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October 24
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FEBRUARY 5, 2012 6:15PM

Graphene Computing For Your Head

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Even though I have been out of the computer-semiconductor design space for some time, I still closely follow research into quantum wells, quantum computing, solid state design and computer architecture.  Nothing has really changed in mainstream computing for a long time.  The software tools are better and the hardware is faster-smaller and the technology to create semiconductors is more advanced but the bloviating that we are going to see a  computer with human abilities is nonsense unless we see an exponential leap in the understanding of human consciousness, the human mind (Not the brain but the mind.  I have a sneaking suspicion that science is completely wrong and that it wasn’t the evolution of the human brain that led to greater abilities of our mind but, that in fact, it was the human mind’s greater abilities that required the development of a larger brain.  Physics and an understanding of basic laws of nature would tell me I could possibly be more accurate in that statement than Darwin ever was.  Darwinism is so inconsistent with so many fundamental theories of basic science.  The mind is not the brain, folks.  It’s kinda like that chicken and egg thing.) and the dynamics behind the creation of intelligent life.  In order for that to happen, additional capabilities within the human mind will need to be unlocked or evolved to discover well beyond what is now known.  That may be happening as I type this without us actually realizing it.  

I would suppose the ability to create intelligent life, as defined by human ability,  may never happen for one very simple reason. (That is, if biological research, which is often unregulated and therefore steps over the line of bioethics and safety, doesn’t open Pandora’s Box and send us all to an early retirement and a dirt nap.)   It is the same reason that ancient yogis, philosophers and other masters of consciousness have known for thousands of years.  That is, if human consciousness is beyond the ability of the human mind to grasp, we will never produce that type of ability.   If you are questioning what I mean by that, maybe its easier to understand that chickens didn’t hypothesize Einstein’s theory of relativity.  In this case, we would be the chickens.  A little bit of you don’t know what you don’t know or as politicians generally understand it, ignorance is bliss.  Today, we literally have no idea what the human mind-brain is or what it is capable of.  If you think you know, you are so lost that you’ll never get it.

I see some who pump some convergence of human intelligence and computer intelligence or artificial life with abilities far beyond that of humanity.  In actuality, that’s just a lot of bullshit and hyperbole meant to sell books or self-importance. 

Now, as a seeker of truth and an unconditional supporter of ethical science, we should never give up on the purity of the search for truth that science represents.  But the whole creation of intelligent computers reminds me of the scientists who were telling us sixty years ago that commercial fusion was just around the corner.  Sixty years and billions of dollars later, we know more of what we didn’t know then and that’s about all we know.  ie, We are less ignorant but still wildly so.   

One of the more practical innovations in computing research over the last handful of years has been in the area of graphene.   Graphene offers the the potential of a quantum leap over any existing silicon-based technologies.  Speeds (1Thz and beyond) and three dimensional densities that could create systems with processing ability as powerful as any that exist today that you would wear on your wrist.  Or in your head.   Who needs a laptop or iPhone?  You wake up and tell your head to log into the wireless global network.  (There is hope yet for Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich.)   I was wondering if Sofia Vergara is logged in today and if we could do a mind meld.  Just curious.  Don’t get all pissy. 

Recently, there have been two exciting announcements in the field of graphene transistor research. 

Graphene transistors compatible with living cells. 

Graphene transistor goes vertical.

Graphene transistors could herald more computing power.

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