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November 02
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AUGUST 24, 2012 10:51AM

For Rant Shall Rate Reap Naught


[Don't make me have to spell it out for you. Cause' I will. This poem then, is for all of the un-read, un-rated, starving artist out there. Isn't it time? Surely there is room for us all in here.]




I… Read full post »

AUGUST 22, 2012 7:40AM


Photo 214

I wonder who will make my bed

who will clean

after I am dead


who will sort and fold with love

toss the rest

sell or shove


And what of all my precious bits

that gathered dust

while they sit


I wonder if they'll find a home… Read full post »

AUGUST 20, 2012 2:15PM

Lurie Knows-Garden Smarts



Lurie Knows


Come with me

while I wait on a train

for here in the middle of the city

past aged columns

Columnar Age

behind the tall hedge lies

the Lurie

Behind the Hedge

"Hush now," and come inside

"Heed what I tell you."

says she

Lurie Garden August


For alone… Read full post »

AUGUST 15, 2012 12:21PM

Fire in the Sky-PGI Lunacy

Fire in the Sky


 A ground shaking

dog quivering

bombastic disturbance

until the wee hours of the morning.

In my front yard

over the Pond...for a week.

LUNACY! Yes a folly of indulgence indeed.

This years theme for the Pyrotechnics Guild Convention, hosted by my beloved sleepy tow… Read full post »

AUGUST 7, 2012 10:01AM

To Die For

Warning: This piece is graphic and may not be suitable for little ones and little minds.There is a side of nature that slaps one smack in the face. Sometimes the shock is connected and sometimes the connection is shocking, never the less, this is life, horrible as it… Read full post »

AUGUST 5, 2012 9:53AM

Momentum Arborum


Gallery Challenge -FOUR

Kissing Tree

Behind the kissing tree we'll meet

when evening skys turn dim

confir my love confession sweet

beneath the branch and limb

trees of light

The earth provides the mineral

the sky no limit knows

for vertical the movement is

as trees have learned to… Read full post »

AUGUST 3, 2012 6:32AM

The Pupa



In the dark I am all in

a chrysalis

and all there is

I am enough



I climb into the hammock

a mandatory rest

a dry out

warm up

before tackling the deep

or skimming the surface


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JULY 31, 2012 9:39AM

Absence in Colour

Silently waiting for it matters not

beauty glows here mute

The Light

Reticent and paper thin

the page still rests unturned

Sage wings

Reluctantly the shallows teal

tranquil of deaf remains


Taciturn this prayer for water comes

not… Read full post »

JULY 29, 2012 7:56PM

Family Seeds


What was she doing? Jed thought as he watched Madam Sativa reach for something near the fountain.


The cool cascades of liquid slowly ceased flowing from the fountain top.

Maria took a long drag from her spliff and gently blew… Read full post »

JULY 26, 2012 8:15AM

Flight-Mare 395



Delayed is what the screen read

Flight 395

is what the speaker said.

I've scrimped and saved

for vacation earned

I won't be stopped

will not detour

De-gate go back update

you wait...

"We're sorry but we must be sure,

Your safetyRead full post »
JULY 24, 2012 11:43AM

The Instant

Larson's head shot


The day and the moment

are all but the same

when Larson and we met

connection was made


a heart beats

and then jumps

or maybe it skips


but electric the movement

is soul deep

and dips


then inside your being

the shock renders mute

it… Read full post »

JULY 23, 2012 4:18PM

Flight-Mare 395



Delayed is what the screen read

Flight 395

is what the speaker said.

I've scrimped and saved

for vacation earned

I won't be stopped

will not detour

De-gate go back update

you wait...

"We're sorry but we must be sure,

Your safety isRead full post »
JULY 17, 2012 8:52PM

Surviving the Heat

So how is it you're surviving this scorcher?

