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November 02
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JUNE 5, 2012 9:12AM

No Fun Blog Zone

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Blogs where no one has any fun?

Why now this

seems to be a lottery won


tons on this site

to name just a few

let's begin with...

shameon you

inside the brastrap


Zero for two {0 4 2}

with the negative you

dear Max be it said

OS editors red


many a page

drawn crumpled

and dead in the head.

Could there be

a recipe for that?

the readers here are likely to chat

for clickish they are

and guarded

with rate [r].

Why that sounds delicious

if I take the bait

it could be my fate

I'll publish my recipe

for tiramisu cake


I'ts not

Food for Thought

full Tuesday

oh prompt me a grape

I've channeled my


and surely


the call for us all

was to give freely of pen

tablet or writer

an article condemning

what money has

deamed entertainment zones


Blocks where to spend

not websites that pay

for blogs seem to get

in life's

'empty the day'



2012 © tgwithin

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Sounds like the trip
Please let it rip
Spill yer guts
On the page
Just never rage
Truths mouthed in honesty
so much in our world a travesty
let us try to find less duress,
in this little kingdom, OS.
Excellente' Mission!
Yes oh yes Erica! Hooray!
Lovin it TG, I guess it's time to just let it all be said, let the dirty laundry out and then start over. As per our usual OS stuff.
Sorry, but I had fun reading this.
"oh prompt me a grape" sounds so great

I would if I could

or maybe I should

just click on and give you a rate

instead. : )
Your No Fun Blog Zone turns out to be kind of fun.
somehow I don't picture wherever you are as a no fun zone, just sayin.
If you've channeled your Art,
Then be prepared - as I do forsee,
You now in competition with Emmerling. :)
In the time it takes
To figure out how fast food bakes
I stuff my face full

It's sort of zen
But when
The timer dings
And the oven brings
To me all good things
Baked, fried, sauteed or filleted into strings.

I cannot hear or countenance
No Fun Zones
I have fun ingrained
Deep into my bones.
Fun is my sustenance.

Those who wail and cry in derision
Or that cut with words like the scalpel's incision
Are not worth the time to read
and so
Like the Rolling Stones,
Just let it bleed.

And as my favorite cartoon character
Was always known to say,
Now I am having fun.
Good day.

Oh what a blast
two Rita's at last
and then there's the huger
I managed hook,
she come by promoting her latest new book.
Do night owls and chickens hang with the best,
most certainly running from cooky's Midwest.
Thanks V with the rhyme
Zoned fun in good time.
They just don't get it
even when
it hits them
right between the eyes! r