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MARCH 15, 2011 12:58PM

Naughty Poems [a quicky]

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  devil 6


I started out the year on time

I even gave myself deadlines

But now we’re here

In march I fear

And even though I must confess

My writing lacks as much success

I thought it easy to achieve

Great accolades I would receive

‘Much better now’

‘Oh you’re the best’

‘There’s no one better’

‘Above the rest’

Alright OK I’ve caused much frown

Don’t cry or say I’ve let you down

For even though my rhyme is good

It seems I’ve landed in a hood

Where cats and those who rule the day

Are prejudice toward the right to spay

For neuter now I will not now

Nor ever will my right allow

Those cliquish few to edit this

And so now simply I do quit.


And so tomorrow we shall see

When itch I must and write with glee

For posting now has won it’s harm

It’s ebooks now I wish to charm.



[ in case you care dare ]




                                       copyright 2011 TG Within

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I'd dare no edit!
Nor ever aim to`
Approach infernal flames today. I'll reread this smooth, and cooling waft of fragrant air`
calm relief tomorrow.
Life can be like a cold snow.
Or - The soothing cool moon.
If we think too much today...
The meaning - galaxy - we awe,
Mat become bound in lostness`
a proverbial jail- cage forevers.
So- No be tied like an ass to a pole.
No eat moo cow hormone bred steal.
Ya gotta wonder why critters be fool.
ill critters
they fake
Your Bio
Each morn
two roosters
crow to light
no steal eggs
no goes ` ay
bang my`ah
bam o-wham
thank Ya huh
Oh ~ Mammy!
words of naught
but not too naughty
neuter no
enough of that
from life's
worry and stress
set yourself free
proceed with glee
lovely poem
be well

rated with love
eBook it, baby!! And that bitchin' cover to Naughty Poems: Please tell me it's real.

We all need to be very clever and creative to get "out there". I mean, you do have a lot of fans here in this online artist colony. But I know what you mean. It would be nice to "keep score" with $ (dare you think of making a living?).

How about an artist's co-op? Something. I think it will be fun to play editor and put together a collection of poems / short stories / series that I like best from all of you, my friends.

Have you submitted your Is Roil tale?

Rated, Liked, Linked
I'm working on it. Yes there seems to be tricks here and definitely one would like to be reimbursed for their good work. You did see Emily's new deal didn't you. We the free press will not be hood winked...looke out they may continue to sensor me.
I loved ths poem. thanks for the link.
Keep your head up ( maybe pun intended here) tg..
sometimes my salad is fit for Food and Wine and other times works as a nice lunch!

nice words I understand.
Fun write and cool muse.
Made me smile and crow!

This is so weird. I just looked back to my first post and you commented first welcoming me to OS. So I clicked on your name to see what you have been up to and now you are leaving us????
Don't go........
But I will buy your book on my Nook!