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NOVEMBER 23, 2010 7:37AM

Seven one seven = six thousand dollars...

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 Chapter Six


There at the end of a service hall past the public restrooms was a nondescript door. Its' entrance secured by a tiny access control security proximity (ACSP) reader. Touch card and unlock. The completely non-proprietary lock was located on the wall next to the door knob. The tiny red light visible down the long dark hall.

Once inside, the six by six closet, ceiling light switch on the right.

Light on, all the standard fittings of a Utility closet.

Hanging on the left wall of hooks a couple of smocks. Next to them in the corner a shop vac, floor mop, broom, dust mop, a metal dust pan proped against the wall with various sizes of black  hose.

Directly opposite the door, a slop sink and a floor basin. A  galvanized mop pail and ringer, upsidedown, left from last nights floor detail, driped dry.

Above three open shelves of supplies. The first holding cleaning supplies, rubber gloves, sponges, sprays, and a box of red utility rags. The second held a row of black manuals eight to be exact, each thick book labeled one thru eight, a yellow bucket of tools, several boxes of different sized light bulbs and rolls of individually wrapped toilet paper neatly stacked. The third shelf contained various sized cans and jars, clearly someone's home made organization system for bits and bobs, screws and tape, glue, vacuum bags, dust mop replacements, paper towels and hand towels.

And there on the top shelf, among the various coffee tins and mayonnaise jars a half-green tint Marasca bottle. The kind designed to protect the oils from oxidation, labeled IsRoil. A pirated scroll of tan parchment rolled and tied with a red wool string inside the Olive oil bottle. A second message rolled tighter inside the first.



And on the bottom of the back label..........................................................


IsRoil Oil


This special blend was made possible by the craftsmanship of a small kibbutz, a private estate, and a major vinyard working together to produce what we feel will put Israel on the world olive oil and gourmet food map. IsRoil plans to do a public offering soon and start selling in grocery stores in the U.S.



(c) 2010 tgwithin

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Great story. That link was great. Being an old southern boy, who knew olive oil could be that expensive and so complicated!
Someone gave me a gift basket that contained a bottle of this olive oil. Didn't know it was anything special. Maybe I'll use it when I prepare my Thanksgiving dinner. R
Interesting! Keep the story flowing...
It's IsRoil olive oil for me, along with your gourmet fiction.

Happy Thanksgiving.