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SEPTEMBER 26, 2010 9:13PM

G spot

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Chapter Five of Princess and the Homecoming


The minute I walked in, G's people were all over me.


What can we get you? “Hi Terry.” G's out back wants to see you. “OK Jerry.  Thanks.”  Give G a kissy for me lover.

I hate, hate, absolutely hate Lance. His insistence to embarrass me was getting old, fast! Besides being a bu gar and a la zy ass employee. If I was making the kind of money he did bartending, brother who needs these thimble thumbs.

Absolutely Lancie.” Licking my middle fingers, I headed towards the back  of  Rearends.

Jimmy was finishing his set up with More More More (Andrea True Connection). I waited. “Hi Jimmy Who's the new guy on the pole?”I just loved Jimmys  dancing. Such an artist . " Hey caught your ABBA number, its magic.”

Take a chance on me?” He laughed hard. “Thanks.” He giggled.” Oh, his name is Durham. I thought he'd catch those green eyes of yours.” Laughing louder followed by a raspy giggle.

I wish he would stop smoking I thought.

Can you blame a girl,” I joked in my best Janet.

The way back was a maze of nooks and doors and steps and hall ways, all way to dark for me. It was certain you would run in to someone from campus but I didn't expect what was to be a decisive stumble.

Tap Tap Tap-pity Tap Tap I let my nails announce myself on the nondescript door.

Be right there.”

I  scene.

Slowly the door opened.”Hi Princess!” Whispered Mr. G hrough the crack...the door flew wide open when Mr. G saw that it was me.  Followed by a french kiss that could engorge the dead.

You're right on schedule. Gee you look fab.” Poppers shoved up my nose.“Little snort for daddy, honey?” What did I know.

G... stop wait.... hi...How are... Who's the new...Stop waaait... Oh um....”

Man could he kiss. All hands Mr. G.

Knock knock knock- nity knock knock.

Was that our knock? I thought. Slowly the door opened.

Did you want to see me boss?” came the  wiskey smooth southern accent.

Who's voice was that? What was that accent? Where have I heard  that voice before?

Oh yea, come on in Tex. I want to introduce you to someone special.”

Oh yea, special he did say?

Special I thought, as in walked Mr. Newpole Guy. What was his name, Durham?

G totally knew what he was doing.

G was all about his world.

G shoved the mega bottle of Lightning under Mr.Newpole's nose.

G pulled both of us, tongue down my throat, Hand down the front of his pants, towards the pull-out sofa.

 G was all about his orgasm. You gotta keep on maken' me high you gotta keep on.

 Later I found myself in the bathroom with Jerry. “Has it always been like this?” I asked, “You know, new semester, new fiesta. Right Jerry?” I sobbed. “ What a bastard!”

“How do you think I got my job Princess?” He hugged me tighter than anyone ever had.






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