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NOVEMBER 4, 2010 11:36AM


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I thought I'd write a poem about

My fifty third birthday

Not caring much if I should pout

Or ponder what to say

I'd write about the many things

I'd done in my good time

And dote upon my deeds to date

Or quip about sublime

Although it's true

I'm working through

A block I can not stop

This poem of mine at Birthday time

just hasn't found it's rhyme.

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gay/lesbian, poetry

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I love your poem's birthday rhyme. Lovely.
rated with a very happy birthday wish
You're the best.Thanks RP!
No rhyming or quipping needed, anyway... Happ Birthday, and many more...
The happiest of birthday wishes being sent your way.

Sending flowery phrases to brighten your day
And sweet little words that enlighten the way
Age is but a number you embrace or abhor
Twelve months from now
You'll be 54

Elizabeth Barrett Browning -- I'm not! Enjoy your special day!
The number caught my eye on the left, there : )

I'm just saying good bye to '53' in a couple weeks.

Been a good number to hang around in for a year....

I vote you dote on your deeds to date - in writing : )
Love the crenellated edges too :-)

There's a word.

Used the same as 'serrated'..?

I didn't even notice, so blinded by the numeral was I ; )

It does look good, tg : )

I don't think 53 is divisible by much of anything. Except 1.

54, on the other hand, is divisible by 2, 3, 6, 9, 18, 27.
Kosh, exactly why 53 has been so wonderful.
One is in their 'prime' while 53.
; )
Happy Birthday TG, you have brought smiles and enjoyment in your time here, thank you so much for that~ enjoy your day~