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November 02
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DECEMBER 29, 2010 4:22AM

Union Song

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I made an oath

the promise strong

a Song of love

of future blood


I promised your mother

long and hard

to care and teach

her easy bard


to always provide

unbiased love

to open my heart

for gifts above


all that comes

from my loins doth share

this journey we start

tonight with care


long I have known

her knowing light

longer still her beautiful



our family beginning

this desire strong

so my promise this

I sing with a Song


this Song of love

nightly we share

tonight we begin

our plan will bare


each one of you

a future bright

brilliant and strong

so full of light


this moment together

the rise and the fall

the rhythm of passion

heated merger of all


timed rightly just so

sealed sweetly I trust

this deal with my love

I give with my trust


as long as our song

is strung with one mind

this Hymn from within

comes easily mine.



© 2010 tgwithin


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Meaningful thoughts, have you put a melody to them?
Are you sending any of your posts to Dave for the competition?
Yes, I sent him my three favorites, Master of a Nation,Angel Mine, and Wings of Wisdom. Thanks no melody yet. What are you doing up so very late? Me...way to much on my mind.

BTW: I don't visit OS much anymore so let me wish you a Happy New Year filled with love, laughter and good fortune. I've enjoyed reading your work. Don't stop writing!
An extremely touching hymn to your family. I'm sure they deserve it.
Enjoyable poesy!
And who's Dave?
After visiting and listening to parents. This poem came to me as I wished it was what my father would have promised to my mother. I know I would have if starting a new family.
I like everything about this poem. The sentiment, the rhythm...everything.
A father's hymn to the future blood, as if he can see the child to be; a hello promise before the journey starts; an intriguing reversal of sad farewell!
Yes I knew you guys would get it. Thanks for reading.