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OCTOBER 15, 2010 8:56AM


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Chapter 8 of Princess

Janet was sort of mad.

 No not even sort of mad, more like smoldering mad. I could tell she had been in quite a scrapper.What a black eye. Oh I could feel the drama building. Breath in...

Just once I wanted to start a week without drama. Breath out.

That black eye looked swollen, puffy painful. She hadn't even tried to hide it from me.  Note to self for makeup class. Besides,  I really didn't think G.N. was such a big deal.

Mrs. GN the elder, her mother had called within the last 15 minutes of my Friday work day. Bitch. “ Sure I'd be happy to help you. Oh... no problem I'll wait.”

My first mistake that day...answering  the phone just before closing.

“ Well... what happened... my darling?” Fingering cigarette number 2.

She pulled a brown Virginia slim from its' red leather sleeve. Lit and sucked it all in one motion . "Go on...”adjusting her glasses on the top of her head.

What is her hair doing today, I thought,  Breath in. Is everything Tallulah with her?

Something madonnaish.Messy but I liked it. Accessorize girl.

“I had a whole rack pulled for her, honest Jan, it's still there. But when they got here, 17 minutes late... Breath out... She wasn't in a very good mood. Had that stank face going on. He mother was picking on her big time.” Calm thy self, breath in.

I tried to explain that we were in the middle of a re-org.

"Oh please don't bother with the mess Miss Knight, I pulled a rack for you here.” I was prepared. I had  a rolling rack filled with anything and everything GN like. Postioned by the mirrors, next to the fitting room area I was building.

I had started my summer job at the end of the massive storage room by the exit.Costume re-organization for the Theatre Department. It had taken me a week just to clear the space. Let alone, build out two fitting rooms with benches, mount mirrors, sew cushions, hang curtians and all functionable by Friday. I could now open the windows to just  Breath  after hours of sorting stinky Cough  costumes. My asthma...jeeesh.

Breath out. Wait for it. "Your going to like it Janet. I Promise."  Butter her up I thought. " Wait till you see the progress next door. More coffee?”

GN tip-toed her fingers across the rack as she sucked her teeth. “No,zsut, uh uh no, absolutely not, no, zsut, nah, zsut, Oh hell no! No.” She turned and sucked “Zsut, all you got?”

Had they just come from a late lunch?Had I a tooth pick to offer.

“Miss knight we didn't have your measurements. Now that you're here," (sizing her up,) " the only gowns that will fit are these two on the end and...” I turned and climbed over a couple of piles... calling back at them, “ If you tell me what the occasion is I'd be happy to pull...uh here it is!” I emerged wearing the black and white fish tail Angela Lansbury Gown. You know, from the Bosum Buddies number, Mame.

“We'll always be Bosum Buddies...” in my best Gladys voice.

She wasn't amused. “Uh ha. We were thinking Smoking Jackets. Mens wear, vintage. Not so exposed.”She winked.


“Oh... Well... we've got let's see...” again I scrambled sidewards over a pile of clothes,  like a crab on the beach. Good thing I had started separating the Mens wear from the Womens wear earlier that week. “Professor Higgins...and the Mikado...Behold... the Lord High Executioner.” I sang pulling out two of the beautiful silken robes.

I was Nanki Pooh.

 “ Oh No... Hell no!” her mother smirked, glancing over her specs.

At least I had gotten them to loosen up a bit. Gladys was giggling. If there was a garment that fit her, in this storage room, I was going to find it or be Damned trying. Then as she opened her mouth to speak...Momma Knight interrupted. 

“ We'll let you know, Thanks.” Glaring at her daughter. “ Gladys come on we're already late for  tails  at Smokey’s.” And with a snap of her finger she turned and pushed Gladys towards the door.   As rudely as they had entered they exited.

“Snap! End of story.” I lied.

“You've got to beee kidding meeee,” Janet roared. “Bitch. Smokey? THE Smokey? I thought she was sleeping with that Pip man.” Janet wasn't from Detroit.

"Oh no.... Taste of bitter love. Bit ter bit ter love.... you can't deny it.” I sang.

 " More Love Kim Carnes?" She queried back a little sharp.

"That's just a rumor. Child he's got eyes on the Knight. There's trouble in paradise.” I laughed and lit her third cigarette. Smokey.

I wasn't sure if I 'd tell her the whole story,

just then.


Thanks to Youtube, Madonna, Gladys Knight  and Kim Carnes. Enjoy!
(C) 2010 tgwithin

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I bet you were glad when summer was over.
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