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OCTOBER 5, 2010 3:14PM

Potato Guerrier Cheese Pie

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Potato Pie

popeelpeeling potato ringsready4oven2Ready for the 375' oven 

1 Cup Guerrier Cheese grated

1/2 small white onion chopped

1 Clove Garlic combine with 4Tblsp Butter and 1 tsp Horseradish with  1/2 cup Whole milk + cheese and Pepper to taste  and arrange in tin.

1 9"pie crust deep dish

75 minutes  serve Hot and bubbly 

I wasn't going to write today, I didn't want to try

I cleaned, I scrubbed, I shopped away

not wondering bout' reasons why.

I took the dog down to the lake

we walked, we ran and then

back home we came to bake a cake

a gift for my best friend.

The parts of which I needed help 

from recipes on line,

I searched, I read, I pondered too

a treat perfect for someone who

of love deserving mine.

And then I stumbled past a site, I didn't want to stop

as something tasty caught my eye

a change of plans the cake was dropped

for Potato Guerrier Cheese Pie.

ppie This is another 30 minute blog. Except for bake time. And my own recipe. I cheat on the crust. Enjoy!








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makes me hungry. yum
I love potato pie--especially with Gruyere. And thanks for the poem!
I made brownies instead.
This went perfectly with grass fed beef and pork diced. Think fall think full with root crops.
This looks yummy! r
Made it, and it was very good! I added more cheese than the recipe called for since I love cheese so much...

potato pie poetry- cool!
What is Guerrier cheese?
@Emma: It's French for 'warrior'. It's warrior's cheese. :o)