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SEPTEMBER 26, 2010 12:38PM

Green Velvet

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Chapter three of Princess and the Homecoming


Looking around the deserted streets my mind wasn't catching up with my body but I wasn't waiting for it to. Up ahead I could see the glowing neon bus as it slowed towards my doom. On my right was the Gulf course, cool, dark, and deserted. On my left, a string of empty Garage door-front businesses, closed for the weekend.

The lumbering beast hissed to a halt and the hungry doors swooshed open. He took a slow step off the bus and turned to face me. Then those teeth... A low insidious laugh rose up out of him and my heart took off racing to leave my chest. Holy crap this isn't happening to me.

Climb the fuckin' fence!


Again the growling laughter, terrifying, propelling me over my options. There is NO OTHER OPTION! Climb or be climbed on. NOW!

When I stopped running it was dead silent. There in the middle of green velvet I collapsed. It seemed like hours but I was alone, safe, still, staring up at a gibbous moon. My back soaked. My legs ached, I could still hear the scream ringing in my ears. My mind beginning to clear now as I sat up. Breathing normally I let the soft wet grass heal my fingers, cleanse my hands. It was the most amazing feeling. I am alive and dead tired all at once. No longer did I need to tell myself to breathe. I was safe.

Right in the middle of sleepy Palmer Park. Smack in the middle of that old man golf course on the 5th green, I sobbed my eyes out. I don't know how long I sat there crying when suddenly the urge to urinate overcame me. I needed to pee. And with that I stood up and walked over to the 5th hole, pulled out the flag and dropped my drawers. Release.

“Always wanted to do that...” a soft chuckle whispered forth.

Darkness. Scared, hot, angry, fear rose up out of me! “You what...?” I shouted. “Want what... this?” Exposed, I turned to face my fate.

“Whoa there filly. Sshhhh, keep it down. I ain't goin' to hurt ya I just want a...” He stroked his chest and tipped back the brim, of all things, his cowboy hat. “You know, get to know ya.” His green eyes big as the moon and soft as the grass winked back.



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