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October 24
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MARCH 5, 2012 8:49PM

Tipping Point? Rush Limbaugh And The Politics Of Hate.

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I would suppose most everyone has heard the deafening roar of mainstream media infatuation with Rush Limbaugh’s recent remarks.  There is little doubt in my mind that after hearing endless displays of bizarre behavior over the years that Rush Limbaugh is, at best, a misogynist bully.   His behavior is quite consistently erratic.  He projects his insecurities outward onto the world through excessive and repeated displays of hateful histrionics, attention-seeking and a grandiose sense of self.   He simply doesn’t appear to be able to function for long unless he is the center of some type of controversy drawing attention to himself.  To put it bluntly, Limbaugh is a consummate drama queen.

Limbaugh’s apologies seem banally glib and driven by loss of advertising sponsorship, political pressure and pressure from his employer than any genuine recognition that his behavior hurt someone who did nothing to him.  This is indicative of someone who is consumed by the self and disconnected from his higher power and the community of life.  I think he has severely miscalculated this time.   I also think the Republican candidates have severely miscalculated in their lack of appropriate responses to his politics of hate.  That is, except for Ron Paul who condemned Limbaugh.

We all make mistakes.  Endlessly.  But this is something different.  For Limbaugh this isn’t an isolated incident.  It is very typical of his behavior without recognition of its inappropriateness.  I simply couldn’t let this story pass given my fascination with the human condition.  I would anecdotally guesstimate that this is the beginning of the end for Limbaugh.

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A couple of things went into the grand undoing of Rushbo. First, the GOP has been taken over by right wing religious extremists. Second, the GOP has a herd mentality, which explains why Limbooger has been in such a pivotal position for so many years.

When Santorum et. al. went rabid over "religious freedom," Rushbo bit on the hook. The problem was that the woman-hating minority of the minority party managed to piss off 52% of the voters!

A contributing factor was that GOP moderates and decisionmakers who influence the Republican money flow have been getting extremely nervous about the fact that non-GOP voters are going against the elephants by a 4-1 margin.

Coupled with the fact that the lady law student is not a public figure
(and part of the Georgetown law school to boot) -- she did the right thing and issued a demand letter that forced Limburger to apologize.

Coupled with Limpdick's unfortunate remarks falling during a slow news cycle, and you get the firestorm that is.
Kind of humorous, no, that evangelical Christians would allow a confessed dope addict to be their spokesman?
Any political party is predicated on the concept of a herd. I think most evangelical Christians are dope addicts. The dope is the propaganda their narcissistic leaders spew.