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NOVEMBER 21, 2010 7:20AM

Good Spam Sunday: Are these your balls? They aren't mine!

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As everyone knows, the weekend have become Spam-a-Rama and there doesn't seem to be a cure for it, except ignoring it and sometimes, having to go to the manage comment section so the browser will get locked up for twenty minutes between clicking DELETE COMMENT.

I would like to change that button DELETE FUCKING COMMENT which is what I utter at the computer screen each time I click on it till I get a response.

We can skip the DELETE COMMENT? prompt too.  Yeah, no shit,  I wish to delete the comment hence the fucking reason, I clicked the god damn button.   Hello? Is this thing on? Was this designed by Microsoft?

"Do you really want to quit?" Nope, just testing you! Teeheehee!

By the way, I'm still not sure what the 'For+sale' insta-tag is for.  Do people really sell stuff on here besides the typical spammer and if they do, besides me, who now has 100s of 1000s of sales of Tink Products to add to his name(not really, but lets pretend!!), do they make sales by adding that tag?

You do?



It'd become an instant classic.

Like 'Shaving Ryan's Privates' or 'Blowing Mr. Daisy'.

You know, the real classy classic.

Speaking of real classy, the other day I and the wife were eating out and as we left, I turned and noticed Boy Emo with his girlfriend Ms. Super Preppy sitting at a nearby table making "We'll be forever, even after we graduated from high school!" eyes at each other.   Boy Emo drives a rice burner like in 'Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift', all deck out like the cars in the movies with the super slic graphic decals.

I'm telling you, there were like 4 different movies just within walking distants of my table.

I had the script already moving in my head.

"I cut myself so I can feel the pain, I shall beat you bad Asian guy!" Boy Emo says, revving his engine.   Super fast paced techno-asian girl band music begins to play.

"You will not defeat me!! Haha!! I am super bad Asian guy while you are Boy Emo sent here from the states by your mom who could no longer handle you!! Haha!!"


Oops, sorry, wrong movie.

Anyways, I hope you are all having a grand Super Good Spam Sunday. I know I am, I got booze!

Good night and have a better tomorrow.

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Happy Spam Sunday, Tink! Makes me want to go out and drive real fast! Well, as fast as a 2004 Saturn wagon can go.
Ahhhh. I want to gas up the ancient SUV, drive up one of these mountains, and forget that my favorite site is getting sick of the spammers. WAAAAAHHH.

It's early Tink. I got to get medicated for today.
maybe one day this shit will cease here. I can only hope...
sixty, damn right, and scare all the natives with our wild and crazy rock and roll, "I'ma TEAPOT, short and stout!!! HERE is my HANDLE, here is MY SPOUT!!!!!!" :D

Mission, yeah, I'm thinking about going outside soonly and doing yard work, maybe put up some Christmas lights(heck, suppose to be in the upper 60s!! Why not, I say!!! :D) and not even touch the computer!! Woooo!! :)

Found my meds. Now the room is full of smoke but all is well.
Yeah Tink. It is supposed to be warm here too. I am going to go for a long walk looking for nothing but fun.
I need a life. I really dooooooooooo.....
It's 89° in Nigeria right now , your Princesses are spritzing all over the place and you don't have to pay their dry cleaning bills. Quit'cher bitch'in.

**wanders off while having dirty thoughts about techno-asian girl bands**
Mission, me toooooo!! Neeeeeed a life, wooo woo ooooo!! :D

Amy, yeah, you're right!! Boohoohoo! I'm such an asshole!! WAAA!! :D
You know what I don't get? How come the FUCKING (pardon my French) spammers get to stay up on the New Posts section for 45 minutes while real posts only stay on for a few seconds or not at all? It really PISSES ME OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey - you planning on sharing that booze or are you going to hog it all for yourself...?
If they go then the SPAM-I-tor's will be out of a job and will have to learn how to spell there names in the real world and chaos will ensue. I haven't reached the big league yet I rarely get any, maybe if I told them I can sell books to a blind man they might visit. Have to pee really bad, happy Sunday. o/spamdeficient/e r*******
Please tell IMA I want my remainding unused Trojan Magnums back. I left them on the night stand next to the lava lamp. R
I try to post every weekend as my little protest against the frikkin' spam. Not that it matters one iota- I get buried almost immediately. But I can NOT let the spammers win.

(I have no earthly reason why - but rated anyway)

Hw much am I offered for 4 inches of fresh snow....?
:: waves to Emily ::

Tink has been awake all night.
Oh ho. Switched to the harder stuff, have you? Good. That means *I* get the Free Beer.

Varrrrrooooom indeed.
We should partner up on this SPAM business. You do the computer stuff, I'll be treasurer and "We'll be rich I tell ya', Rich"! (I did that in a Russian accent)
Hey, Tink! How'd your ass catch on fire?

