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APRIL 9, 2011 12:53PM

SATURDAY IS FOR FUKKING --- Don Johnson saved my soul!

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Don_Johnson_-_Heartbeat From the Wikipedia article on the Don Johnson HIT ALBUM Heart Beat. 

Heartbeat is an album released by American television actor Don Johnson in 1986 on the Epic/CBS Records label. In the United States, the album reached #17 on the Billboard 200 album chart in October 1986 and was certified Gold by the RIAA in November 1986. The title track became a top 5 hit, peaking at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

In 1998, the album was reissued by Razor & Tie with six additional tracks from Johnson's follow-up LP, Let It Roll.

Original 1986 Release

  1. "Heartbeat" (4:20) (Eric Kaz, Wendy Waldman)
  2. "Voice on a Hotline" (4:00) (Bill LaBounty, K. Wakefield)
  3. "The Last Sound Love Makes" (4:29) (J. Capek, S. Egorin, T. Sciuto)
  4. "Lost in Your Eyes" (4:30) (Tom Petty)
  5. "Coco Don't" (3:31) (Peter Kaye)
  6. "Heartache Away" (4:50) (S. Cochran)
  7. "Love Roulette" (5:19)
  8. "Star Tonight" (2:54) (Bob Seger) (featuring backing vocals by Willie Nelson)
  9. "Gotta Get Away" (4:26) (Chas Sandford)
  10. "Can't Take Your Memory" (4:28) (Don Johnson, Curly Smith)

Don Johnson According to Amazon, the 1998 version (which included the above songs plus some additional new tracks not on the original release!) is going, new, for $99.99!

 I'll stick with the original, which I pulled off of Ebay for like $2.00 a few years ago.

It came with the original cassette tape AND a CD, which both have been lost to the giant trash pile known as my computer room.

I know, I'm a very bad Super Fan, but I can still hear the beat of the title track that made me fall in love with Don Johnson, the singer.

He's a pretty good actor too!

HEARTBEAT: THE LYRICS --- So you can sing along and feel the same heat I feel everytime I hear this song.  

I don´t care what you say
You can give it away
Your money don´t mean much to me
I´ve been out on my own
Going to go it alone now
Cause that´s the way it´s got to be

Everybody tells me how
I can beat the odds for now
I´ve been standing by the fire
I just can´t feel the heat
Can´t feel the heat

I´m looking for a heartbeat
I´m looking for a heartbeat
Beating like mine

Looking at me, it´s easy to see
You think you know just how i feel
Well you do me wrong
And it won´t take me long
Before my restless heart will heal

I´m looking for love, a love like mine
They tell me it´s so hard to find
Well i can feel it in the rhythms
The heartbeat in the streets

I´m looking for a heartbeat
I´m looking for a heartbeat
Beating like mine
Beating like mine

Tell me what you feel now
We´ve got a heartbeat
Baby is it real now
We´ve got a heartbeat

I´m looking for a heartbeat
I´m looking for a heartbeat

 I know I've been in those situation, looking for love, another heartbeat, to beat as one, tears in the beer cause you just can't find that other heartbeat.

And then one day, out of nowhere, comes that heartbeat, she gives you that look, kissy kissy begins to start, and before you know it,


You found it!

Don Johnson, even after finding that heartbeat, still speaks to me.  The words come out of the speakers, and I remember, looking for a heartbeat.

For some reason, the video itself is like watching some war movie, which in a way, makes sense too.

Love is truely a battle field(different singer, song, even gender of singer but hey, who's writing this blog?), a war zone, a dancer for money!


Don Johnson, you saved not only my heart but soul as well.  If you ever read this, please send me a autograph copy of the 1998 version of the album.

I could use the money!

Cause my money might not mean much to you, but some sucker in Alabama is willing to pay 500 bucks for your album autographed!!

I know!


Good night and have a better tomorrow!

Notes and stuff I felt better said here:

Don JohnsonVideo is below --- sing along, you know you want to.

