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October 24
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JANUARY 10, 2013 9:37AM

NASA - Solar Variability And Terrestrial Climate

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It most certainly is about time our nation’s public space administration allow astro-science to bubble up and reach the public as it pertains to our climate.

The most prominent long-term theme on my blog over the last eight years is that we are in a cycle of volatility. And that volatility encompasses the world’s economic and social crises, our weather volatility, tectonic activity and more. In fact, I have even remarked of human and animal behavior tied to this cycle of volatility. If you think the economic and social crisis of our day are not interrelated to other natural phenomena, well, I would suggest you consider raising your conscious awareness. Human society and economics are simply human manifestations of natural ecosystems. They are absolutely no different than any other terrestrial ecosystem including, say, a forest ecosystem. In countless posts almost everything that is happening in the world today as it pertains to social and economic crises was written on here years in advance of it manifesting. It’s most certainly impossible to anticipate every exact outcome, but there have been some very specific calls on here that eventually came to pass. I could be completely wrong but the dozens of macro outcomes we have discussed on here are all still in play.

I have been rather nondescript about the sources of my volatility work but long-time readers have certainly pieced much of the sources together. I most certainly haven’t left readers completely in the dark. Five years ago I finally made a remark that I am intrigued by the possibility of extraterrestrial energy sources as the foundation for cycles of volatility. And, there most certainly have been many posts that have encouraged readers to consider a greater reality and new possibilities as it pertains to the universe around us. I have even provided a link to scientific research published by the National Academy of Sciences as to the discovery of bio-mineralized magnetically-charged iron in the human brain. It’s up to you to imagine why the human brain is created with these features and what abilities may transcend this greater reality. I’ll most certainly continue to post more of what the mainstream would consider as irrelevant or even ludicrous. Frankly, I consider what the mainstream convinces themselves to be real as irrelevant and ludicrous. Especially since long-time readers on here had some glimpse of the reality that now exists in advance of it happening and the mainstream media continues to still grope and grasp like a drunk in a dark room.

It’s less important what anyone believes any theories I or anyone else may have than it is that people raise their conscious awareness to a greater reality. You will best accomplish this without being tainted by what I may believe. Our knowledge is vastly limited and declaring an all-knowing theory with extremely limited inputs and conscious intelligence, as is the case with anthropogenic global warming fanatics, is unreasoned, without merit and degrading to the discovery process of our own divinity and to true science. But this most recent release regarding solar variability by NASA isn’t anything new. Those with the proper knowledge base have known the sun plays a primary role in the solar system’s weather for the greater part of the last century.

Al Gore’s climatology friends don’t study astrophysics or electromagnetics. And, while it doesn’t certainly grant me any great wisdom, I studied quantum physics and electromagnetics substantially in my university studies. And, what that does grant me is a knowledge base to realize Al Gore and his politicized science is nothing more than the bullshit Wall Street tried to pawn off with its anti-scientific science models that blew up in their faces. Models that I said clearly would blow up before they did. And, this is absolutely no different. Al Gore, who literally shied away from science courses because he nearly flunked the two remedial science classes he took, is a disgrace to the discovery of truth and science. But, liberal fanatics need their leader and since they too reject science in order to feed their confirmation bias, a star was born. Politicians have attempted to hijack science and turn it into a popularity contest… because that is what politics is. Science is about discovery and truth.  Even if you are the only person who experiences that truth.   The mob in the hierarchy of scientific institutions is no different than that which exists in religious or political hierarchy.    Most people really won’t allow their mind to consider just how corrupt our society has become. And, just how much politicization has destroyed science in the dumbed-down corporate state. Politicization by the Luddite Republicans and equally ignorant and deceptive Democrats. Science is now determined by social mood. By politicians, religious ideologues, who turn truth into popularity contests to manipulate their flock.

I can assure you, this cycle is far more interesting than the cyclical variability of the sun than is discussed by NASA in this post’s link. There are far more forces at work than just the sun. Not only is this going to be the greatest crisis this nation and modern society have ever experienced, as is another long-term thesis on here, but it is plausible that nature’s volatility could easily be the greatest modern society has ever experienced as well.

NASA’s announcement on solar variability and climate.

