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October 24
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NOVEMBER 12, 2012 8:30AM

Cornel West & Tavis Smiley-Obama The Rockefeller Republican

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On Friday Obama gave a speech on his first payback agenda item for his corporate masters. Well, the second. The first was to bomb Yemen. His second will be to cut social programs that disproportionately benefit those who have been left behind to ensure the criminal banking syndicate gets their payback, that is cutting the national debt, all while ensuring there remains plenty of money to pay for corporate welfare. Gotta keep those campaign contributions rolling in. Poverty has nothing to share with the ruling neoliberal elite. Politician’s corporate masters pumped six billion dollars into this past election. Six billion dollars that could feed, clothe and provide shelter for hungry children or homeless citizens or health care for those unable to afford it. But our political masters never once blinked an eye while spending that money for the benefit of the self.

I have found as a general rule that the less one if focused on material wealth, the richer one is in spirit. The old saying that one cannot serve two masters is most definitely a generalized universal truth. The only people who have ever offered me the proverbial last shirt off of their back had almost nothing of material wealth. That includes my mother when she had none of her own. And, I have also found that the more material “stuff” one acquires in life, the more one becomes worried that someone is going to take something from them. But the reality is those people who are so focused on what-they-have-as-opposed-to-who-they-are really have nothing for anyone to take. They have already taken everything worthy from themselves. They have taken their own humanity and their soul.

How great is the loss our nation has experienced by marginalizing those who seemingly have nothing to share as measured by politicians and our corporate masters? Who, for countless reasons, aren’t able to buy a politician. Who, for countless reasons, aren’t wealthy in the measurements of this world. Who, for countless reasons have been thrown under the bus. How much has our nation lost by not experiencing the richness of spirit from so many while exalting those who are consumed by their own self-importance, vanity and greed?

Our nation suffers from a great sickness. Our political and corporate masters avert their gaze from the massive poverty they have created while rigging a system of social welfare for elites and the corporatocracy.  Politicians remain silent while millions and millions of Americans become more and more marginalized. More and more invisible. More and more unable to share the richness of their spirit with our nation. Jill Stein wrote on her blog a few days before the election that neither Obama nor Romney uttered the words poverty or homelessness once during the campaign. And Obama, Democrats and Republicans are getting ready to make poverty even worse with coming cuts to social programs to avoid the illusory "fiscal cliff". Obama, Democrats and Republicans tell us this is what the American people want. To have both political parties come together on behalf of our corporate masters to bludgeon our government’s services and instead hand that money to banking criminals who have decimated our economy and our society. Actually, how do Americans know what they want when no one has ever explained what our choices are or taken the time to consider the discourse of democracy from the citizenry on how to deal with this crisis? They don’t. It’s not about what we want. It’s about what our masters want. And, as Democrats and Republicans come together on behalf of their corporate masters to take money from the poor and give to the rich, they call it compromise and portray it as valiant and noble.  To the contrary, it truly is criminal.

These are some of the greatest crimes in the history of our nation. Who is willing to testify and stand to account? Apparently, almost no one since the only two candidates to ever utter a word on poverty received less than one percent of the final presidential vote. Will we ever be forgiven? One thing is certain. Karma is indeed a bitch.

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Ok the election is over.

I'm starting the "Long Island Iced T-Party"

The slogan is "CHILL"

The Platform is mostly "mind your own business, but remember that your business will be required to put more into the community than it takes out" The theory is that the ONLY "Fair Trade" is one that benefits ALL parties to a "deal"

The "encouraging" part of this election is the number of state issues that re-asserted the "Mind your own business" part.

IE. Abortion is none of the states business.
Drug use doesn't become the states business until you endanger someone else ( eg- DUI )
Who or what you chose to have sex with is no-one else's business . Tax and Social advantages sanctioned by the state will be either open to any couple, or preferably not provided to ANY couple.
Taxes will be flat rate and based not on Income, but on a percentage of your wealth. No Exemptions.
No more Food stamps. Organized food distribution
No more Mortgage exemption. Free basic public housing.

The federal government returns to it's role of protecting our borders and dealing with ACTUAL "Interstate COMMERCE (ie actual TRADE- not "intellectual possibility of trade")

In that regard, the Federal Government Closes the Borders and when they ARE closed, grants AMNESTY ( NOT Citizenship- that must be Earned) to all illegals in the country.

The question of "corporate" personhood" will be revisited on a state by state basis, with an emphasis on the distinctions between the rights of a Human "citizen" and the "rights" of a corporate one.

The problem that I see that will be most delicate between us will be of "Global Warming", because quite frankly, I see cap and trade as another market scam to make people like Al Gore even richer.

I whole heartedly agree with conservation and recycling, and making sure that industrial sites don't poison the environment. Where we have room for discussion is whether CO2 is a "Pollutant" or just a way of bankrupting the coal industry to the benefit of speculators.

The way I see it, the only way to prevent Obamney et alia from taking over and doing just what you predict, is to organize NOW for a party that will embrace the concerns of BOTH the T-Party AND OWS

Citizens of conscience must work together to take back the electorate from the citizens of "self-interest".

PS I'm trying to get this guy to run......

Perfectly said. That's exactly what's happening but the idea of facing that is too much for most people. I mean, who during the rise of Naziism wanted to face the idea it would leave their country in ruins? So they let it happen. And who now wants to face the reality a society cannot be based on greed? And so we let it happen. Either way, you always reap what you sow. (Even thought I've seen some really, really hilarious arguments that you can sow one thing and reap another!)
"'Grand Bargain' Talks Will Likely Target Medicare,
Social Security & Programs For The Poor"

Current headline on HuffPo. Applaud that proud lefties!