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SEPTEMBER 29, 2010 3:27PM

What's up with all the kitty liter around here...

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No one in my life has died lately. At least the last time I checked. Except maybe that  Hot Bean Dip recipe. Oh, OK I'm not afraid to admit it.

Hot bean" It does not look like something the cat threw up" I protested.

"Just kidding. I love  kitchen recipe night. It's like our own little cocktail party."As he poured a glass of red.

I don't have time for STORIES, reading or writing, when I'm cooking. There's the dog to take care of. There's the cleaning and the laundry. Chopping, Baking... "Oh throw those loafs of bread in the oven for me, please. I'm stuck here at the computer." There's this, there's that, waa waa waa. Like I was saying.

Long ago I learned to put the kitchen millers to work . An old friend used to invite us to dinner an hour earlier than everyone else so he could use my knife skills. If they hung around the kitchen...stick a drink in one hand and a peeler in the other. Chop chop.

hb2 Well I'm not apposed to cats it's just that we're both allergic to them. I had a great hairy cat a while back that use to walk circles around the bath tub while I bathed. He also could play the piano (at midnight) and almost took out the garbage ( if tipping over the trash bin and dragging the contents over to the door counts.)I tried to get over the hair ball thing,sleeping on my head was sort of OK (kept my balding head warm) except I couldn't open my eyes every morning. But  I draw the line at swatting my head every time I walked by the fridge, that was the straw. That and litter everywhere (no matter where the box was kept) I stepped.
Cats beans death. Where was I with regarding the facts pertinent. Oh well I might have made my first Bean mistake today. Horror. Here is the recipe with mistakes :

Hot Bean with Sun dried Tomatoes, Pine Nuts and Goat Cheese Dip 
1 can strained White Beans
2 Tblsp Sun dried tomatoes with Pine nuts
1/2 leek chopped (1/2 small yellow onion chopped would be better)
16 oz Prosciutto diced ( I put in the whole package).  8 oz would be better
6 oz herbed Goat cheese crumbled 1 package
Bake at 375 degrees for 30 minutes
Combine all ingredients into baking dish
Spoon on French baguettes to serve.

Hum... after tasting my Hot Prosciutto Bean Dip. I needed to  sleep on it. The flavors needed... well...Ah I've got it.
  So I just pretended that it was a 2 part recipe. The beans I used were all wrong, grabbed the wrong can (white), used the wrong onion (Leek),  too salty (to much prosciutto),  OK  OK  OK  Shoulda  coulda...guess what’s in the crock pot this morning! I may BE AN  to something here.  This bright morning produced, none other than...

Pork Loin with Prosciutto and BEANS. Nice, notice the NEW title. Add a little wine  1 cup, add the rest of the lime 1/2, a handful of tomatoes from the garden, simmer on low all day.


 Et Voila. Din Din.

Now I'm not getting a divorce as far as I know. But if I keep blogging while I'm cooking... who knows I might have lots of stories. My partner of ten years has recently started counselling half a pair of Lesbians on the virtues of why using the boys isn't a good idea to get more child support. Just because her lazy arse doesn't want to work anymore doesn't mean she gets more face time(=more $$$). I wonder if they split the cat visitations? What they need is a little  OS dog-ma.

Larson are you larsisout  listening!                                         Larson mut be in a bean coma.



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More beans?! I love your recipes but you are going to make me a regular customer at the local Marriott! Anything made with prosciutto has got to be delicious! Too salty? More the pot and in my glass.
Right. Double porky. I can't wait to get home tonight.