Fairy Tale From Beppe Grillo

I’m still thinking about how to structure my next post.  I’ve realized it could become a monster and I actually have to think about how to organize it rather than just a stream of conscious keyboard hacking effort.  In the mean time, Grillo’s remarks tie directly into my next post.… Read full post »

“What is the chief end of man?--to get rich. In what way?--dishonestly if we can; honestly if we must. Who is God, the one only and true? Money is God. Gold and Greenbacks and Stock--father, son, and the ghost of same--three persons in one; these are the true and only God,Read full post »


I’m continuing the interruption of my regular posts because of the Russian ruble crisis.  We may be witnessing the most important event in the global economy in the last three or four decades.   Far more important than 2008.  We don’t yet see the importance of… Read full post »

This video and story are worthy of another unexpected post.  Do we now know why Homeland Security (the NSA) and the CIA are at this very moment attempting to purge evidence of the state’s criminal behavior as linked to a handful of posts ago?   Was the imminent release of this CI… Read full post »

I was planning only one more post this month, but given the incredibly profound dynamics unfolding around long-time themes on here, I thought I would highlight some of them in an interim post.   Below is a set of related, unrelated and inter-related incoherent ramblings on a multitude of ti… Read full post »

I want to make a few quick comments about my last post before diving into this one.  Russia’s economy is imploding.  Their financial system is in massive crisis, the ruble is in crisis against the dollar and the fall in the value of oil is going to have a massively profound… Read full post »

Following the 2008 collapse I mocked the G20 meetings as clueless and useless.  And I wrote that this faux show of unity would eventually devolve into these same predators turning against each other.   When the predators of the state have no one left to prey upon, they will begin preyi… Read full post »

I wanted to put up a post on the comparative lunacy that is so common in  modern corporate capitalist society.   There is generally little truth in any mainstream position.  Most everything has been corrupted by money, power, authority, corporations, politicians, political parties… Read full post »

The last time I wrote on here that Apple’s stock price was closing in on the value of all stocks in Russia was March of 2012.  Here we go again.   This time Apple has actually surpassed the value of all Russian stocks.  Apple employs 70,000 people and makes what are essentially… Read full post »

There are a lot of stories on there about why oil has been cratering.  Most are just that.  Stories.  The reality is oil was only ever greater than $100 a barrel because of manipulation in the first place.  Mass manipulation as the amount of leverage, contracts and derivatives in… Read full post »

Once again, the movement against state violence is a global phenomena and it is very, very real.  A long time theme on here is that this cycle could be coined the end of big.  High on that list is big, centrally-planned state violence that benefits a chosen few state actors who… Read full post »

There are many examples of evil’s manifestation in the world today.  Empire, the forced use (worship) of money to survive,  Islamofascism, political parties, the global military-industrial complex, standing armies,  state-induced fear mongering in the form of nationalism, corporate c… Read full post »

Watching television ads leading up to national elections is always a treat.  Divisiveness, hate and lies are the norm from both parties.  But, then the only way political parties can actually exist is by dividing humanity with small, petty issues rather than a loving state of uniting people… Read full post »

OCTOBER 31, 2014 11:54AM

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