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October 24
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MAY 7, 2012 9:32AM

Marie Antoinette And Her Wall Street Cronies Are In Trouble - Hollande Wins French Elections

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If you have been granted riches by serving society in some method of invention or medicine or science or service to humanity or countless other manifestations of truth, then your intent was driven by virtue on some level.  It ain’t likely to be some story about the Dalai Lama but you were seeking to advance society or civilization in some manner.  You had some net positive impact.    If you inherited your wealth, well, then you are just plain lucky. 

On the other hand, if you became rich through corporate predation, monopoly, lobbying to overturn the rule of law, politics, finance (banking, insurance, financial advisor, economist, hedge fund manager, mutual fund manager, MBA, the investor class, Harvard finance professor, real estate agent, private equity aka Mitt Romney, etc) or other methods of control that are consumers of capital rather than creators of wealth, well…..  then you didn’t create anything.   You didn’t move the ball forward in the game of life.  You are literally a burden to society.  A tax on society.  You took your wealth from someone else.  It was a transfer payment that is absolutely no different than welfare.    That is an economic fact.  You are Maria Antoinette.   Except, unlike those who people who actually use welfare as a means of survival, your welfare was taken from society by force.   You may view yourself as virtuous and you may actually be personally virtuous but you are living in a dream world as far as economics is concerned if you think your work matters.  It doesn’t.  At best you are an administrator and as such your salary, while it most certainly should be a living wage, should reflect that your economic status is a tax to society.  At worst, if you are making an enormous sum of money in any of these positions, you are an economic predator. 

As we have discussed ad nauseam for the last seven years, we are in the biggest financial bubble the world has ever seen.   It’s impacts on every aspect of our existence are well beyond the obvious.  When that bubble pops, we can expect the world to change so profoundly, it will not be recognizable.  Change is imminent.  And, it won’t be the change Barack Obama or Nicholas Sarkozy or Angela Merkel are trying to foist upon us.  It will be change foisted upon them.   All in due time. 

François Hollande may not know anything about economics and he may be of absolutely no help in solving this crisis but if he keeps his word, he is going to be one of the forces that starts the beginning of the end of the financial bubble. 

Karma is a bitch.  Marie Antoinette and her Wall Street cronies are in serious trouble.  It’s just a matter of when.

Vive La France.

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I don’t know much about François Hollande yet, but as far as I can tell after reading the headlines this mourning (that’s all we will get before the corporations start spinning it) my immediate reaction is this is another vote for Socialism in a civilized (educated) country. Ms. Antoinette will be taking a serious pay cut in the near future. Hopefully it is a glimpse of the faith that shall befall all of Ms. Antoinette’s friends. Great short essay take the extra who out of it.