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October 24
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FEBRUARY 1, 2013 11:13AM

Barack Obama The Wall Street Co-Conspirator And Other Timely Links From The Corporate State

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Needless to say the rationalizations and self-delusions still exist but there certainly is a widening mindfulness of the massive rot in Washington and its complicity in shielding Wall Street criminals. 

Cheap "Wal-mart" corporate-sold and served seafood full of pig dung, drugs and antibiotic resistance bacteria

With no threat of re-election, Obama openly embraces corporate money to push his dystopian agenda and do the bidding of his masters

The world’s looters and bankers cheer Portugal as the tyranny of the state reaches record levels.

Why your boss could EASILY be a psychopath.

Goldman Sachs – The visible hand of the fixer who combines government force and corporate profits to loot the public treasury.

Our masters want to cut the corporate tax rate.  Any surprise?  They already pay the lowest taxes since the Robber Barons.  As already reported, we already know they want us to work until we die.  Is it really any surprise that a politician is the head of the Business Roundtable?  It’s nothing more than a conduit for political bribery, er donations, and fascism.  Now get back to work!

American men going postal - the U.S. is the leader in untreated mental illness.  (I would actually flip that and state that the U.S. corporate state is the leader in creating mental illness and loading people up with corporate state drugs producing violent, suicidal side effects is not the primary answer.  That is not healing anyone.) 

While I am at it, how about this one penned by Bill Moyers and Michael Winship on the Senate’s looting of the public treasury on behalf of fascism and the corporate state. (Thanks Libby)

BPA replacement disrupts hormone activity.  In other words, the BPA replacement is just like BPA.

What is really going on in Iceland.  Not as cheerful as we may have been led to believe.  The puppetmasters haven’t been vanquished.

What have we become?  Old, female and homeless.

Has the hybridization of wheat contributed to the upswell in global obesity and gluten intolerance?

And, gluten grains linked to schizophrenia

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What!! Cut it out, your embarrassing yourself
it's a blog, free entertainment, so i seldom think of criticizing style. content, now:

i look at politicians much as i look at hyenas, useless to me and sometimes dangerous. never to be trusted with someone else's dollar or the power to direct armed men.

criticizing politicians is pointless. they do what they do from the nature of human character and the structure of the society in which they live. when you cry, "look! nasty!" i shrug my shoulders and am inclined to say "what else is new?"

i know of no profession whose members are anything but human, and many professions attract the least respectable humans. no one is surprised to learn used car salesmen are devious treaders of the borders of the law. street pimps are almost comically portrayed as evil incarnate. everyone laughs at lawyers, born bent and twisted further by law school. politicians are in this stratum, lately edging out pimps for the lowest esteem.

why then are people aghast when politicians prove to be mortal, and near the bottom of the respectability ladder?

partly it is because politicians wield power. having no formal control over politicians, society ramps up the informal means that we have developed to stabilize society: we point fingers, and shout "baaddd! baadd!"

and partly it is to escape responsibility. by implying that a politician should be a saint, and pointing out a lapse from this standard, one excuses oneself from the need for further action.

no need to ask if there is a better way to run society, if the current way would be just fine once we just get rid of endless intrusion of rotten apples. but once you grasp the reality of 'endless,' you start to understand why revolution is necessary, and getting democracy might be worth a struggle.
Criticizing politicians serves a very useful purpose. We are in this crisis because people have outsourced their power to politicians, a class of dubious people always willing to accept that outsourced power and tell others how they should lead their lives and how the world should be.

The only way you can create social change is to change the social mood. And, the only way to change the social mood is to change the individual. And, the only way to change the individual is to shatter their belief systems. And, the only way you can shatter their belief systems is to point out the ignorance of them giving up their power to politicians. And, the only way you can point out the ignorance of giving up their power to politicians is to show how completely inane, ignorant and incompetent they are.

Social change is created by social movements. Social movements are created by social mood.

Now you know why I criticize politicians and why you should too. Because it exposes their illegitimacy to rule and restores our legitimacy to be their masters and not the other way around.
For a very important clear analysis of why and how Obama is destroying the democracy of the USA and the long history of its occurrence see http://www.counterpunch.org/2013/02/01/how-to-sell-hard-choices/
Thanks Jan. Every period of history is open to interpretation. Sometimes those interpretations are rationalizations of what happened without actually appreciating the true factors of the time. I am very familiar with that period of time from the end of the Civil War to the turn of the century. It was the longest period of economic malaise in American history. Some viewed it as a nearly 40 year depression.

What really happened was driven by monetary economics. After the Civil War, where we incurred substantial war debt, austerity gained hold. Just as it has today. This austerity was meant to lock in the gains the elites and capitalism had made while looting democracy through those periods of war. The elites and corporate power didn't want to be burdened with higher taxes to pay for the Civil War. Nor did they want to be saddled with inflation that ate away at their gained wealth. So, just as today, austerity is what our fascist government at the time enslaved the American people with.

