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DECEMBER 24, 2011 5:49PM

The Solstice Wish

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It's the day before Christmas

and all about our house

the flat screens are playing

and I with my mouse.

The coffee is brewing

with Pa in his chair,

Larson's been outed

asleep without care.

I gather my thoughts

and muster my courage

for nought will the comming

of presents be scourged.

No gifts will we seek out

no figgy fruit pies

No singing just pouting

we're living on lies.

The message is clear

Santa drives a new car

and diamonds are favored

as greed raised the bar.

Where did the funds go to

when did we run out

we've transfered and charged up

the dime store account.

Knit together the foolish

throw out the cheep funk

our hearts now are seasoned

we need not the junk.

Remember the reason

for celebrating Year End

get busy and hustle

for less then you'll spend.

The moments together

are just what we need

let's sleigh ride

and snuggle and drink darkened mead.

We'll craft it and bake it

and polish it with love

for treasured our life is

a gift from above.

Or below or within

whatever the choice,

at Christmas we all have

just one common voice.

The spirit that guides us

the compass of heart

must last till the Solstice

brings with it a new start.


2011 © tgwithin

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get busy and hustle

for less then you'll spend

Yep, you hit this season on the head. Im hustling. Whew. Solstice can't come soon enough.
Merry Light and Health wishes to you Z.
Merry Christmas tg within!
What a beautiful poem, Tim!
I could almost sing it,
and then repeat and repeat
the lines dearest to my heart:

"The moments together
are just what we need"

With love and kindest wishes,
Wonderfully crafted, and such a message....thank you and Merry Christmas to you. R
I remember many a time without gifts but with plenty of well errrr.. hustle.
I love the thought of snuggling and drinking dark mead.
This year I am giving things I did not buy in a store, except for the truffles.
rated with love
Good wishes to all! Thanks for stopping by to read my little poem. As the sun rises here in the cold north we find ourselves tucked into a sunny spot and happy for each others company. Blessings to one and all.
Happy Winter Solstice to you TG! Wonderful poem.
And to you as well Neo!
"flat screnns" oh, so true....really good.r