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October 24
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DECEMBER 28, 2012 9:20AM

Barack Obama's Tears For The Children Of Newtown Are In

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Stark Contrast To His Silence Over The Children Murdered By His Drones

The title of this post is the title of an op-ed linked to at the bottom of this post. I wanted to make a few more remarks on the topic of social violence in our nation since the mainstream press has become pliant lemmings for the state in its efforts at restricting our liberties at every turn.

The outcome of the recent social violence in our nation is no different than the 9/11 attacks in the regard that the state uses any opportunity to increase its grip of power at the expense of our liberties. Why is there never a debate on the sources of systemic social violence in our nation? Instead all we hear about are the symptoms of that violence including murder and what band-aids to put on the symptoms. All while the patient’s condition continues to deteriorate.

I would like to have someone explain to me how the recent Fast and Furious gun-running scandal by the ATF is any different than any of the social violence in this nation? The state commissioned the sale of military-grade weapons to drug dealers; clearly a very serious crime that should be investigated. Essentially, the state commissioned murder in some Orwellian effort to infiltrate drug cartels. The actions of the state in this ludicrous scheme resulted in untold numbers of deaths of innocent Mexican civilians. By some accounts, hundreds of innocent Mexican’s deaths have been tied back to the weapons handed to drug cartels by the state. The total killed by this fiasco is far more than any random act of violence ever perpetrated in the U.S. Where is the accountability? Where is the outrage by the politicians who endorsed Fast and Furious? Or, how about the Iran-Contra death squad crimes; what I believe may be one of the most blatant examples of political disregard for the rule of law and human life that our country has seen in the last fifty years. And, if Reagan didn’t know about it, it was almost certainly consciously decided by his inner circle and possibly by Reagan himself in order to hide behind plausible deniability.

It is wildly dystopian that Washington politicians choose to ridicule Americans for their love of guns. Our political, social and economic cultures are all incredibly violent and encourage-reward aggression. Washington politicians and their corporate masters have created our political, social and economic cultures. The United States military-industrial complex has killed or imprisoned more people on this earth than any other force of man in the last fifty years except maybe for communist China. We export more weapons than any other nation on earth. Those weapons are most often sold to American-backed thugs and dictators to spy on, imprison, torture and ultimately murder millions of people. American financial “aid” to the Shah of Iran, Saddam Hussein and Hosni Mubarak to name just three, was then used to load up on American weapons, American military advisors and American know-how to then spy on, torture, murder and imprison millions of people. We surely can’t stop there. Our endless undeclared and unconstitutional wars have obliterated parts of the world and given rise to complete chaos in Central and South America, Southeast Asia and Africa. In the last decade alone some estimates are as high as one million deaths directly attributable to the undeclared and unconstitutional American wars. And there are countless more casualties including physical and emotional trauma, physical impairment, diaspora, etc. The number dead is dwarfed by the lives directly and indirectly impacted by these dynamics. Millions alone have fled the violence in Iraq. 99% of these people, victimized by the military-industrial complex, never did anything to anyone in the United States. And we now have a president who leads weekly conference calls on who to murder next, including American citizens. We don’t know who these targets are or what the evidence is against them because the law has been trampled upon. Forty years ago, who ever could have envisioned a day when the supposed leader of the “free” world would leak propaganda to the New York Times about how murder hit lists were virtuous and noble? The secret intelligence used to determine who will be murdered is based on the same type of “secret” intelligence that told us Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. This dystopian “intelligence” is most likely secret because it is spotty at best and useless at worst. And, public knowledge of that intelligence, much of it exposed as farcical by Wikileaks, would likely result in demands for criminal investigations of lawless politicians.

Our “modern” society is dealing with unprecedented mental illness, unprecedented levels of physical and emotional sickness, unprecedented levels of emotional distress, unprecedented levels of addiction, unprecedented levels of poverty, unprecedented levels of illiteracy and unprecedented levels of imprisonment. These are all outcomes of acts of violence perpetrated by the corporate state. And, the projection of the corporate state’s power overseas results in the same dynamics elsewhere. All of these crises have been enabled by corporate state politicians through their various efforts at rigging the system, destroying the rule of law, for their corporate masters.

The world is on fire. And, the vast majority of it is simply a manifestation of illegitimate authority and self-granted rule of man created by the state. It’s almost hilarious for the state to ridicule Americans for their love of guns when its actions of violence lead the way for accepted aggression, predation and violence in our political, social and economic systems.

