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October 24
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FEBRUARY 3, 2013 11:12AM

Cycle Of Volatility Update: Institutionalized Ignorance Teeters On The Precipice As New Thinking Tests Underground Lightning To Predict Earthquakes

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It's clear that current methods of anticipating earthquakes are a complete failure.  It's also clear science is discovering new data and knowledge that may prove to be useful as a forecasting mechanism in the future.  I am dubious that this current effort will be the end-all as a new method of forecasting but new thinking to establishment dogma - institutionalized ignorance pawned off as knowledge - is a move in the right direction.   I am surely not a fan of the prevailing theory that earthquakes are random tectonic shifts any more than I am a fan of humans being the dominant driver in global warming.  

For the last eight years I have been writing that we are in a cycle of volatility.  It’s certainly no coincidence that major earthquake occurrences for five of the last six years have been above trend, a very large number of  dormant volcanoes around he world have become active again, our planet’s weather has become wildly volatile and completely unpredictable, economic systems around the globe are collapsing, many natural ecosystems are under pressure or are even on the verge of collapsing, much of prevailing perceptions of science are collapsing and political systems everywhere are teetering on the precipice. 

There are forces involved in earthquake activity well beyond randomness of tectonic interactions.  We simply don’t understand so we chalk it up to theories generally perpetuating some high degree of randomness.  In other words, we perpetuate theories of ignorance.  But science is widening its aperture in many areas of institutionalized dogma.  And, maybe someday too the mainstream scientific establishment will start to view the universe in that same light.   That is, electrical energy and resultant magnetism, including with earthquakes, plays a very substantial, and plausibly (I suspect probably) dominant role, in the world around and inside of us.   This greater truth has been almost completely rejected or dismissed or overlooked by mainstream science across every discipline.  

“Men are born ignorant, not stupid. They are made stupid by education.” – Bertrand Russell

There certainly are very lucid and cogent theories that dissent from many widely-accepted and institutionalized “establishment” scientific, economic,  social, medicine and political theories, to name a few. Yet, the established institutionalized bureaucracy marginalizes dissent regardless of whether it's politics or politics within any established bureaucracy.  That includes science.  And, that marginalization has one objective; control, power, benefit of the self and benefit of the status quo, be they right or wrong.  This dynamic is behind the massive swell in junk science and institutionalized ignorance that has rampantly become the norm in much of modern capitalist society.  

What all of this does mean is that much of the existing institutions and ideology within the scientific and educational establishments, often pawned off as sources of truth, are being challenged and will eventually fail or even collapse across a wide array of “scientific” beliefs.   In other words, the roteness and conformity of institutionalized thinking and its subsequent adherence often leads to institutionalized ignorance pawned off as truth and knowledge.  Additionally, the siloeing of institutionalized thinking also perpetuates ignorance for the same reasons.   These dynamics have been discussed on here quite a few times over the years.   It is this institutionalization that leads to an eventual dumbing-down of society and science by status quo-adherents who conform out of their faith in self-appointed bureaucratic hierarchy.   Those who conform to self-appointed bureaucrats and hierarchy (power and control) that determine what we should be taught or what we should think.  As Russell notes above, “they are made stupid by education.” .

Mark Twain, Albert Einstein, Bertrand Russell and countless others understood these dynamics and shared their quips about school interfering with their education.   Institutionalized schooling, controlled by bureaucrats, is often an intellectual beat down that kills the human spirit, creativity and free thought while enforcing social and intellectual conformity from an early age. 

Incontrovertible truth is seldom achieved and instead knowledge is comparatively a continual process of discovery, greater truth and with it the failure or even collapse of existing perceptions of knowledge and beliefs.  Institutionalizing knowledge or beliefs, be they believed to be based on science or timeless truths, certainly is an exercise primarily founded in the manifested self’s need for control rather than discovery, knowledge and greater truth.  

A process of discovery, greater truth and associated failure or even collapse appears to be happening at a blistering pace everywhere in the natural and manmade world around us.  This is most certainly being impacted, if not driven, by forces we clearly do not understand.   If the status quo cannot understand these forces, how can they stop them?  They cannot and will not.  

Obviously there is some level of understanding outside of the mainstream institutionalized bureaucracy or I would not have written of this coming volatility before it developed.  And, countless others wouldn’t be exposing what is often the institutionalization of illegitimacy and oftentimes even ignorance across science, food production, capitalism, money, economics, the environment and on and on.  

The challenge of scientific and educational bureaucracy as it pertains to earthquake prediction is no different than the challenge that is taking place today as it pertains to existing institutionalized ignorance within society, corporate capitalism, money and economics.  They too are being challenged.  They too will eventually fail or even collapse as greater truths are revealed.  All driven by the same energy creating volatility in our world today.   

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[r] "We perpetuate theories of ignorance." Well said. This applies to so many dimensions of our governance. God. Thanks for this TL. Standing up applauding once again.

I like the assertion, "If you can't help us, get out of the way" but ego and cronyism in science like every where else has no capacity for altruism and real progress. Progress too often the enemy of opportunism and greed and, again, ego.

best, libby
We are still fighting the battle between the Newton Particle scientists of absolute Causality and the wave mechanics probability worlds of quantum mechanics.

With the dawning of the Age of Aquarius ( The bearer of the Water of Life) "the twilight of dawn appeared in the east, and now the "end of the cycle" ( Mayan? galactic?) marks sunrise. Give us time
We can only comprehend so many impossible things before breakfast.

(( Think how the poor Create Tures in "Team Fortress 2" must feel))



I also recomend "I am a Strange Loop" by Hofstadter
"It's clear that current methods of anticipating earthquakes are a complete failure."

As was clear on Election Night.

Bullshit Mountain shook, while the rest of America stood in line.

It was seismographic.