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October 24
I'm an electrical engineer and mathematician by training. My career has spanned diverse areas of expertise from being part of a team which designed the world's most powerful computers to corporate consulting around business transformation and information-based solutions to being a corporate sales and marketing executive in the information technology and business consulting space. I’ve led teams responsible for innovative and transformative solutions and been part of teams that helped set strategy for many of America's greatest companies. Two of my interests are econometrics, democratic finance and quantitative - qualitative analysis. Over the years I have developed risk-based models and trading systems meant to identify significant investment opportunities and periods of extreme risk. My blog is an outlet for another of my passions, writing. I generally consider myself a contrarian. Therefore, many of my rantings are meant to encourage people to question what they believe to be true. Terms of Use & Disclaimer: First off, I don't take anything on here too seriously and you shouldn't either. These are simply sardonic rantings of Bill, my alter ego, often meant to agitate for peaceful & nonviolent reform. This web site reflects the views of its authors. It is unaffiliated with any NASD broker/dealer. Statements on this site do not represent the views or policies of anyone other than its authors. The information on this site is provided for discussion purposes, comedic relief and entertainment only and are not investing recommendations. The authors may have positions in securities mentioned herein. Under no circumstances does this information represent a recommendation to buy or sell securities. While information discussed on this site was gathered from what are believed to be reliable sources, in no way is informational accuracy guaranteed. All information on this site may contain errors and omissions. Trading and investing involves high levels of risk. Always consult a licensed financial advisor or broker before making any and all investment decisions. Authors of this site and any sites which are fed by said site, including Open Salon and others, will assume no responsibility for the actions of the reader and user. Readers and users agree, as condition to accessing this site, to release and hold harmless this site's authors from all liability in connection with this site or any views posted on this site. All readers and users of this site agree that use of this site requires acceptance to the current Terms Of Use & Disclaimer and that current terms include any and all use and material from site inception. If you do not understand these statements in their entirety or do not agree to be bound by this current agreement, you must immediately discontinue use of this site. This Terms Of Use & Disclaimer may change at any time and it is the reader's and user's responsibility to review, understand and abide by any updates.

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OCTOBER 15, 2014 5:09PM

Netflix Falls $120 After Hours

Ignorance drives all of our mainstream reality anymore.  Truly.  (If you think the world is going to claw its way out of this without suffering the  consequences, you are smoking something stronger than crack because the entire world is run by credentialed, yet incompetent  idiotsRead full post »

Work week, prices paid and new order components imploded as well, thus possibly exposing new crises in the global capitalist production system’s massive slack. 

On that note, front month futures contracts for copper are down big today.  And, the longer term chart of copper shows it may… Read full post »

European stock markets are bleeding red today.  Italy and Greece are leading the way to the downside with large declines that could be characterized as mini crashes.  Europe as it has been architected by state predators and corporate capitalists is finished as noted on here many times since… Read full post »

Middle East stock markets experience mini crash.  Much more downside, a complete implosion, to likely come in coming months and years.  The Middle East is a shithole of corruption, economic tyranny and feudalism that subjugates mass populations to titled predators.  I wrote these bubbl… Read full post »

OCTOBER 13, 2014 1:08PM

Friday’s Crash In Semiconductors

Let me add an addendum to the last post with the chart of the Philadelphia Semiconductor Index below.  This index was routed on Friday and has now experienced a mini crash.   We have also seen this dynamic repeatedly in individual stocks over the last four years.  Stocks crash and… Read full post »

OCTOBER 8, 2014 2:27PM

Financial Market Update

I have really gotten away from a lot of financial market analysis this year.   I have written so many financial posts, where we are in the financial cycle and anticipated outcomes that I have decided to focus on more core drivers that are fundamental to this socioeconomic system of corporat… Read full post »

Now that Ebola is in the U.S., I just wanted to make a few comments tying together some prior posts.   For newer readers, the overarching theme on this blog over the last nine years is that we are in the midst of a cycle of volatility.   As part of that I… Read full post »

This isn’t the title of the article but Camille makes this very statement in the article.  And I think this statement is much more profoundly accurate than the watering down necessary for public consumption.   Her article is very similar in spirit to a post I put up some time ago on… Read full post »

The shithole that is the ECB, the EU and all of the unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats who have literally stolen any semblance of democracy from Europeans is simply not sustainable.