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Detaching man from Nature in the minds of the masses was the biggest and perhaps worst thing that the industrial revoloution did. Factory work over farm work? Science over spirit ? Coal better than wood? Oil better than Coal? Crop rotation better than round up ready seeds ? Getting shot with an arrow better then a slow death in a nursing home?
I would like to see you dialoigue with David Brin, the sci-fi writeer and Ph.D astrophysicist who blogs on here. Dr. Brin vehemdntly supports the mainstream climatological scientific theory of anthropogenic global warming and these theories began to be developed before the politicization and corruption of the public policy process, including Big Science. You are a New Age obscurantist in my opinion, a self-inflated cultist. I write this comment in the spirit of honest public communication, otherwise I would just have read your post and kept my mouth shut. But you have provoked my common sense and I had to respond. You are a conspiracy theorist and occultist in my opinion.
My moronic stripper daughter is in back of me making baby noises. I will have to get back to you on this one TL, you to Yagoda.
Can you at least find some level of focus? Am I a new age obscurant, a self-inflated cultist, a conspiracy theorist, an occultist, a climate denier or what? Frankly, I would be flattered to be all of the above. I would be more than happy to dialog with anyone including David Brin. Am I suppose to shudder with fear? lol. I have no idea who he is but if he has drawn histrionical conclusions based on the limited information of carbon emissions, then he would also have to argue with thousands of scientists around the world. That includes many astrophysicists in the U.S. and the entire Russian Academy of Sciences.... which hasn't been tainted by politicization.
Mr. Timing Logic: I try to eschew personal emotional attacks although I feel the pull of these primal emotions. That's our primitive reptilian brain at work. Look, this is a site to which we devote attention for reasons of personal edification. I challenge you to access David Brin's blog on here and PM him with a challenge to dialogue with you in public, and present your dialogue as a debate, in a post, so that the rest of us, as spectators, can be presented with an intelligent exchange. Could you do that as a public service to the audience here?
Okay now that that’s settled maybe I could interject something here.

Yagoda you know I love your sardonic wit but I have to ask you why would TL PM David Brin and challenge him to an open debate? I would never do anything like that. When I post something if anybody wants to debate me on it they are very welcome but I don’t issue challenges. They are even welcome to plunder my posts just like National Geographic did with part two of the Skinwalker series (that’s what they are there for, after all that’s why I posted them on the internet). The object of this game is not to create the controversy but to just set it in motion. Anything more, without a literary publicist like Mr. Brin has, is just overreaching. I know nothing of Mr. Brins scientific credentials and even less of his literary ones. I just read something he just wrote last night. He seems to believe he has written the definitive piece on the second amendment. In it he makes the statement “ Enforcement of the Brady Law has thwarted thousands of ex-cons and criminals from acquiring arms”. Do you think that is an accurate statement? And even it is, its rather misleading. We live in a country of 300 million people (not counting illegal aliens. Who can?). Thousands? Talk about obfuscating.

Now as for anthropogenic global warming. That’s a really big word to say man is causing global warming. My sister happens to be Adrienne Esposito. If you want you can check her credentials out. She's the one who asked the environmental questions in NY’s gubernatorial debates. Although I would never openly debate her myself (I hate to lose at anything). I do occasionally ask her if it is not true that one major volcanic eruption would dwarf the carbon emissions of the entire industrial age. I can tell you that I have never received a satisfactory answer.

I think what TL is trying to say here, and I couldn’t agree with him more, is that all of matter is interconnected. Imbalance in one place will show up in another. That’s what acupuncture is based on. The discovery of Schuman resonances more or less proves his point. They are the electromagnetic pulse of the earth and have been scientifically linked to both health and suicide rates. The links are on the third part of my Skinwalker post (I expect National Geographic will develop some shows off of that too).

As I have made a point of saying numerous times, and I am an occultist which makes me all of the above, the advent of quantum physics pretty much negates all Cartesian reality. Victorian science has been relegated to the trash bins of history. The Nazi’s led the way and leapt science ahead a thousand years. The only ones still championing Victorian “science” are the people who are delegated with the task of keeping you stupid, people such as the Grosvenor’s who own National Geographic, the Smithson’s (the Grosvenors cousins) who own the Smithsonian, and the Koch brothers who finance NOVA (don’t be a Koch sucker). The 'Slit Experiment' proves that what man calls matter is intimately entwined with those that are observing it. 'Bells Theorem' proves matter has no location at its source, 'Quantum Entanglement' that everything is everything else. Time and space itself are constructs of the observer. Nothing can exist if there is nothing to see it. In short my turtle friend we are our own Gods and in order to fulfill that ultimate destiny we must cleanse ourselves of the pseudo scientific and religious shackles that chain us to this world of sorrow.
You try to "eschew" personal attacks? I don't typically even bother responding to dolts. Since you obviously have a rather large reptilian brain, why don't you put it to use and tell me, without equivocation, why human-caused global warming is incontrovertibly accurate. Or even highly probable. Come on. Speak for yourself.

Btw, the answer is clearly yes that a major volcanic eruption..... which is obviously why you asked her the question. And, while we can't see it, geologists know that the volcanism on the ocean floor is highly active. This is why the ocean is at record levels of acidification. Geologists know that they earth is heating up from the inside out. Although no one can certainly say to what degree, the earth itself is creating more energy potential through this dynamic than humanity will ever create. Forever. All we can say today is that we must continue discovery. Now, that said, we should quit polluting our planet too. That's a separate issue that is often conflated by the human-caused global warming fanatics.