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October 24
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FEBRUARY 11, 2013 1:10PM

A Reminder Of The Pope’s Remarks Of A Godless World As He Resigns

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This is a stretch for me. I am posting this for what the Pope is quoted as saying in the article link below citing his resignation.  This is a very, very important issue and is consistent with what has been said countless times on here;  modern corporate capitalist society is Godless.   In the world of unstoppable forces meeting immovable objects, this creates quite a source of almost unimaginable potential energy for those connected to their humanity.  I mean potential as in available, stored-up or yet unrealized kinetic energy. 

Now mind you, economics is not about numbers and statistics as  institutionalized ignorance taught as economics curriculum would have us believe.  It is a social phenomena.  When one realizes this, one also realizes the Godless corporate state is the immovable object and our humanity is the unstoppable force.   The Godless corporate state is at odds with our humanity.  And that will likely be its demise as more and more belief systems supporting this Godlessness collapse and are replaced by a greater truth. 

"In vast areas of the world today, there is a strange forgetfulness of God," he told 1 million young people gathered on a vast field for his first foreign trip as pope, World Youth Day in Cologne, Germany in 2005. "It seems as if everything would be just the same even without Him."

Now you can define God as your spiritualty, your religion, an intelligent creator, your inner divinity, your mind’s higher power from which timeless and boundary-less human values are derived, your conscious mind and its expanding awareness and mindfulness or however else you want to define it.   It doesn’t matter if you are religious, spiritual, agnostic or atheist.  It doesn’t matter if you are Buddhist, Muslim, Shintoist, Hindu, Jewish or Christian.  It doesn’t matter if you are black, white, red, yellow, brown or purple.   Those are all simply meaningless class-based words used by a class-based system to disconnect people from their humanity and to separate us from the cycle of life.   The intent is to create separateness that results in endless violence, bigotry, small-mindedness and control.  Or, as George Carlin would likely say, “These are symbols for the symbol-minded.”. 

What Godlessness means is there is no greater meaning or human meaning or greater purpose to existence as defined by the corporate state beyond its glorification of work and exaltation of the self.   The corporate state derives its obedience and power through the conformity of the religion of work and the associated culture of selfishness.  This is a completely ignorant, dumbed-down, proletariat mindset.   Which, quite frankly, is why we have become a nation run by idiots.   Modern corporate capitalist society’s values encourage and even reward stupidity, conformity and ignorance.  And, this intellectual beat down is accomplished through the institutionalization of corporate state values.  They teach us what to think rather than how to think.

This ignorant, institutionalized belief system is inconsistent with the our humanity and its innate inquisitiveness, truthiness, kindness, altruism, vulnerability, compassion, dignity and other timeless human virtues.   It destroys our humanity through force and violence.  That is the issue of our time.  That is what is creating social and political clashes all around the world.

A Godless world is an ignorant and inhumane world. 

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Culture, ( modern capitalist society) is delusional - with or with out the pope, or even the Tibetian monks who I enjoy so much.

Lessons they provide at very best link to the gate where no moment is wasted: Nature. Nature who instructs, then our minds process, and if we can keep our egos in check, we grow, effortlessly , into the place and moment joined by and in the whole.
Culture creates the noise that we have to transcend, and it takes practice to get free of ones culturally created self image.
I do not see this as spiritual, just truth. The spirit is fueled when we bypass culture, and use our senses to collect the information the brain needs to center itself.
All creatures do this, it is not supernatural, it is what makes us natural. We are born experts, and trained not to feel, so we can fit into an unnatural perversion of life, created by and for the delusional.
God isn't necessary to keep one from being ignorant or inhumane, nor to keep the world from being the same. More harm has been done on the face of the earth in God's name than for any other reason. Most christians today do not have an understanding of that particular fact.

Modern corporate capitalist society does not need god, it needs morals and values. Your god certainly does not have a monopoly on those concepts.
More harm has been done by hierarchical class-based authority in the name of God. That is, the institutionalization of God. That institutionalization is no different than the institutionalization of the Godless values of the corporate state. Or your self-indulgent characterizations of your God or my God. You have to separate mindless characterizations from truth.

By the way, I didn't say anything about my God or your God or even God as an intelligent being or creator. Did you actually read what I wrote or did you just want to project your ignorance? I said your God could be an atheist mind's higher powers or ever-expanding conscious awareness.

Can you actually read and then assimilate what you just read?

By the way, Snowden, your spiritual beliefs are your own. They are meant for you. Not for anyone else. What you recognize as natural or supernatural or whatnot is not any form of incontrovertible truth. I expected everyone would try to personalize this post. Which is why I tried to depersonalize it.
[r] TL, well done once again!!!

"They teach us what to think rather than how to think."

They replace our "citizen" identity as someone once wrote with "consumer" identity!!!!

The capacity to think and doing so will make us as individuals more and more the enemy of the state. The book and movie Fahrenheit 451 with the wall screens and the book people finding safe haven OUTSIDE society to create their own shows this path.

"a strange forgetfulness of God"

Participating in 12 step groups made me "remember" God or a Higher Power. perhaps desperation and unmanageability in one's life leads one to the spiritual, essential to a full consciousness. maybe not an easy life, but an awake one.

The state and its fear mongering. Keep your head down and your nose clean, unless the state asks you to commit evil. Then follow orders!

That Obama becoming "dictator" with so little notice is very telling to the lack of conscience or consciousness in America right now!

best, libby
Most people forget what the world would be if we were to let God in. Of course, we can only hold that dam for so long before we get so fed up we explode.

Also, I've never understood how my shooting someone in the name of God makes God the asshole.
Why doesn't this God communicate and inform us of what it is he's trying to do or what he wants from us?

What we do or do not remember of God doesn't seem to ahve come directly from him at all; if it comes indirectly from him why does he allow those who deliver the message to distort it in multiple different ways? Why remain silent while at least one of the leaders of his church, or one of his one and only true churches, is involved in the cover up for the sex scandals?

Just the usual questions that are routinly ignore by many.

Whether you call it Godless capitalism or not it isn't ackowledging inconvenient facts.

If the replacement ackowledges those facts it might move in the right direction Godless or not.
How do you know that which is good that comes from inside of you, from that which makes you human, is not the result of some intelligence beyond your knowledge? Darwin's model of utility and rationalism rejects the irrationality of love and altruism. And, that is why, although suppressed, the co-founder of the theory of natural selection, Alfred Wallace, rejected Darwin's utility and rationalism. He rejected it completely. But, they didn't tell you that Alfred Wallace was a much more prolific scientist than Darwin and his theories of natural selection included utility but also so much more. That is, including some greater intelligence that explains why you are human. Not because he was religious, but because Darwin's theory had massive holes in it.

To be bluntly frank, I suspect you might consider reigning in your ego because you clearly are making comments not founded in scientific realism but on beliefs stuck inside of your head by ego and institutionalized ignorance. Scientific rationalism, which is the foundation for much of the junk you probably believe, including Darwin's nonsensical notions applied to natural selection, is literally collapsing.