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JANUARY 22, 2012 3:30PM

The New-t Conservatism ?

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New-t Conservatism

[ Oh the devil is dancing today

His lies have paved the way

belt notch, one each

beware, bespeak

for sunnier days will play. ]



A Recipe for Bleached Bigotry:

One large dash of Santorium

two greased palms of Mitt

add three old blonde bombshells

stir for 10 years plus

strain out two marriages

pick apart with delusional memory loss

and spread with a handful of food stamps!


A refreshing blend of New-t values

Bought and packaged by SUPER...

Serves: a party of ONE %. 


© tgwithin 2012


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politics, gop

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What a media bonanza!
tg, excellently succint and clever.
Scary bleached bigots.
Scary third wife for the one big bleached.
Hopefully soon beached.
Will she crack if she smiles? Will that helmet hurt anyone if blown off in a strong wind? How compassionate/kind/'first' can the woman be if she usurped her place from another?
For HIM?????????
If Newt wins do we call Calista 'The First Lady, Twice Removed'?
Bring on the political poetry! Nicely done but the current show of hands for "Newt-trality" in the deep south goes far deeper and wider than the 1%. Better reserve a convention hall for what might come.
So much fun. You're right; this is a media bonanza. Any form of expression can find purchase in the fat fix that Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich have put the GOP. Let's just hope they keep it to their primary.
The devil is dancing, yes. And the media, by and large, remains clueless. These are sociopaths and neo-fascists, in my view.
I meant the Republican field is sociopathic and neo-faswcist. the media is just taking advantage of the situation--for supposed ratings. What does that make them?
Oh yes JT! Thanks we have just stopped laughing, you are so funny.
Cath...don't they have a big sex-in in some stadium somewhere???? Ha. ( I'm not telling )
Patrick, the media are controlling their dollars...let the show begin.."Ladies" and "Gents" if you would please avert you eyes over to the ring at the right.
Drew, "fat fix" is priceless, just perfect! Don't worry, they're just warming up. Next up...color.
Not well-versed with the political aspect, I like the poem.

Newt's idea of 'family values' seems to be "the more the merrier." I can hardly wait for tomorrow night when Jon Stewart lets loose.

tg, you're so bad! (and so right!)
"serves a party of one." Exactly. R