If anyone thinks some attempt at banning assault weapons is going to change anything, I’ll take that bet all day long. The war on drugs, the war on illiteracy, the war on poverty, the war on terrorism, the war on crime thirty years ago, the war on alcohol eighty years ago……. were all massive failures.  Hate begets hate. Violence begets violence. Toughness begets a greater toughness. We must meet the forces of hate with the power of love. Our aim must never be to defeat or humiliate.. War begets war whether that is acrimonious and violent political policy of the corporate state or the literal act of murder endorsed by the state. The war on guns will be no different.

The state’s ability to control social and economic manifestations of its violence cannot and will not ever work. Yes gun laws and legitimate background checks are often ridiculous in this nation. But what is even more ridiculous is the inherently violent society we live in. A society whose values were created, endorsed. practiced and perfected by the corporate state. What we see is simply symptomatic of corporate state culture. And, you don’t cure the patient by putting band-aids on its symptoms. The corporate state and free market, deregulated, private, for-profit capital, a hallmark of the corporate state, is the source of modern society collapse.

Barack Obama's Tears For The Children Of Newtown Are In Stark Contrast To His Silence Over The Children Murdered By His Drones


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Bingo! Ya nailed it!

Now what?

Any thoughts on how this can be changed?

No, no, not suggestions that start off with the words, "we all have to". Those cannot ever happen because whatever it is, we ALL won't. Not gonna happen.

Besides, I've got a filing cabinet full of utopian, "we all have to", suggestions of my own.

As dozens, perhaps hundreds, of blogs here on OS, will attest, awareness and recognition of what is happening and who is behind it, is pretty common knowledge. We even know how they are brainwashing and conditioning us and why.

It's the, "What the hell do we do now?" question that is hard to answer. Any answer must be do-able. It must be practical. It must not require even 75% participation, for that won't happen in the foreseeable future. Too many of us are already sheeple who just graze wherever the munching is easiest. We're not pioneers anymore, we're fat and lazy couch potatoes. This is unfortunate but true.

So that's what you've got to work with. Any suggestions?

[r] standing up and applauding on what you say, as always. the hypocrisy and corruption is off the charts. we are run by a sociopathic cartel and we are all collateral damage or pre-collaterla damage now, children, women, the sick, the elderly -- there is psychopathic profits uber people, ego-mania, power-mania.

We need a paradigm shift to humanism and morality and how do we get there as sky asks? I have been patronized by loved ones this holiday for being naive in my calling out the amorality of the Obama administration. Naive???

No serious values being role-modelled. What is valued now is personality and media propaganda cultishness. Obama's posturing even on gun violence is late in the game. Always on cue when it is politically opportunistic. Never leadership exercised by Obama. Safer for him to watch where the media is telling him to go. What a waste of the presidency.

Nice to see you, TL! This would be a good blog for correntewire which is upgrading the site these days! Please consider.

best, libby
and yet more people die from a lack of health insurance than have ever died through drone strikes. more children die from a lack of access to health care than die from drone strikes.

but this is an issue on which obama has advanced the cause of uninsured children more than any president, conservative or liberal, in history, so I can see why you wouldn't want to bring it up here.
p-if Obama cared that much about children he would have put universal health care on the table. kids will die or suffer and be stuck because Obamacare is not what Obamacrats think it is. Geeeeeesh. Course Obamacrats will just keep on making excuses for Obama. $16 trillion has gone to the banksters but let's keep on kissing Obama's feet over the crumbs and the bullshit rhetoric. He's worse than Republican lite! libby
The comments about health care deaths are right on. Thanks for the comments.

Libby, keep the faith. Seriously. “The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.” ~Friedrich Nietzsche

Sky, the answer is to punt on third down. They'll never expect it.

You hit the nail squarely on its head. But I doubt it will sink in with the good folk. The revel in moaning and groaning about the “gummint takin’ ‘way are libities”…and that seems to be all that matters to them. Obama actually is trying to do something; these guys are just complainers.
So the defense of Obama's foreign child murders is that he's allegedly helping a relative handful of American children get health insurance (which does NOT equate to health care)? Wow, is that sociopathic! Obama's crocodile tears only fool those who want to be fooled.

I just wonder how many Americans would be willing to give up their kids' lives for a drone attack. My bet is zero, which makes everyone who supports Obama's drone attacks a complete hypocrite.
Actually Frank the last comment hit the nail on the head. Princessy was more than right that countless Americans die due to their denial of affordable health care by the corporate state.

That Obama is forcing Americans to buy private, for-profit health insurance from a corporate monopoly is NOT access to health care. It is fascism.

I doubt you will ever wake up Frank. Anyone your age who is still rationalizing their support of a massively corrupt system of denial and predation is so consumed by his own rationalizations and delusions that the only way you will ever wake up is through a crisis created by your shattered belief system. And, that will only happen if it is thrust upon you with force. You are Neo in The Matrix.

Don't worry. Your time will come.