A good explanation of the plot of the Video and how it became lost is found here ----> http://www.agonybooth.com/agonizer/Don_Johnson_s__Heartbeat.aspx 

I remember reading somewhere that actually this was suppose to be connected to a longer, made for main stream theater, movie called, really, Heartbeat, involving a photographer(of course, played by Don Johnson) in a war torn country who falls for one of the hottie ladies in said country, HEARTBEAT, LOOKING FOR A HEARTBEAT. 

Course, the movie, as most things awesome, didn't make it full speed ahead but we're left with the most awesome video ever, and you still get the plot line.

I don't remember where I read that but it could be in connection with the above link's story!

If I ever get enough money to make such a film(26 dollars!), I'm so going to get Don Johnson to play the lead role.

--->Click here<---- for the original HEARTBEAT! I'd embed the video but, pffffft, why? 

Plus, by going to YouTube you can watch more grand videos from the album of Heartbeat, such as CAN'T TAKE YOUR MEMORY, which, I, myself, have never seen but will soon.

I imagine it's another wonderful serenade to the girl in the Heartbeat video, like, 'I CAN'T FIGHT THIS FEELING ANY LONGER, BUT I THINK I WILL, SO I CAN BE STRONGER, WOO WOO EARTH ANGEL, EARTH ANGEL, GO BEAT IT!!!''

Remember, if you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with.

I read that somewhere, it makes sense, really.

The reference to Tina Turner's Private Dancer in the post was intentional.  I likes it too.

Earth Angel may have been unintentional.  Who knows with these things.  But when I'm feeling down, I sometimes play it too, along with Air Supply, Foreigner and lots of other bands that can make you cry and nod and say, "You got that right!"


if ever you're in my arms again, this time, I'll love you much better!!

if ever you're in my arms again, this time, I'll hold you forever. This time, will NEVER END!!!


That song always reminds me of lost loves, I get depressed again, and drink more sugary sodas which makes me happy and bouncing off the walls again.

Love you all, like a great big dysfunctional family and you have all saved me, which, you're like pop culture and therefore, THANK YOU!

Even Ed I Tor!!! I know, I have been drinking, lots of Sunkist Orange Soda!

I even love Kerry, though, I liked him better with just the one eye peering from the screen.  His new image looks like he should be on the Discovery channel, traveling to different countries, eating bugs out of the butthole of a yak or something.

It could be called, "Kerry's Weird Travels --- Eating Bugs and stuff from the buttholes of different animals"


I would have done all the nice float style around the photos, but pfffft, everytime I tried today, the coding would get messy, add backspaces and stuff which would make the images go bye bye!!

Oh well....

P.S. Yeah, the notes are longer than the actual article.  I got lots to say and so much time to do it!

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Tink, are you off the meds or on to too many of them?
Bonnie, no way, that's so 2011!!! ;D


Bowl, could be both!!!

Or I've drank TOO much soda!!! ;D
Don Johnson and Miami Vice! Those were the real macho days of pink or turquoise t-shirts and big white jackets. Don't forget the gold chain!
This is priceless!!
Tink, you are one crazy cat. Must be why I love you. You need to speak louder to ED I TOR. It took my 6 tries to rate this. -R-
dude, only for you would I have watched that video...
how did the interview go?
when will you hear anything?
Susie, ahhh thanks, priceless equals 'Nobody pay ya a nickel for it' right? ;D

Christine, I don't think Ed I Tor will listen to me anymore. I think after the comments I made on her Open call which inspired this, I'll be sold off to the zoo in exchange for some 'not too bright' monkeys!!!!


Julie, one interview went great, but it was with a placement firm, so that might lead to nowhere.

The other, the cable company, discovered it was mostly sales and really not tech support, so after the phone interview, which went great, I was sent a test that was 2 hours long and like 400 questions, and I threw it like a prize fighter does for the Mob. REALLY BAD!!!! So no call back on that one!!

I know, BAD ME!! But, I'd have blown my brains out in a day of trying to sell hostile people calling the helpdesk more pricer services when all they want is their current service to work NOW!!!



But ain't Don Johnson the bomb!! ;D
I hear ya. I did telemarketing for about 50 seconds in college..... suck, suck, suck

hope the placement firm pays off on the time investment of getting all dressed up and sweaty over it
Yeah, I worked for a telemarketing firm for six months. I was their IT guy, loaded up the dialer with millions of phone numbers, made sure everything worked and I felt icky doing that.