The liberalization and free abundance of money kills monopoly and concentrated power. Liberal money freely available to every citizen is democratic money. The elites obviously hate these policies for many reasons. It gives power to democracy and democratic economics rather than the elites. And because democratic money involves regulating consumption in favor of investment in democracy and our citizens. Obviously elites love consumptive policies since they can live a life of frivolity and self-indulgence. ie, We do all of the work and they lead a life of hedonistic pleasure. Remember, poor people who have access to liberalized money can use their ingenuity and hard work to create competition for the ruling class. Hard money or austerity policies keeps us boor bastards hungry for a slavery wage paid by the Robber Baron or capitalist.

The late 1800s were glorious years for capitalism, which is a greater reality than the article on Counterpunch. But, it was a glorious times for the Robber Barons of capitalism not for entrepreneurial capitalism or worker capitalism achieved by either liberalized money or collective bargaining. Austerity left the uber rich and elites uncontested monopolies, power and control of our government.

I appreciate the link but Alan is conflating historical fact or is seemingly unaware of many dynamics that occurred during that period of time.

We are experiencing the same dynamic today. Even though money has been readily available to major corporations via many dynamics including government welfare, we have essentially had a hard money policy for everyone else for the past 30 years. And now the modern day Robber Barons want to make it harder money through austerity. That is why there is plenty of money available to the 3 or 4 or 5 businesses that dominate every industry yet there is no money for startups, entrepreneurs, collective bargaining or the average individual. We will continue depression type dynamics until that is changed. But, the forty year cycle is about up. So, it's soon time for monopoly to start failing. Probably within a handful of years. This is something I have talked about many times. I expect the vast majority of major corporations to either outright collapse or shrink substantially.

This dynamic of private, profit-seeking capital leads to power controlling our nation. And, it concentrated the wealth into those who control private, profit-seeking capital. That is thee capitalist class is killing competition for economic and political ideas. There is no democracy or excellence in ideas created through political discourse of a free people. And it is capitalism that has created this dynamic.

Contrarily, the merchant class has plenty of money to open restaurants or consumer-type businesses because these businesses serve the capitalist class. ie, They benefit from the creation of hyper-consumerism with their endless greed.

This is the greater truth of the post Civil War period of malaise. There was no shortage of money or bankruptcies for the Robber Barons. Just for those who tried to compete against them. In that regard Alan is indeed accurate. It was the rest of society that experienced massive bankruptcies. Just like today.

We must have public banking and democratic money to subvert these dynamics forever. Hopefully you can see how these dynamics would change drastically if the monetization of our citizen's ideas and the development of our citizens were always a primary intent. This can only happen with public capital owned by democracy rather than private, profit-seeking capital that owns democracy.
I should probably include one final comment that I find to be intuitively obvious but isn't always so to money lay people. It is through the control of money that Robber Barons kept their control over our economy. Controlling and ultimately limiting money, austerity, is how you limit competition, destroy democracy and are able to force slave wages onto people who have no alternatives due to a lack of funding for new businesses and competition for labor.
There is something of a puzzle to me as to the amount of money circulating. More money in the system should mean more investment in producing goods and services. Money in itself has no inherent value. But as a control of production it is valuable. So how much money does the elite need? How much caviar can they eat? What good does it do to see to it the rich get everything and the poor struggle and starve if the money can be conjured out of thin air to give both a good life? Somehow the system makes no sense.
There certainly is unprecedented money in the system. But, it flows where the system is rigged for it to flow. The capitalist class controls where it flows because we have privately created money and private banking that denies competition and democracy.

The measured outcomes of that are 50 million people on food stamps. Up 15 million under Obama. 25% unemployment as calculated properly. Somewhere about 50-60% of the population underemployed. 40 million people without healthcare and anotheer 40-60 million with catastrophic insurance coverage that really is sickcare. 50% unemployment in Detroit and other de-industrialized cities. Systemic poverty and horrible educational conditions for countless poor communities.

How many of these people have that massive swell of money that the Fed has created? None of them. They are under austerity. And, the elites are on a path to widen and deepen that austerity. It all went where the system is rigged to send it. To monopoly and power.
You can only kick an entire nation around so long as they are willing to be kicked. It seems to me that there is a huge explosion building up.
Indeed. For every reaction, there is an equal but opposite.......

“You only have power over people so long as you don't take everything away from them. But when you've robbed a man of everything he's no longer in your power, he's free again.” -- Alexandr Solzhenitsyn
[r] TL, what a great round-up. The more I read the more excited I become to share it. Can people begin to heed what is going on. I pray they can.

And the Fed keeps on shelling out secret money to the rat bastards buying up the crap assets they fraudulently created because it is all about crony disaster capitalism.

As the PTB shove the poor and the blacks and the whistleblowers in American prisons and let the robber class go on robbing and setting up the next financial collapse and the PTB garrison the world to get every last drop of profit the earth and mankind has. Greed and war addiction are boundless. Addictions if not stopped only escalate. No boundaries.

best, libby