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FEBRUARY 27, 2011 8:50PM

P.S....A 3 Whole Wife

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Rethink the meaning of a whore

Conclusion in

Say no more

A former Governor of a land forgot

A self centered travelogue

Lost it's spot

The dictionary has

A picture beside

A three hole wife

Where greed resides

To run for office

Or write some books

Are thievin’ ways for modern crooks

If actions speak

The more we knew

Lest we forget

Whore mongering spew

A three hole wife

Good for one ring

Gun sights off

Ms NRA Thing 

Just say no

Speak not ne'er again

It's just that simple

Quitters never win

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Well the girls shall remain dumb.
And the men weak in stature.
Deaf, blind and never mum.
Topics stale and fractured.
Make mine all about
me and not the world.
Sit still be polite
These writers never fooled.
Nice portrait of Mrs. Palin! Not only is she a three hole wife, but she is stupid beyond imagination...
How did I miss this one? I've been sequestered in the woodshed all week.

"A three hole wife"!? Can I bowl with her?

I am still intrigued how someone so dismissible can cause foaming at the mouth and spinning to the left.
I don't know're busy.