Today it's 102 degrees here in Chicago. Our top floor pied-a'-terre, with the fantastic view, just doesn't get any cooler than 79/80 degrees. I've got all the blinds closed and dark sheets over the windows. So much for the view. The trees… Read full post »

JULY 15, 2012 10:00PM

12 Parting Posts from San Diego

Drive Thru

Yo ho there matey, a couple of hot mugs and a Morning brew drive thru for yee. You never know what's around the corner here, mate.

Tanager surprise The green headed tanager surprised us with his turquoise tummy.His tune was just as beautiful. Speaking of Bird brain, guess… Read full post »

JULY 14, 2012 8:33AM

Eyen' the Sky-OC Engagement


Grey Tide Grey Tide Out. P Town early summer morning.

puce sky Puce Sky. Our little Craven Pond in LaPorte.

off into the sunset

Off into the Sitges Sunset. Spain coast.

Over Yonder

Over Yonder. The view across the street in Yauco from Poppies Home.

sweeping by

Sweeping By.… Read full post »

JULY 9, 2012 3:46PM

12 Cards for the Post Peeper

Mr. Stork Spritzes.

mist bath

In between baby drops, Mr. Stork takes a morning break. The zoo sprinkler expects him every morning at 10:30 am sharp.

morning light

So off we stroll up the hills, you'd love the architecture and the gardens. 

Early as the temp is… Read full post »

JULY 8, 2012 10:09AM

The Long Way Down

The long way down

and to the right

the wrong way down

far out of sight

the edge of  precipice

The edge of precipice knows the flight

naturally lost

and way out of sight

and still it craves

for a stroll to sooth

mossy stepsRead full post »

JULY 6, 2012 11:40AM

See Rock Sea

dry waterfall They've tumbled down the mountain side

these rocks have come to see

rocks2 Or was it that they took a chance

to find by Sea

an inner stance

another dance with thee


 Old friends now lean into the… Read full post »

JULY 5, 2012 3:54PM

12 Post Cards Via San Diego

 [ Well it's off we go. Time to beat the heat and head for the shore. I hope this post card adventure helps...join us, as we begin our 2012 vacation to San Diego. The first of three vacatorial( if I may). Enjoy!

* * *

 A Sip in Time.… Read full post »

JUNE 20, 2012 7:57AM



chin up

High up and safe from human kind

the Robin builds his nestly blind

each round a new location he

finds better than the last says she

build high the ever watchful spys

build low the crawling creature dines


the heavens heave and sway and blow

and rain… Read full post »

JUNE 18, 2012 11:52AM

El Regalo


[ In honor of my Dear Father-In-Law, R.Lugo. ]

So what do I do now.

Poppie had just passed away and the house was quiet. Sadly quiet. A thin layer of dust had settled over everything while he lay in the hospital. My dear father-in-law had waited for us,… Read full post »

JUNE 14, 2012 11:18AM

Queer Creek

[Kate's Iron Poet Challenge #11 ] lake Dalrymple

[Lake Dalrymple, Australia]


I leap and lick and wash my shore

and splash a wave hello

come bathe and tread and stroke my back

for swim is all I know


how Queer it seems… Read full post »

JUNE 12, 2012 11:32AM

Craven of Pond

[I took this photograph seven summers ago. The same thing is happening this year with the Pond. The water will soon be sub-level. And tall grasses will fill in where water lillies once floated.] pondinblue 13


 I look across the pond

of late

and wonder if the sun… Read full post »

JUNE 5, 2012 9:12AM

No Fun Blog Zone

Blogs where no one has any fun?

Why now this

seems to be a lottery won


tons on this site

to name just a few

let's begin with...

shameon you

inside the brastrap


Zero for two {0 4 2}

with the negative you

dear Max… Read full post »

JUNE 5, 2012 7:57AM

Oil For Olive

New Summer Release 2012.

If you haven't read it yet... Here it is.

Oil For Olive

Enjoy the summer and thanks for all your support!

Oh this is the R rated version!


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