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NOVEMBER 15, 2010 1:11PM

Skippity do dah... ouch!

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Chapter One

He was tired. Tired of no sleep. Tired of being woken up at 4:30 each morning by the garbage truck. Hissing brakes rolling to a screeching stop. Beep Beep Beep Beep as it lumbered in reverse to the dumpster parked outside his bedroom window. Hiss kercha-blunk. VUUUUUUR bam. VUUUUUUR Up and over and down, BAM.

His eyes blinked opened. Starring at the dents in the celling where the previous tenant had used a broom handle or shoe to warn the upstairs neighbors to quiet down.

He then leaned over the bed side to check the time even though he knew it.

4:30 am, again. Skip kept the clock on the floor so the bright digital numbers wouldn't keep him awake every time they flipped. He was a light sleeper.

Friday morning came with a bam. Every Friday Morning. Monday and Wednesday morning as well. Three days a week he was ripped from the arms of a hot lover or a soft swaying hammock on the beach or a juicy mènage à trois with the same rude BAM.

Those garbage dudes never missed a beat.

Why hadn't he checked the view a little bit better before signing. He had to get out of his lease somehow. If it wasn't the garbage truck or the newly weds upstairs or the tattoo/ billiards/ salon across the hall. He should have known the price of the apartment was too good to be true even though the location was perfect.

Noisy was an under statement, quiet this place wasn't. He needed to sleep. He could feel his smooth gig beginning to unravel.

It had been seven months of constant noise and the circles under his eyes wouldn't go away.

Speaking of beat, might as well finish this off he thought and grabbed the tube of Wet lying next to the tissues on the floor. Skip rolled on his back and slipped off his racers. Not one to let a great fantasy slip by he closed his eyes and reached down to the warm invite waiting. Slowly he began, now where was he, just five minutes ago in that dream. At least he would relax and unload before his hectic day would begin.

The hot shower beat down on his six foot frame washing away the stickiness of his current situation when his cell phone rang. Shit he thought not even seven minutes to myself.

Skip reached for the big white towel as he turned off the shower. With out drying off he wrapped it around his waist as he bolted for the bedroom door. Dripping wet he slipped on the tiles and went down hard scraping his shin and hitting his head on the corner of the sink.

The cell phone was singing, “Oh the shark babe, has such teeth dear,” as he came to.

He managed to straighten himself out on the cold floor as the I-phone rang again.

“Ouch shit! Shit... my toe.” He felt down his skinned shin for the throbbing toe.  Never mind the new golf ball that grew on the back of his noggin. “Damn it.”  His leg was bleeding.

“ and he shows them, pearly white,” The cell sang again. “ just a jack knife has old Mack heat babe.”

He struggled to his knees. Naked he crawled towards Bobby Darin.

There on the back of the bed room door next to his leather holster,  hung his jeans. The cell rattled his switch blade and quaters as it sang.

“and it keeps it out of sight, you know when that shark bites with its teeth babe scarlet billows start to spread.”



© 2010 tgwithin


Thanks Bobby and Utube


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damn that sounds like a bad morning. don't miss apartment nights at all, had many many of them.
Ya, but the beat dear, has the bight dear! :D
Thanks for the story and Bobby. Both swing.
Can't go wrong with Bobby D.
At first I thought you had secretly filmed me for blackmail! But I soon realized that this was actually an strangely interesting character. I am intrigued. Who is he, what does he do? Shark-bites and switch blades bode not well.
An interesting character. Of course, Bobby Darin is an excellent choice.
Excellent, excellent work - it's like a lyrical noir hangover.
Good good... finally I hear this song in an old version... I heard it sang by Robbie Williams and loved it... but now I just can´t get enough of it...
Great one baby...