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October 24
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MARCH 7, 2012 12:43PM

Obama The Status Quo

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Just a few interesting points from around the net today.  The possibility of fireworks that may upset the 2012 elections still exists.   Dummycrats think the 2012 presidential election is in the bag.  Not so fast dog breath.  It’s a long way till November.

Obama considers giving Russia our U.S. military secrets.  Might I ask who gave this public servant any such authority?  I love the view of narcissistic liberal idiots who think all we need to do is be nice and we will all get along.  Neville Chamberlain was the twentieth century’s consummate dunce in this regard.  Appeasement of evil and power is completely misguided and delusional.  Russia’s politicians have absolutely no interest in putting the interests of U.S. citizens above those of their own.  Seeking to curry favor by sharing secrets is a childish, ego-centric ploy used by eight year olds.  That seems about right for most politicians.

Obama loses primary in 15 Oklahoma counties.  Pretty bad for a sitting president with no organized or funded competition in any primary.  I suppose if voters really had a choice, he could have easily lost nationwide.  Therein lies the dilemma of political parties who seek control for financial gain and power at the expense of democracy.

Obama continues to embrace lobbyists after promising he wouldn’t.  I think we call that lying in the real world.

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Dummycrat here. Perhaps you don't remember that Ronald Reagan offered to share Star Wars technology with the Soviets.


It is a defensive technology, so from the standpoint of building trust it makes sense. It will not allow them to attack us, it allows them to defend themselves.

Here is the narcissistic conservative idiot Ronald Reagan in his Star Wars speech asking if we couldn't just be nice and get along:

"Over the course of these discussions, I have become more and more deeply convinced that the human spirit must be capable of rising above dealing with other nations and human beings by threatening their existence. Feeling this way, I believe we must thoroughly examine every opportunity for reducing tensions and for introducing greater stability into the strategic calculus on both sides. One of the most important contributions we can make is, of course, to lower the level of all arms, and particularly nuclear arms. We are engaged right now in several negotiations with the Soviet Union to bring about a mutual reduction of weapons. I will report to you a week from tomorrow my thoughts on that score. But let me just say I am totally committed to this course.

If the Soviet Union will join with us in our effort to achieve major arms reduction we will have succeeded in stabilizing the nuclear balance. Nevertheless it will still be necessary to rely on the specter of retaliation - on mutual threat, and that is a sad commentary on the human condition.

Wouldn't it be better to save lives than to avenge them? Are we not capable of demonstrating our peaceful intentions by applying all our abilities and our ingenuity to achieving a truly lasting stability? I think we are - indeed, we must!"
I'm bored as hell with people like you. People who outsource their thinking, their responsibilities and their common sense to dimwitted politicians in the same manner that children wish to be taken care of by their parents. Political parties are the bane of humanity, they are anti-democratic, they are morally-bankrupt, they engage is illegal and massively corrupt in order to perpetuate their existence and they limit the debate to two false choices in a world of millions of ideas. Political parties depend on fascism to survive. They are registered corporations that rely on the comingling of corporate money with politics to loot society. That is fascism. And, people like you defend their right to destroy democracy and our basic rights. You are indeed a Dummy.

Ronald Reagan was a Social Darwinist who brought us trickle down economics and you are quoting him off of Wikipedia? Jesus Christ are you an idiot. Reagan unleashed the military industrial complex on our society that has all but destroyed democracy, now feeds endless campaign funds and corrupt lobbyist positions to Dummycrats and Republikaaners and has institutionalized murder through the art of nonstop war in this country.

You, my friend, are the narcissist calling the kettle black. Sharing nonsensical overspending of ridiculous pissing away of military programs like Star Wars while Reagan presided over the looting of our society for his elite cronies friends and corporate capitalism aka fascism, was a feint. It would allow the crooked politicians and their corporate masters to continue to spend taxpayer money on wasted programs that were the start of the destruction of our freedoms.

Get your head out of your ass and start thinking for yourself. When you do, come on back.
You're not too friendly, are you.

Is there anyone or anything you don't hate?
That's me. Consumed by hate. Better than to be consumed by ignorance perpetuated by people who have fucked up this country. Look in the mirror. You'll appreciate my wakeup call more than if you continue your own ignorant ways that leads to a loss of your savings, your home, your family's freedoms and your freedom to be ignorant. Your shallowness of thought and seemingly delusional desire to follow others to your own demise is only overshadowed by your shallow needs to project your delusions onto me.

Freedom isn't a gift from God. It is only granted to those who understand that there are powers that have always existed that have kept it from all of humanity except for a few short experiments in time. Most of this nation's history has been anything but free for women, minorities, slaves, indentured servants, nonpropertied Europeans and the like. And, unless we are diligent it shall be completely taken again..

I'm so completely over being politically correct as liberal idiots spend so much time doing while they watch their lives flash before them. If you want to come over here and spew your line of political bullshit, be prepared to have it handed right back to you. If you want to wake up and think for yourself, you'll get a more pleasant welcome.
Actually, I do think for myself. I think that the point was relevant: there is historical precedent for sharing technology as a trustbuilding measure.

I hardly think the comparison to appeasing Hitler is justified. It's not as if the Russians are threatening to annex the Sudetenland, and we are allowing them to do it as long as they promise not to start a war. That was a lose-lose bad deal. In this case it is the Russians who feel threatened and vulnerable by our actions, so the suggestion is a show of good will. I consider this realistic and creative foreign policy, not cowardly appeasement.

You have made a lot of assumptions about me that you have no evidence for whatsoever, other than lumping me together with other people you've encountered in the past. You seem like a rational person who values evidence. I enjoyed your posts on Fukushima and pink slime. You obviously have knowledge and some ideas. But if you want to be more effective at communicating that, you might benefit from trying to separate out your anger and rage (which I'm not saying isn't justified) from your presentation of important ideas. For example you make the accusation that sharing technology "is a childish, ego-centric ploy used by eight year olds". This is a bit hyperbolic in my opinion, and it's especially undermined by engaging in playground sneering like "Dummycrats".
You're a dumbass and a control freak. I could tell from your first asinine comment on here. And you keep coming back for more. A sign that your primary intent is to control. Do you see the Russians trying to share their military secrets? Or the Chinese? Honestly. You aren't even worth replying to.

Rage? HAHAHAHA. I don't blog for your approval and I could care less if you think I am effectively communicating in the method you believe I should be communicating. That it is important for you to make sure that you believe I have the proper picture of you by coming back to explain that I have erroneously drawn a picture of you, shows that you need approval from others, even strangers and will go to some lengths to ensure that you control the picture of you that they see. That you then felt compelled to even attempt to tell me how I should conduct myself is further evidence how controlling you really are. It is not any of your accord how I conduct myself.

You don't handle rejection very well. Therefore, I would suspect you are the one with the rage problem. Par for the course for a liberal idiot who derives their grandiose sense of self by telling others how they should act, live, etc.

Why don't you go play in traffic or beat your dog or whatever you do when you can't control others. If you come back and comment again, I'll have to recommend you be committed.
You've got some serious issues. How could writing a comment be about control? Could you conceivably be controlled by a comment on your blog? I don't see how.

You are way too hostile. I would suggest you see a doctor about that.