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October 24
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JANUARY 23, 2013 12:11PM

Obama Warns Britain To Stay In European Union

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It seems our king believes America does not want Britain to leave the European Union.  I don't remember any public servant asking my opinion or that of any of the sovereign people of this nation that he so humbly serves.  And, I clearly don't recall the sovereign people of Britain asking our opinion.  I do know our corporate masters wish to see the EU maintained because American private, for-profit capital can run roughshod over democracy in the predatory EU state run by unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats.  I, for one, clearly support all free people to take back their national sovereignty as protected by law.   I, for one, as a lover of freedom and democracy support the people of Britain drop-kicking the EU into history.  

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We have a right to express an opinion as to our interest, which some would see in terms of stability, per the Euro, which even if Britain didn't use, might be effected by speculation on such things.
All that was done was to express the opinion that we didn't see a benefit here from such steps, not surprising given how markets responded poorly to the Catalan issue. Of course, some don't like the EU as a project, if what's the alternative? The EU and NATO did better than WWII and I, if maybe reform of the EU would do better as to issues people have seen, from Left and Right. It wasn't a diktat, just a warning to not expect American enthusiasm, and after all, if it comes down to it, we have promised to use nuclear weapons in defense of the British should they have a Russia, and now actually China, problem, and would also more than likely back them in certain other disputes the British care about, in the Atlantic.
Corpgov - whom Obama works for - is teetering atop its post crash pro austerity high. Crapping out of the euro might make the traditional methods of ripping off working people that the war mongers and bankers easier should transparency continue to hobble profit taking and knee breaking. Making winners and losers is so much easier to do when interconnections are minimal and the lights are dimmed. Certainly any call made by Obama is beyond his pay grade, but either way it goes having him appear a team player who is actively engaged enhances the corpgov positon.
Who is "we"? You and your corporate masters? Don, I certainly hope your level of awareness as to what the Europeans are going through is higher than that incoherent remark. If not, I would suggest some education beforehand. It's called fascism, capital looting and the end of economic determinism aka democracy.

"Making winners and losers is so much easier to do when interconnections are minimal" - indeed
Mr Cameron best watch out... I hear the "drone" of more corporate O(wned)Bama rhetoric.
Gee, Don... that is a comment that is as profound as those usually made by Frank or Ben Sen. You been frequenting the same 3rd grade playground as them?
Gee, Don... that is a comment that is as profound as those usually made by Frank or Ben Sen. You been frequenting the same 3rd grade playground as them?

Here in the 3rd grade playground we would have realized that the last word of your comment should not have been "them", but "they."
You will notice that Cameron and Obama both strike similar poses, their faces upturned and resolute, their chins jutting out in unwavering resolve. Some might say it is because they are both noble men. I am of the opinion that they are both well schooled in the art of fellatio like any good whore should be.
Jack, didn't anyone ever teach you to play nice? :p You are much worse than me.
Don, I would prefer your comments be based on reason and fact in support of some position. Your original comment was utter nonsense. The EU does not create stability. It creates instability. And, an understanding of monetary economics and how fascism, deregulated capital, derivatives and the like are being used to pillage Europe is easily understood if one takes the time to educate themselves. If you don't take the time and instead your response is based on some mindless outsourcing of your thoughts to the war-mongering status quo, don't expect to be coddled on here.