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APRIL 8, 2011 10:44PM

Rancid Oil

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Chapter Nineteen

rancid oil

Olive busied herself most of the morning packing and cleaning, ridding the rental of rubbish. She still hadn’t heard back from Alex yet with the expected news so she kept her disposable close by. Her highlights were scheduled for one o’clock.  She needed to be out the door by noon. Jack was never on time so there would be plenty of time for a few stops on her walk to the Vcr-spa.

“Alex…where are you… it’s me your adopted sister, remember me, Olive. Call me. I need to know about Sunday, mon amour .”

Where in the hell are they she wondered. Probably fucking their eyes out. Good. She snapped the clam shut.

“Whatever, as long as I get that fucking deed.”  she laughed then tossed the crappy flip phone into the rigged black bag along with all other things Olive, readied to be disposed of.

It’s time for an upgrade she thought.

The phone store first then shoes as she eyed the cheep black thongs on the floor.

The sooner she started her new life the better.

She snipped the tags from the tight black shorts and the new bra. Rearranged the low back straps and slipped on a loose gauzy cowl-back tee. Pink, not her usual color choice, but still, better for her new hair color. She applied a glossy fuchsia to her full lips and tied up her wet long mane for the last time.

On to better things.

The phone sang.

Bonjour…” She smiled at her fresh image in the mirror.


 The phone rang while Alex was still in the shower. Skip grabbed a clean towel and hung it over the door for him before he hurried to see who was calling. He had a good idea it was Olive checking up on them.  “Spot on!” He called back after glancing at the picture on Alex’s phone. “Speaking of the devil, one guess who that was.” He handed the smart phone over.

 “What should I tell her?  I mean, what are we going to do?”

 Skip was glad he had used the word we. That was it! WE, the cover he needed. “We… are going to accept the dinner offer. Oh… and give her the good news.”

“What?” Alex questioned.

“It’s OK. We are going to play into the trap. Trust me.”  He hated to say that but this time he needed Alex to do just that. “Tell her you have a wonderful surprise that you can’t wait to share with her. But don’t tell her what it is.”

 “OK…I think, but she’s going to want info. She’ll press me.” He hit the call back button on his smart phone.

 “Just ask what time she wants us to be there and tease her.” Skip prompted. “ And see if it’s ok to bring a few friends. I mean, don’t spill the beans yet.” He whispered into the callers ear.

 “Olive hi…. What? We’re having a lot of fun…sure…this and that…what time would you like us to come down tomorrow? Uh ha…OK. Oh…,” He looked up for support with the lie, “I, ah, asked a few friends over to watch the Cubs game tomorrow, can I bring them along? Well ya…Uh ha…I’ve got a little surprise for you too. You’ll have to wait. No…see you tomorrow. Bye.” He quickly hung up, his face turning red. He didn’t much care for this new game.

 Skip could tell Alex was uncomfortable with the lie and pulled him in for a hug. “That wasn’t so hard was it? Listen, I know this is strange but if my hunch is right, she’s got something up her sleeve. You know while we were scrubbing each others backs an idea crossed my mind. Let’s give her just enough rope to hang herself. If you announce the deed we play into the trap.”


 “…Darling. Where are you? What are the two of you up to? Are you in for Ceviche on Sunday?...How about six-ish.” She glanced at the clock. Perfect timing for the poison to kick in on the plane.  “I can’t wait to hear about your conquest…really? The more the merrier ma douce, j’ai une surprise pour vous Darling…”

She adjusted her pony tail, making it tighter.

“What, tell me mon bien-aimé …DONNER…”

CLICK. He hung up on her. “ Au revoir  pé dé .”

On her way out, she opened the fridge and made a mental list. More grape fruit juice, yogurt, strawberries, lettuce, oh, another loaf of French bread, gouda cheese, that should round out the meal. What ever left would be scarfed up by the cleaning staff.  Eyeing the tincture, she held it up to the light. It was almost completely clear.  She gave it another shake before slipping it back unto the shelf, upside down.


 Skip reached for his phone.

“Jon, Hi it’s Skip… Ya me too. Listen I need a favor. Do you know any of the staff over at Sidetrax? Ya…I heard…I know. Well I’m working on a case…No I can’t say right now. Could I get those numbers from you? Don’t worry I won’t. Sure thanks…I’ll let you know. Thanks man.”

Alex listened, wondering where this was going. His heart raced with the anticipation of gaining the stolen land back home. He couldn’t wait to see the look on his parents faces when he revealed the surprise. The joy would spread over many. He watched the beautiful detective work his call. A new fondness crept over him. He reached over and pinched Skips butt.

“Ouch!” Skip turned around grabbing for the attacker. “What was that for?”

“I just can’t believe my luck, you, this.” Pointing at the deed, he smiled. “Pinch me quick.”

“I’ll do more than that when this is over, but for now we’ve got some work to do. I’ve got to make a couple of calls. That Cubbie idea was brilliant. We’re going to use it. I’m sure you want to get ready for your trip. Why don’t we hook up at your place later?”

“Are you kicking me out?” He pouted. “Actually, I do need to pack and then there’s this little fantastic piece of blessing…” He stepped into Skip’s embracing arms and planted a gianormous man sized kiss on him. “ I’ll be ready for that pinch, say around seven?”

He rolled up the old scroll and carefully tied the ancient red ribbon.

“Be careful with that and whatever you do, stay away from Olive until tomorrow. I’ll see you later.” He patted Alex’s tight ass as they made towards the front door. Before releasing him to the sunny street, Skip pinned the heir apparent against the door and made sure his kiss hit the mark.


Hours later Jack had done his magic. A multi-dimensional dark blonde emerged from the Vcr-spa. Ginette’s hair, swept to the side, graced her collar bone in a soft 40’s bounce. Her new heels glowed in the late afternoon sunshine. The Lumi facial had done the trick. Kasha had erased all her stress.

Barney’s and those Christian Louboutins’ had been her first stop on her way to a new self. She had plenty of time to try on those double-platform stacks. The green ones, her new coluleur du choix. Jack had unknowingly given the murderess a new persona.

She paused to apply another layer of gloss to her man stopping lips.

Two men parted as they passed her on the sidewalk, craining their necks to get a second look at the drop dead beauty. The tall one smiled and winked.

Tourist, she thought smugly and blew a kiss their way.

Her new smarter phone sang in the bottom of her large Kors shoulderbag. “Hello Dr. Poudre. Thanks for getting back to me. I left the new visa photos at the usual spot... G-i-n-e-t-t-e, Ginette Purela. Thank you. No change it. Oui, French. When can I expect it?...Great tomorrow…yes…Three thousand.  1110 North Lakeshore,  Josh the doorman. Yes… adieu pour l'instant."

A trip down to the market would secure three things. A second bottle of vodka and a few more groceries, the list was complete. One last fling with the hot ‘Greens’ manager for good old times. Last mais mos important, a stop at Saks to have Lynn adjust her colors. The new Viva Glam Gaga was unfortunately in hot demand in Jenin and récupéré de l'argent bon.

Olive's oil now rancid.



copyright 2011 tgwithin




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Waiting to hear about her new life.
Excellent writing, made me want to know more.
rated with love
Bright, colorful, vivid, sophisticated writing. Skip and Alex may be the action, but Olive is the draw for me. That let's us all in the game, thank you.