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JULY 5, 2012 3:54PM

12 Post Cards Via San Diego

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 [ Well it's off we go. Time to beat the heat and head for the shore. I hope this post card adventure helps...join us, as we begin our 2012 vacation to San Diego. The first of three vacatorial( if I may). Enjoy!

* * *

 A Sip in Time.

Off to the Park and Zoo. Hummingbirds everywhere!
The Ocean breeze delightfully cool. 97 degrees, blue sky's and sunny days.

A Sip in Time

 Beach Side Hotel Del Coronado.

Hotel 'Del' spans the beach like the grandest Dame. Beautiful Place. She's haunted...

Beach Side

 Family Stroll.

We wondered of retirement days until we spotted this couple and dog, now we get it. Spry In their twilight years, still holding hands, the morning ritual.

Family Stroll

 Ponder Evening.

 Again reminded of the diversity of us all. This cool couple seemed to own the park. Two Asian men pondering the view. They fell into my focus as well.

Ponder Blue 2

Lonely One

Three girls fully dressed the last naked in the sun.

  Lonely One

Mission Wall.

Off to Old town for lunch. Caught the shadows at Noon.

mission wall

 Ranch House.

 The Museum of  Old Town, San Diego. Once a ranch this is the Outer wall of the original homestead. 

mission 4

Tower Two.

Spanish Bell Tower at Noon.


 Dusty Pink.

 Mission Causeway shading delicate skin.

Dusty Pink

Dancing Lights. Brugmansia arborea

 The hanging tree Lilly, or Datura is one of the most beautiful shows just hangin' in Balboa Park.

Dancing Lights 2


Plucked right out of a Maxfiel Parish Painting.

M P 3

Misty Bath Break.

At the top of the trees he waits in between baby drops Mr. Strork spritzes.

mist bath

 Dusk Stroll.

Along the Boardwalk last night. 75 degrees and warm breeze from the bay.

Dusk Stroll

I'll leave you ( & pt. one) tonight with a cool dusk stroll along the ocean.We're haveing a blast and the weather is perfect. Hope this helped to beat the heat back home and that all is well. Getting rid of  our pale faces. Happy Fourth and call your lovest.  Sea Ya Soon Dude!


TG and Poppy

2012 (c) TGWITHIN

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Thanks Tink, I didn't think you cared. :D
You are a brave soul - your manipulations bring my adulations. Wowie, Zowie Baybee, You're The Most. (Frank Z said that.) -- Truer words were never spoken. Enjooooooi!!!
One word for your photos: bitchin'. Have a great vaca.
How 'bout that Big Bay Boom? Bummer, huh?

The Stuart Collection at UCSD-Get you're map at the visitor's center. Bear; Fallen Star; Standing Trees; Snake Path; much more to see-all free. WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES

Also, cool exhibit in Geisal Library-through the 8th-also free.
That's Standing AND Trees. Two separate installations.
Standing is located near the School of Medicine
Trees in front of the Geisal Library and in the grove-you'll hear them before you see them...
Very cool images. Like the poster effect.
Great work, never have seen a similar one before, gongratulations!!
Wow muy Beauty do we reader/viewers see!

Every day lately on my first read I see STATHI.

The upside-down Flower-Trumpets look Datura.
Datura is nicknamed:
Wacko Weed. Jimson Weed. Prickly Plant etc.,
It was discovered in Jamestown Colonies. Yikes!
The American Indians never ate as a spinach green.
The colonialist were pawing otter, girls, boys, wives,
and on a boat they were walking about hallucinating.
No eat it.
You left out the Balboa Park Zoo? Life is a Zoo Trip.
John (good John) Baca goes to the Zoo. He's a flop?
The Pot Flopper? I tell John Philip Baca he Flopper.
No eat Jimson Weed. Politicians eat Bah Loco Weed.
Life is a Big Goon Show? Gong Party. No Puff a Bong.
Wow! Thanks and stay tuned for 12 more. Awesome, Bitchin',Cool, Fabulous, Nice and Zowie all from one Installation. Thank you my friends. And a special thanks to the Art who correctly identified the Tree Datura or Brugmansia arborea as it's know in our house. :D