~nodding~ Hopefully it'll be worth it. I got a few jobs already que'ed up to send out, so hopefully, I'll get some more bites. This last week, sent out like half a dozen or more and got like 3 or 4 bites back, so getting better!!

Woooooo!! :D

And at 5pm today, going out to celebrate pop in law's birthday at the King Fish down by the river. He turned 15 again this year!! :D
I just watched that video; thank you for reminding me how bad most '80s music sucks.

By the way, what are you wearing right now? You got that sexy Baskin Robbins outfit on? Are your underwear clean? I hope not.

I'm naked myself. Naked and sweaty, kinda hairy too. I've been working out.
I do hope that you get your wish, he sends you that album signed, so you can at least pay some of your bills and stay on here to give us who still can't find a job, more laughter:D

Loved it as usual, laughed and also wondered......is it time for you to step away from the sugary soda's? Should we pass you some more:D
There one song by Tom Petty. What did it sound like? I always liked him, especially on Miami Vice when he was styling and profiling like Ric Flair. I've also heard he's hung like a horse, so don't get to kissi, kissi with him!:-)
I liked Miami Vice so much I went out and bought a dozen plastic pink flamingos for my lawn. Jayzuz that's embarrassing. How much must I pay for you to delete this comment?
torrito, damn that would be awesome. Come on Don Johnson, the real Don, and not like some alterego of Angry Monkey, make a comment!! ~TEARS~ :D

mark, she taped your mouth shut? KINKY!! ;D (YES, I need to head over there!!!! :D)

nana, I'r nekkid!!! Teeheehee!! ;P

you know a few years ago I found about 47 videos that had outtakes from Nash Bridges. Made a fortune on them..
I have NO idea why either hahah
Rated with hugs
nana, I'm sweaty too, been rocking out to Classic Hits of the 1950s!!! ROCK OUT!!! MOTHA TRUCKERS!!! I missed my generation by 30 years!!!!!

dys, I believe I need more sugar!! CORNHOLIO NEEDS TP FOR HIS BUNG HOLE!! ;D

I wish I could figure out a way to make money off this ramblings, right now, I've got like 8 bucks and 35 cents in ADsenseGarbleGook and that's like 1 month!! WOOOO!!!! :D

April kind of sucking, 1 penny!! What the hell? 1 penny is like PFFFFT!! Need 2 cents to buy a piece of gum from the candy machine at the dollar store!! :D

scanner, I've only heard the one song, HEARTBEAT and that was enough to save my soul, but yeah, he had some great ones in helping and writing the album!! ~nodding~


Matt, a hundred million dollars, but I'll also make you PRODUCER of HEARTBEAT 2: RETURN TO MIAMI!!!!! :D
Linda, it's cause Don Johnson sells!! ;D **huge hugs**
omg i had such a mini-crush on DJ !!

Tink! you keep your paws off my man or i will scratch your eyes out!

I dig old photos of DJ and his then underage girlfriend Melanie Griffith from when they were filming the 1973 movie "Harrad Experiment" about coed canoodling in a college dormitory. I even had the paperback.
Did you ever see DJ in the movie "Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man"?
Remembering those days...ahh.
lorianne, it's all cool, I just want Don for his **BEEP** Hey!! When did they install Bleep on here? ;D

noah, I hadn't even heard of the first one, but yeah, seen the second one!! ~nodding~

I actually do like him as an actor, some of his music was/is okay, but if he hadn't been DON JOHNSON(also see: Eddie Murphy et/al) I doubt the album would have ever been made!! ~nodding~ :)
Victoria, weren't they the best? :D
Don Johnson is too old for us now, uckies. Saturday is for cruising the University to find boys who like The Lady Don't Mind by the sexy Talking Heads. The words are soooo hot "Come on, come on. I go up and down, I like this curious feeling. I know, I see. It's like make believe."

"Uh-oh. Uh-oh. Here we go again." Tee hee hee, yup, the college is the place to be when you're looking for love in all the wrong places, Saturdays are for make believe, wheeee.....