Title link here.

A long-time thesis on here is the U.S. dollar is putting in a major bottom.  I have written time and again that people who kept screaming the dollar was going to collapse had no idea what they were talking about.   Just another outcome of a propagandized world that rejects science and… Read full post »

There are many people in this world who are busy defending their current or next oppressor.   Whether that is conservatives defending corporate power over democracy or liberals defending China and Russia as poor, exploited victims of American empire.  The acceptance of false prophets a… Read full post »

This exposé by ProPublica is right on time.  By coincidence, the day after I penned the last article on Omerta culture, this exposé shows up.   You really have to appreciate an ability to read between the lines and understand how bureaucracy works when reading this to app… Read full post »

Maybe the most prescient quote ever uttered captures the effects of the disconnected ego, it’s wild arrogance and the endless suffering it creates for all life.  And then allowing it to ameliorate its own Godless condition by granting it hierarchy, control and power over humanity through state… Read full post »

As I have noted ad nauseam on here, there are a lot of apologists for the violence of Arab Islamic states in the Middle East.  They blame the U.S. for all of the chaos in the world.  So, in the process they are busy defending the oppressors of hundreds of… Read full post »

I have written ad nauseam on here over the years about the state, class, hierarchy and the elements of discord and outright violence, predation and exploitation that states create.  Nine, six even three years ago, most people may have labeled my writings as extreme or out of the mainstream. … Read full post »

Title link here.  States around the world are trying to print useless money at any cost to save themselves from a fundamental issue of too much useless money printing.  If it sounds paradoxical, that’s because it is.   Who ever said the state was brilliant?  The US has seen… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 16, 2014 11:21AM

Germany’s Grass Roots Energy Revolution

SEPTEMBER 15, 2014 11:40PM

China’s Gold Demand Implodes

It has been quite a while since I have posted anything about gold.  But, I have written extensively about the shiny metal over the years.   I have accurately called major moves in gold through the use of my trading system, including nailing close to the absolute top in gold.  I ha… Read full post »

The diametrically-opposed statements of the Pope and Obama highlight a major dynamic in the world today.  That is, the tyranny of belief systems.  The only way Obama can make a ludicrous statement that the world is less violent than it has ever been is that his ego has created a belief… Read full post »

I’m not sure what is so special to be ruled by landed gentry who steal everything from society and give nothing in return.   Or to watch lords, queens, viceroys, princes, earls, dukes, barons and other useless, self-appointed assholes extract their lifestyle through renter economics while… Read full post »

A discussion point talked about on here ad nauseam is how brutal and corrupt Britain is and always has been as a hierarchical, class-based state.   Britain as a nation has outright murdered tens of millions of people in its own holocausts going back centuries.   In modern times thRead full post »

The U.S. is a corporate empire.  The outsized military we have is not to spread democracy but to ensure corporate control and the expansion of U.S. corporate exploitation, victimization and predation around the world.  This has been talked on here time and time and time again.  Does an… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 6, 2014 11:57AM

The Life Of Joan Rivers

Comedy is such an instrumental part of our existence.  Laughter truly is the best medicine.   If Hamas, Hitler, Mao and Stalin would have laughed more, they would have hated less.  Joan Rivers was far and away one of my favorite comedians.  For me, the only other comedians th… Read full post »

One of the long-time themes on here is that both political parties in this nation will collapse.  There is no way they will morph into something different like the Tea Party or the Occupy Movement.  To believe that is to not understand how that is impossible.  Political parties are reg… Read full post »