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October 24
I'm an electrical engineer and mathematician by training. My career has spanned diverse areas of expertise from being part of a team which designed the world's most powerful computers to corporate consulting around business transformation and information-based solutions to being a corporate sales and marketing executive in the information technology and business consulting space. I’ve led teams responsible for innovative and transformative solutions and been part of teams that helped set strategy for many of America's greatest companies. Two of my interests are econometrics, democratic finance and quantitative - qualitative analysis. Over the years I have developed risk-based models and trading systems meant to identify significant investment opportunities and periods of extreme risk. My blog is an outlet for another of my passions, writing. I generally consider myself a contrarian. Therefore, many of my rantings are meant to encourage people to question what they believe to be true. Terms of Use & Disclaimer: First off, I don't take anything on here too seriously and you shouldn't either. These are simply sardonic rantings of Bill, my alter ego, often meant to agitate for peaceful & nonviolent reform. This web site reflects the views of its authors. It is unaffiliated with any NASD broker/dealer. Statements on this site do not represent the views or policies of anyone other than its authors. The information on this site is provided for discussion purposes, comedic relief and entertainment only and are not investing recommendations. The authors may have positions in securities mentioned herein. Under no circumstances does this information represent a recommendation to buy or sell securities. While information discussed on this site was gathered from what are believed to be reliable sources, in no way is informational accuracy guaranteed. All information on this site may contain errors and omissions. Trading and investing involves high levels of risk. Always consult a licensed financial advisor or broker before making any and all investment decisions. Authors of this site and any sites which are fed by said site, including Open Salon and others, will assume no responsibility for the actions of the reader and user. Readers and users agree, as condition to accessing this site, to release and hold harmless this site's authors from all liability in connection with this site or any views posted on this site. All readers and users of this site agree that use of this site requires acceptance to the current Terms Of Use & Disclaimer and that current terms include any and all use and material from site inception. If you do not understand these statements in their entirety or do not agree to be bound by this current agreement, you must immediately discontinue use of this site. This Terms Of Use & Disclaimer may change at any time and it is the reader's and user's responsibility to review, understand and abide by any updates.

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Jeff Bennett at the Wall Street Journal has done an excellent job covering the recent GM fiasco.  There are three articles he has penned that are a worthy read.   The titles are shown below.  Unfortunately, they are pay articles unless you find them through Google.  So, if yo… Read full post »

Well, the final numbers are in and it’s much uglier than anyone could have imagined.  -2.9% is a collapse-type number.  What if assets had not been artificially reflated by the actions of the Federal Reserve to bail out the criminal class that has stolen all of said assets?  It’s s… Read full post »

I wanted to put up this chart for people to think about given the hysteria we are now witnessing over stock prices.   As noted on here ad nauseam over the last nine years, the stock market has no reflection of reality and we are in the biggest financial bubble the world… Read full post »

Give any bureaucracy a mechanism of control and they will institutionalize that control and exploit it with impunity well beyond the original intent.  Turn your back on that bureaucracy and they will grant themselves those same mechanisms of control and will turn public service into public contr… Read full post »

How’s that Asian century working out for you?  Any chance the status quo is going to be wrong.  Just a thought based on this wild idea.  You may have heard of it.  It’s called reality. 

Caterpillar shares are up 24% year-to-date.  But their sales drop continues to… Read full post »

Soon after Obama’s first election I wrote that his appeasement to political corruption, Wall Street corruption and the like would sink this presidency.   Obama didn’t create this mess in our nation but he has done nothing to fix it either.  He’s a toadie for corporate power and p… Read full post »

Central banks involved in buying equities and speculative assets is nothing new on here.  We know from public disclosure this has been going on for some time.  This caps a period of time that goes back a little less than two decades that central banks have become larger and larger speculatoRead full post »

"The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks."  -- Lord Acton, 1875

The war between the bankers and humanity.  How prescient was Lord Acton on so many accounts?  Including that most great men are… Read full post »

“This is a victory to the people of his district, this is a repudiation of amnesty,†said Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder of the Georgia-based Tea Party Patriots, a group that opposed changes to the nation’s immigration laws to deal with millions of undocumented residents living here. “The peopRead full post »

Every American owns a slave or ten.   Even those on welfare.  They produce our food and make the mounds of f$cking junk that we endlessly consume to keep this Ponzi Scheme going.  For the people in this nation who have three houses or ten and consume magnitudes more than they coul… Read full post »


For anyone with any kind of memory beyond the last handful of years, the airline industry is the going out of business industry sans Southwest and a few regional discount carriers.  This industry has never consistently made any money. 

At one time sanity prevailed and the governm… Read full post »

Breitbart has three interesting stories over the past few weeks on STEM workers. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) 

This nation is suffering under a level of ignorance that is wildly oppressive and very representative of class-based societies.   Any time there is hierarchy,… Read full post »

It’s really no surprise the ECB has actually trashed cash with this week’s announcement.  And, in the process, provided another bailout to the aristocracy on the backs of the poor and working class who will pay for the ECB’s criminal, non-democratic arrogance.  

There are two f… Read full post »

As I have noted on here before, I actually like David Stockman.  Mostly because he told Ronald Reagan his economic policy was bullshit.  About the only thing I can say that I disagree with in his economic analysis is the mythical characterization of the good ole days… Read full post »


Let’s take a look in greater detail at the chart shown in the post last week.  Above is the ten year Treasury, the Russell 2000 and the Nasdaq banking index. 

Every single move between the three indices is completely in sync and correlated sans a handful of… Read full post »

Let’s be honest with ourselves.  Predators certainly have always controlled hierarchy and class.   And that certainly involves the political class and standing armies.  It is one who has no empathy or compunctions about harming others that almost always rises to the top of any h… Read full post »

The recently cited survey of nary a single economist expecting GDP to contract any time in 2014 was released right on time.  Revised GDP didn’t disappoint.  It was negative as everyone has likely seen by now.  Thus, once again proving that economics as taught in universities is o… Read full post »

The title of this post is the title of a Bloomberg article linked to below.  I have written extensively about IBM since Buffett made an investment in the firm.   As I have noted on here before, technology is generally a horrible investment.  That’s why one of Buffett’s… Read full post »

The Financial Times article is titled populism but it is really nationalism.   Because of how the world is divided today, populism is nationalism.   People are seeking to reassert their own cultural identity, cultural values, traditions and individualism in a system of repressive… Read full post »

This is a powerful act of humanity against the money changers.  Before this cycle is finished, we could easily see a global repudiation of debt when people realize money is nothing more than an illusion of control used by the state to beat people into conformity and  state  submission.… Read full post »