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October 24
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JANUARY 17, 2013 3:45PM

Who Says You Can Kill Americans, Mr. President?

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I truly do think it is highly plausible this is going to end very, very badly.   Much worse than anyone in the mainstream would dare contemplate.  As noted on here many times, before this cycle ends there could be horrific revelations about our government brought to light.   Remember, last year before the elections Obama’s team leaked these murders and tried to paint them as noble and virtuous.  Even comparing his virtues, used to determine who to kill, to Thomas Aquinas.   My jaw hit the floor when I read such blatantly deceptive propaganda.   “I knew Thomas Aquinas. Mr. President, you’re no Thomas Aquinas.”

If there is a sentient force of the universe, I seriously doubt it condones any murder as righteous or just.   Especially state-sanctioned murder on a grand scale, aka war.   You have to wonder if the state is glorifying murder through leaked propaganda, what exactly is so heinous that requires the blanket secrecy we see today?  It’s obviously far worse than murder.   

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horrific revelations are hard to imagine. americans swallowed cia rendition and outsourced torture with not a twitch, indeed, regarded such things as a new theme for mass market media.

as long as the gummint is not feeding little blond childies into a woodchipper, the american public can not be horrified.
Thus the slope having been slipped - and the list grew - and little was done to keep it from growing. The list grew and the bombs flew and like dope, they got hooked on it. The slope slipped where does it stop? Drone there, and soon enough here. Who cares? No one cares. But should one care there is always the list.
The most interesting stat I saw recently is that 72% of the soldiers killed in Afghanistan happened under this President. If you recall there was a body count tally nightly when Bush was in office. The MSM does a great job when a Republican is in office but, this administration has gotten more than a pass and it is scary that it is not challenged. We are Americans first and that seems to have disappeared. What happend to the nightly commentaries on the Patriot Acts the erosion of our civil liberties? Attack All abuses equally-this is not a sport where you can pick sides like a football team.
I bet on average they were righteous kills of people who aren't good news for anyone, and who had no intention of doing anything but taking people with them for the faith.
Take the "American" citizen who drew the most attention, Anwar al Alwaki.
First, yes he was a citizen because he was born here while his prominent Yemeni father, later a Minister of Agriculture, was earning a graduate degree here. A lot of Alwaki's life was spent in Yemen, except when he was mentoring 9/11 hijackers, three of them, lots of contact, multiple cities, before that peaceloving individual moved on to London, not long before more civilians were killed, and then he moved on to Yemen, to encourage the Underwear Bomber, sort of funny really, but more importantly Major Hassan the Ft. Hood shooter. I have not so much sympathy with that use of citizenship, to wage war against your own alleged country, even if you did think American foreign policies weren't always correct.
Obama has clearly over steped his bounds but then again so have the coporations, Wall Street, the MSM, the judicial system, the educational system , and all state and local goverments. Did I miss anybody?
You seemingly miss the point. We live under a rule of law. It's not up to you or anyone else, especially a politician aka public servant, to decide who lives or dies.

There have been upwards of one million deaths in the Middle East due to U.S. undeclared, and therefore, unconstitutional wars. All but a few thousand of those people never even considered harming anyone else. And, the countless thousands of Americans with PTSD, missing limbs, who are dead, suffering from irreparable trauma, etc, who were forced to do the will of the state..... without constitutional authority?

I have the deepest of sympathies for the living hell that has become their lives. What did they ever do to deserve their fate?

As Martin Niemoller so aptly said, "And then they came for me.".
If we can save only ONE innocent life by allowing the president to violate all the laws of civilization and murder whomever he chooses, doesn't it make it all worth it.....?
Obama gives too much lip service to the right wing. I fear that he is a closet conservative. However I feel safer with him in office, than I would a republican! If you think he's committing atrocities, just think Dubya!
Kenny, Obama has stepped up the violence and widened the wars compared to Bush. Don't let your confirmation bias delude you from reality. It's not a matter of left versus right but instead right versus wrong.