'Shaving Ryan's Privates' or 'Blowing Mr. Daisy'
hahahahah classic
Pavanne, always share the booze!! Behind the bar, anything you can think of, it is there!! :D I don't know, them spammers can spam fast, if you go check out their profiles, it's like, POST -- 12:45 AM 12:45 AM 12:45AM 12:46 AM...ETC. ETC. eek!! :D

o/e, it's okay, I'll live with the shame of them leaving!! :D I get them on certain posts, others, even the ones that make the top rated, don't get a peep!!!! ~L~ No, haven't figured out the secret!! :D

Trudge, will do, will do, HAPPY WILL DO!! :D And no way, I hate that delete comment!! :D (I might, if it doesn't take 4ever!!! :D)

lschmoopie, ~nodding~ I try to post every day too, sometimes, I protest and don't, only cause I fell asleep!! :D

sky, cause youse likes me!! :D And no snow here, it's like 60 degrees outside. But by Wed. we suppose to be down in the 30s for the highs!! PFFFFT!! :D

Catherine, pfffft, she knows, who do you think kept him up all night?

That's right, the TV!! And then the computer!! WOOOO!! ;D

Boaner, yes indeedy, free beer for you, free booze for me!! It's a good day to be alive!! WOOOOO!! :D

Linda, ~huge hugs~ Hope you're starting to feel better!!!!!!

scanner, da, ve vill be very rich!!! Enuff to buyz ze vodka and turnips!! WOOOO!! :D

L, long story short, I fart, match for FOOOOOOOF!! And my ass was on fire!! :D

Mauricio, :D True classics!! ;D
you missed a fabulous party at trig's last night. whatever you were doing, it couldn't possibly have been as much fun. pffffft.
~wanders off to read loooooong comment string~
what 'For+sale' insta-tag would that be?

*still dreaming under a truck stop table somewhere i n australia*

more grog............

femme.. tink made the party and debut of his fantabulous movie, but rather late!

Spam on my friend!
I think I've just given up \. I can't seem to PLAN my writing so I write when I write and sometimes that makes me crazy, but the spammers have won, my friend.
Hi Tink
I don't know what the fuss is about the Spammers...through one of their posts I was able to buy a beautiful rhinestone Speedo.
Shouldn't Spam be OS's problem.
If they can put a man (or woman) on the moon, they should be able to prevent Spammers.
happy Sunday!
I'd rather see a button that said "DELETE THE FUCKING SPAMMER." Spammers world wide would be walking along with their spam sandwiches, smiling to themselves about how much fun it was to fuck up OS and suddenly, in a puff of pink steam, no more spammer and his spam sandwich would drop on the sidewalk for the other rats and roaches to eat.
femme, I was hooking up with ladies!! Teeheehee!! ;D

Cyril, when you go down through the tags, there's a for+sale, maybe for grog? :D ARRRRRRRRRR!! :D

trig, yeah, I'm sorry my friend, I was with some lady friends, and we were, you know, playing Monolopy!!! And it was very late by the time I got Boardwalk!! Oooolaaaaalaaaaa!! :D

Bernadine, yeah, I write when I write too, and pfffft the spammers!! Woooo!! We're losing but it's okay, we've been losing for awhile!! ~nodding~ :D

Steve, it should be an OS Problem, but well, sometimes we the People or kitty or puppy or etc. etc. need to stand up and hiss or growl or throw our panties on the stage and say, "Hello, is it me you're looking for!!" :D
Boomer, excellent idea!! You should submit that to the programmers and satellite laser experts!! ;D
Tink, what would I do without my daily dose of insanity from your blog? Just when I think the world makes too much sense, there you are to assure me it does not.
I know what I'd do without the daily insanity of Tink's blog:

I would write spam and make a bundle, so take this as a threat: never stop blogging or there will be mega spam.

It's all a conspiracy, anyway, or it would be easier to get rid of the spam! I'll bet that the hackers and trojan writers aren't bothered by the spam here!
Some balls are held for charity
And some for fancy dress
But when they're held for pleasure
They're the balls that I like best
My balls are always bouncing
To the left and to the right
It's my belief that my big balls
Should be held every night
:eep!: pirate wimmin's admiral xenon!

*hightails it for his own territory*
"How I Sold Myself on Open Salon" sounds like it might be the next "Julie and Julia".
Football and Tink - the only good things about Sunday.
Love ya,Tink! Don't know why, but I do!!
froggy, exactly!!!! If they ever find a cure for my insanity, I'm so not taking it!!! :D

xenon, MUST KEEP WRITING!! MUST KEEP WRITING!! Also, if I stopped, nana would be released upon the world and well, that'd be bad!!! :D

nana, ~tears~ You are not only a scholar, but a poet as well!! ~more tears~

Damnit Cyril, get back here, there's more grog to drink and uh, poems to write!! Hello? Shoot!!

nana, oh my yes they do!! Long ones, short ones, fluffy ones, not so fluffy ones!!! Etc. ETc. and all that jazz!! I like jazz!! *nodding* What were we talking about? Oh yeah, Apples are good too in pies!!!

Veronica, that might work for the mortals of the realm, but for me, no think before I write!! ~nodding~ :D

heron, ~nodding~ I want Tom Cruise in that movie to go with my Johnny Depp!! :D

Cranky, I have to add figure skating to that list. The wife and I watched the Russian Championship and I always cheer and give extra points to the skaters when they fall on their bums, it's like the reason to watch it. That and it's like free porn without being online!! :D

MC, already got my robot insurance, and zombie insurance too! I'm set!! :D And yes, nana has the biggest balls of us all!! ~nodding~

Proud, ~nodding~ That's what my entire family says!!!! Welcome to the family!! :D
Well, I always click the Rate button, write a comment, then click the Rate button again. It subtracts my earlier Rate and then I click it again and I'm back where I started.