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November 02
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JANUARY 20, 2011 8:41AM

for all the little men out there

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the gang

{For Brian}


Some where along the way

my dad forgot to say...

come here

and sit a stay

there's something I must say

I love you very much

and a hug means just as much

I hold your hand and guide you forth

I squeeze it tight not out of fright

the joy of love is all there is

it comes from deep inside your skin

my heart like yours is much the same

we all have one

and too a brain

from which to think be sure of this

but feelings come and you must learn

that yours are yours and not to burn

or stomp

or stifle

crushing some

as everyone has different needs

and everyone has blood that bleeds

so choose you words with care and choice

and love those with whom you share a voice.


© 2011 tgwithin

Photo credit my dear friend  A. Wilmert

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Okay, early in the morning you made me dry. That photo is reminds me of the barios in Brazil. Kudos to your friend.

Elijah Rising
nicely written...warmly read!
Once again, a seamless flow of emotion as I reflected in the poem.
Beautiful - and wonderful advices.
Powerful, powerful words. R
as everyone has different needs
and everyone has blood that bleeds
Nicely put, you cut right to the bone on this one.
There is nothing here to say except this is perfection. I am so grateful..Brian will be thrilled. Thank you.
You are most