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November 02
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MARCH 10, 2011 7:32AM

mob rule #6......hung out to dry

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the sheeps wool is on the floor

the wolf must run

right out the door

the dome is locked

the people mad

the law forgot

the rest is sad

illegal this last desperate vote

recall the wolf

recall the bloat

it's not to late to make things right

it's not to late to stand and fight

Wisconsin first and then the rest

for northern states must face this test

the pond is clear

reflection deep

no longer are

we people sheep

up from the muck 

this evil come

for now  the tide

let out must run...



Art by tgwithin  copright 2011

image by  SkoLzki


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I was in Wisconsin when this all started and have several dear friends who are teachers and professors. Being a native of the state I feel terrible to see the people torn over this but cannot also feel that the Govenor is off base by excluding the public employees of Police and Fire so there is no anarchy.

This poker game should be played all or nothing rather than selection of those whom are deemed expendable.
"’We are entering the historical phase called ‘The Rise of Corporate Serfdom’" Lyn LeJeune
I want to stand and clap and yell HELL YES....but then I watch and see and sigh at all the hard working people being ignored or thought of as replaceable...what has happened to if you work hard you will be rewarded?
Timely words hopefully not too late.
the pond is clear/reflection deep~

Exactly, we can all see each other here and the illusions we've created for ourselves flatter no one.

Rated for rhyming and for running.
What the abusive Republicans, and their sponsors, forget is that, we, the people, can take them down using many ways. All we have to do as people is to educate ourselves on the issues at hand.

It is not enough to listen and believe sound bites we hear on TV or radio, but we have to question and investigate if what we are listening to is true.

For as long as we just listen to stuff without questioning, we are doomed as a country...
I see farleft has a new cartoon up today about this.