Bleue, ~nodding~ Yes it is!! Watch out for Jail Bait though. :D

In 1985 DJ was in a made for TV production of "Long Hot Summer" with Cybil Shepard. I thought he did better than Paul Newman in the original.
noah, ~nodding~ see, Cybil can actually do 'serious' roles as well. I like her too!!!
Oh! That Don Johnson. I thought you meant Dong Johnson the "BIG" star of "those" type of movies. His LPs were always Extended Play at least according to what some of his lady co-stars have told me. R
The tracks off of Tinky Tink's 1986 re-released released-re-re-released album:
1. Groinbeat
2. Suicidal Voice on a Sex Hotline
3. The Last Sound Love - ouch, Goddamn it, that hurt!
4. Lost in Your Thighs
5. Coco Do
6. Tink Away
7. Love Shooting Craps
8. Stink Tonight (featuring Dolly Parton and Winona Ryder)
9. Gotta Get Away 'Cause it Tinks too Bad
10. Can't Take Your Tink
11. Coco Do 'Cuz You're So Naughty (Reprise)
Trudge, yeah, different Johnson, though I almost wrote about Dong Johnson!! ;D
Creepily, I remember that song from the lyrics, so I don't dare play it lest it start up on loop in my brain.
Razzle, you're the one who bought my album!! TEARS!! I haven't thought about that thing since like 2010 when the band made a reunion tour!!

Mumble, ahhhh come on, it's fun!!!! (I don't recommend looking up LOST IN YOUR EYES!! Gawd, that one truely does suck!!!! Tom Petty should be shot....into the sun.....along with Don Johnson......EWWWWWWW!!!!!!)

PS: I'm still waiting for the bonus tracks and complimentary 8.5x11 poster!
Razzle, in the mail even as we speak!!! ;D
Tink, you sure do have great taste in men! As a matter of fact, Don reminds me of you a little bit....:)
But why was the movie sooooo good? Must have been because of Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell.

Sigh....now those two could save a girl's life.....
He was one of a kind. Tom Selleck is still on my "I would do you list" even though he is now 80.
Okay, Tink...I want you to step away from the Don Johnson poster, CD, record, lyrics, and all other DJ paraphernalia...it will be okay. This is only a minor problem at this point, but it will escalate. Pretty soon you'll have a man crush on Tom Jones. We can't let that happen. Please give all the DJ stuff to Linda S for sale on Amazon...you can use the money to go to DJ rehab...xox
Why is Don Johnson not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? Why are you not writing for Rolling Stone? No one is able to do so much with so little as you; you have practically turned DJ into Kurt Cobain!!! And he's not even dead yet. I never thought much about being a stalker but this post alone could change that. Could you forward me his address?
patricia, I wear a mean white suit when I need to!! ;D

xenon, EXACTLY!! Get them all back together and lets make a movie!!! :D

Handjob, oh my, Tom is delicious too!! :D If I ever build a time machine, well, you know two of my STEAL FROM THE PAST!! folks!! ;D

Robin, too late, already have a man crush on Tom Jones!! AND Richard Simmons!! OH my!! :D

Margaret, PMed to you even as I type this! Yes, I'm that good!! ;D
All I had to do was look at that cover and my brain exploded. Hideous crap from beginning to end. What's next? John Travolta? David Soul (boy there was a kid with a definitely wrong name) T.V. heart throbs should remain silent or at least use the fine example set by the Monkees, use real singers on the albums and just lip sync the performance. Me? I'm still hot for Susan Cowsill.
What? What? What?

You're all ga-ga over Don Johnson?!!!! You??? Tinkerertink69???

Something isn't right here. I can't quite put my finger on it (No Tink, I don't want help to) but this ain't the Tink we's used to.

You get back in the thorn-bushes right this very minute! Do you hear me? I said, "RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE!!"

......and don't let me see you out here until Miss Page 31 is exhausted and sleeping with a 100-megawatt smile on her face...... ;-)

(*Sheesh - and Sheesh, again! Don Johnson indeed!
What is this; Brokeback Mountain? Fer cryin' out loud.*)

bobbot, I just like the song Heartbeat!! ~:D

sky, Broke Back Salon!! Wooooo!! ;D

old new lefty, AND SHOOT EM IN THE HEAD!! What? :D